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Fired No. 2 DMV leader settles lawsuit with former boss

Posted May 18, 2009

— A former top North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles official says he feels vindicated after settling a lawsuit with the state.

Fired DMV employee sues former boss DMV official settles wrongful termination suit

Wayne Hurder, a 15-year employee who served as the division's deputy commissioner, was fired because he allegedly interfered with the hiring process.

"I knew immediately that I was going to fight it,” Hurder said.

Hurder said he believes he was let go because he filed a formal complaint with Department of Transportation in September against his manager, DMV Commissioner Bill Gore. The complaint accused Gore of seeking to get jobs for family members.

In November, Hurder was fired from the department. A letter from the DMV accused him of overlooking high ranking candidates for those with less experience and qualifications.

"How can you interfere with the decision making when you are not the final decision maker," said Jackson Nichols, Hurder's attorney.

Hurder also said he thinks his termination was a result of his refusal to give a contribution to Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue's gubernatorial campaign.

Hurder filed a lawsuit against his former boss and the DOT, which oversees the DMV. The state settled the case last week and agreed to pay Hurder $50,000.

"I did not do the things that I was accused of, and I ran a good clean operation in North Carolina," Hurder said.

A DMV spokesperson said they decided to settle the case so that they could focus on moving forward with new leadership.


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  • nufsaid May 19, 2009

    "Am sure Mr Hurder made some contributions to the DMV corruption and that's why he settled for so little.
    Piny tek"

    Most likely true that Hurder isn't pure.

  • Piny tek May 19, 2009

    Takes two to tango! Am sure Mr Hurder made some contributions to the DMV corruption and that's why he settled for so little.

  • boomylar May 19, 2009

    A good man is without his job and the office who fired him says "they want to move on". He needs his job back in my view.
    Guy---------------------I don't think that I would want to go back to a job like that... would stab you in the back just like that... no way would I accept the offer to go back if it was offered

  • OrdinaryCitizen May 19, 2009

    "this happened to me years ago when i was working for the state...i had been working in a position as a temp for about 6 months...when the job was posted as a perm position, i just knew i would get it...yeah, i was young and naive...i did not get the job...it was given to a girl whose father just happened to be the head security guy to gov hunt...and then they had the nerve to ask me to train her!...i told them that if i wasn't good enough for the job, then i sure as heck wasn't good enough to train someone for it!"

    Great story and the same thing happened to me 2 years ago. The one exception was the person hired didn't do anything and still doesn't. The buddy system amazes me! With the economy going to the dumps she will be soon laid off with no experience of ever doing anything.

  • Thifty at Fifty May 19, 2009

    The sad thing is this, anything associated w/NCDOT is a joke & all you hear is negitive about the organization. You have incompetent mgrs. who are given positions simply by being a part of the buddy system or the good ol boy network. There are employees who are kicked to the curb w/no questions asked & no answers given. I think the employees should choose the board members & just maybe the game of tag will end. This man rec'd very little $ for all that he went thru but many times the attys just settle which makes you wonder who are they REALLY representing. It's unfortuate that this man of age has no job, a little award $ that will be even less w/taxes taken and the economy being as bad as it gets. What happen to good, honest, decent working class folk?

  • cattailcabin May 19, 2009

    LuvBailey hit the nail on the head. Anyone that works for DMV will agree. Hurder was a corrupt man that deserved to be fired. Hello people, less than 1/2 your annual salary as a "settlement"? That probably didn't even pay his attorney's fees!! If you read the history of this lawsuit, Hurder was trying to stop the investigation on himself by filing the lawsuit. Hurder was connected in a major way to several shady characters. Judge Gore was and will always be an honorable man... and the little people at DMV hated to see him leave and wish we still had him with us!

  • SWEET-N-SOUR May 19, 2009

    Can someone tell me where this settlement money is coming from?

  • nufsaid May 19, 2009

    " is not the political "mover and shaker" it takes to win any high office.

    But he moves and shakes enough to get appointed to a management position with State Government. That alone makes him suspect.

  • nufsaid May 19, 2009

    "He was brought in from retirement to help clean up the mess at DMV. luvbailey"

    Usually those "brought in from retirement" are politically connected individuals looking to double dip the retirement systems.

  • luvbailey May 19, 2009

    2 things: it would have cost the state more to defend than the 50k settlement. The small size of the settlement says much about Hurder's case.

    Second, I have known Hurder's former boss, Bill Gore for 37 years. Not a finer man on the planet. Over 20 years as chief superior court judge in Brunswick, Bladen, & Columbus counties where he sentenced many drug dealers & murderers to lengthy prision terms, even handed down the death penalty. He was brought in from retirement to help clean up the mess at DMV. The citizens of NC would be extremely well served to have Bill Gore as Governor one day, but it is unlikely to happen as he shuns the spotlight and is not the political "mover and shaker" it takes to win any high office.