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Court: Permit for Raleigh strip club OK

Posted April 7, 2009

— The state Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday that Raleigh officials properly issued a permit for a strip club in northwest Raleigh.

The ruling is the latest chapter in a three-year battle over the proposed Capital Cabaret club on Mount Herman Road, near Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

Neighbors have fought the club, which formerly went by the name The Runway, saying it would adversely affect the value of their businesses.

The state Supreme Court ruled in December that the neighbors had the legal standing to challenge the city permit because of the traffic, parking and safety concerns they raised. The case was sent back to the Court of Appeals to rule on those issues.

The appellate court determined that the Raleigh Board of Adjustment examined all of the issues brought up by neighboring property owners and determined the club met the requirements for a special permit.

The court also said the club didn't even need a permit because it wasn't located within 2,000 feet of residential areas, offices, churches, day cares, schools or other adult clubs. A nearby karate school was more than 2,000 feet away, the court determined.

City officials approved plans for the club in February, meaning construction could begin on the two-story, 10,700-square-foot building. Plans include a large stage and several VIP rooms.

Thee Doll House on Yonkers Road, which opened in 1992, was the last new strip club approved in Raleigh.


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  • ContinuityMan Apr 8, 2009

    Great! Yet another venue to buy overpriced beers!

  • nerdlywehunt Apr 7, 2009

    Free enterprise at work! If you don't like it then don't go!
    Another business that will pay their taxes and conform to the law! By the way, when is amateur night?

  • cledbetter Apr 7, 2009

    Every time someone tries to open a strip club, it's the same lines: "It's going to increase crime." "It's going to lower our property values." When The Dollhouse opened on Yonkers road it REDUCED crime. By a lot. Stock Building Supply and Ferguson's saw a huge reduction in theft. Nobody is going to scale the fence of a lumber yard with lights, cars, and people around to see what they're doing...

  • Boogalooboy Apr 7, 2009

    Some of the girls are kinda trashy and don't usually last. Just like the rest of society they have bad apples as well. Yrs ago when we had one in Durham a couple of us guys enjoyed going out and having a couple of drinks and whooping it up... the lady that we always had dance for us was working on her masters..just found a way to support herself with a job that paid big bucks...actually ran into her a couple of yrs later..not dancing anymore and making big bucks and seemed not to have any regrets.

  • Humungous Apr 7, 2009

    Now the "high-class" strip joints in Cary will have a little healthy competition.

  • chefmark Apr 7, 2009

    I'm so glad to see that Raleigh is so open minded. I have to live in Ohio for a few more months and then I can move to Raleigh. I love the idea of an upscale club that makes harmless fun of flirting. Ohio is done and North Carolina rocks.

  • avowed79013 Apr 7, 2009

    "Maybe the same thing that happened to the Crazy horse will happen here..opening night fireworks! hahahahaha"

    Not a very smart thing to post in a public forum.

  • -Momma27560- Apr 7, 2009

    We as a people should come together and support others instead of degrade others simply because we don’t have the same views. A strip club is simply a business just like others in which money is generated. What is wrong with stepping out of the norm and opening a business of choice and one in which money can be made. We all have jobs and choose the jobs and professions of our choice. So instead of hoping this Strip Club fails just wish it the best and keep it moving! If you choose not to go to the strip club that’s fine but don’t knock other businessmen from trying something new and trying to make money. We need to broaden our horizons.....

  • Fx432 Apr 7, 2009

    clover1019, I-95 runs north too, just like it brought you south.

  • cocker_mom Apr 7, 2009

    Interesting that this business will move forward even in this economy. Wonder if this is on the list of "recession proof" businesses?