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Troopers in Johnston bag bunches of speeders

Posted February 24, 2009
Updated March 9, 2009

— Operation Slowdown – an effort by state troopers to enforce speed limits – netted 26,845 speeders during the past two weeks.

The crackdown, which targeted speeders on North Carolina's interstates, resulted in more than 1,700 tickets in Johnston County. Troopers patrolling Interstate 40, for example, nabbed drivers going up to 105 mph in a 65-mph zone and 118 mph in a 70-mph zone.

Highway patrol trooper Troopers catch speeders in Johnston

In the two-week operation, five drivers in the county were clocked at more than 100 mph, Highway Patrol Trooper D.J. Hare said.

“You’re just asking to die,” Hare said of the dangers of driving so fast.

Troopers in Johnston County say Interstate 95 is also a hot spot for speeders.

Last weekend, troopers assigned to Johnston County pulled over more speeders than usual. Each trooper stopped between 30 and 50 drivers a day, Hare said. Normally troopers pull over 10 to 20 motorists on a Saturday or Sunday.

Most drivers say they didn’t realize they were traveling as fast as they were or were not paying attention, Hare said.

Speed is the leading cause of wrecks on interstates, according to the Highway Patrol, and 359 people have died in such wrecks over the past four years.

Troopers normally issue about 5,000 speeding tickets a week statewide, officials said.


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  • leo-nc Feb 25, 2009

    "I appreciate that they want to enforce the law, but don't understand why now seems to be the right time to enforce it. People are out of work, the economy stinks"---

    Ahhh yes, the old "the economy is bad so we shouldn't enforce the law" bit. Excellent. lol

  • DickHefner Feb 25, 2009

    Troopers have difficult jobs as do all law enforcement. I appreciate that they want to enforce the law, but don't understand why now seems to be the right time to enforce it. People are out of work, the economy stinks. Lots of people have very little if any extra money and HP thinks it's a good time to crackdown. Could it be their funding has been reduced and they need the income??? Perhaps if their higher ups were seriously into enforcing speed limits traffic flow on the beltline wouldn't be in the 80mph range on a regular basis. Everyone knows if you don't speed you run the risk of getting mowed down. Maybe it should be standard practice to crack down on speeders not something they do from time to time. Anyone else see and issue here with fairness? Seems ALMOST like selective enforcement.

  • eambaker Feb 25, 2009

    I received a speeding ticket when I was 16 from a NC State Trooper. He was 9 feet tall and made of concrete. Well, at least that is what he looked like to me. He not only gave me the ticket (which I earned), he yelled at me and made me cry! Then....he told my Mom! That was the first and last time I ever considered going over the speed limit. If a trooper yelled at a 16 year old today, parents would be at HP HQ's making a complaint. That "mean old trooper" instilled one very good lesson in my mind: "Speed kills". Wish they could yell at kids today like that!

  • sayitoutloud Feb 25, 2009

    Why would you be going that fast? 105 in a 65 Really! There is something that important.

  • Beachnut Feb 25, 2009

    Speeding, like the lottery, can be considered another form of elective taxation. You take a chance, and if you lose, you enrich the States coffers. Not a bad deal for the rest of us!

  • itsnotmeiswear Feb 25, 2009

    HillBilly: I believe the 9 over is actually a threshold in the code and makes a difference in the insurance points. I drive 40K per year so it pays to know what will get the LEO's attention.

    I didn't call anyone an idiot so please don't imply that I did. If someone is on the road and driving the speed limit, I will wait. If someone is driving faster than me, I'll get out of their way. I have two teenage daughters, I've learned to be patient.

  • boingc Feb 25, 2009

    Oh, signaling your lane changes is also a very nice thing to do. Leo-nc might want to remind his co-workers of that one, as I see just as many cops not signaling as other drivers.

  • boingc Feb 25, 2009

    Pass left move right. Not pass left and wait for someone to be on your bumper before you move right. I'm not a fan of tailgating myself, but many of you do not move over unless someone is right behind you (it seems many drivers think that a car following at an 'acceptable' difference is not interested in passing them). Furthermore, I think many of you would agree that aggressive lane changing/weaving is more dangerous than speeding. So, if you get out of the left lane then the speeders won't have to weave around you. Oh, and if you're going 2mph faster than the car 100 yards in front of you...go ahead and get in the right lane until you are close to them, then get back in the left to pass. For those of you who enjoy hogging the right lane because YOU want to enforce the speed limit -- I will have no sympathy for you if you are the victim of road rage, just as you have no sympathy for the speeders. Pass left, move right -- the left lane is NOT the cell phone lane!

  • HillBilly Feb 25, 2009

    claytontarheel, so nice of you to let everyone know how much you can break the law before being too much. I've always wondered who decided how much was too much. It's like George Carlin said: Everyone who goes faster than you is an idiot and everyone who goes slower than you is a moron.

  • itsnotmeiswear Feb 25, 2009

    I've never gotten a ticket as long as I kept my speed below 9 over. If you go faster that that, you need a ticket.