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The year the Christmas lights went out in Littleton

Posted December 12, 2008

— The small town of Littleton prides itself on its holiday decorations. Each year, Christmas lights have adorned the town’s main streets.

“We had people coming from as far as 50 miles just to ride through the town of Littleton,” town Beautification Committee member Sally Hawfield said.

This year, with the exception of a few decorative snowflakes, the lights aren’t there.

The 600-person town’s wiring is decades old and in some places, wires are exposed. Progress Energy told officials the town is not up to code and the lights had to stay off.

“It’s pretty sad right now,” Hawfield said.

Shop owners say business is down without the lights, which were traditionally located in the town’s main commercial district.

Gabrielle Pamer, who runs a gift shop on Main Street, says fewer decorations mean fewer customers.

“The lights are definitely something we need back,” Pamer said.

In total, $27,800 in repairs are needed to get the town up to code.

“We can’t take quite that big a bite in one year,” Beautification Committee member Richard Sherman said.

Some homeowners have started to raise money, in hopes that next year the lights can return. So far the community has raised about $9,000.

Progress Energy has donated $500 to the town’s Lions Club to help.


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  • Tawny Dec 15, 2008

    Littleton is a beautiful "little town", but the town board does a poor job of planning and budgeting. The town board has known the wiring has been poor for years, but continues to try and "make-do". The entire town board needs an "overhaul"!

  • haggis basher Dec 15, 2008

    "At least it isn't because a bunch of Christmas haters complained about the lights!"
    The lights are pagan symbols...why would "Christmas haters" not like them? If anything its the "Christians" that should protest them (as some Christians like the "Wee Frees" in Scotland do).
    One should also note that the "Christmas Haters" have no problem with Christmas just a problem with one religion being supported by the State and ALL (4200 and counting) others not (I'm guessing you wouldn't be pleased with a Satanist holiday display either so thats why most Public Places settle for none...)
    Happy Saturnalia and a merry New year!

  • jkbird Dec 12, 2008

    Where did you see that the problem was discovered last year? It's is not in the article. Maybe you live in Littleton.

    We are bailing out everyone else, why not bail out Littleton's light problem.

  • Dreamin of Disney World Dec 12, 2008

    Son and new daughter-in-law just moved there a few weeks ago. Sad to hear the decorations won't be the same. Looking forward to visiting there though.

  • TITAN4X4 Dec 12, 2008

    They should allocate the portion of their budget, that would have paid for the additional electrical bill, to help fund the repairs. While it may be dudsville this year, next year should be MERRY and BRIGHT!

  • Student Nurse Dec 12, 2008

    At least it isn't because a bunch of Christmas haters complained about the lights!

  • oldrebel Dec 12, 2008

    It would seem like work would have started after last year's decorations were taken down and the need for repairs first discovered...rather than wait till time to put this years lights up. Sounds like no planning was involved in this debacle.