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Former maintenance employee faces food-tampering charge

Posted December 9, 2008

— A former maintenance employee at Johnston Community College was charged Tuesday with food tampering in connection with a woman's complaint that he allegedly performed sexual and lewd acts involving a pack of gum in her office.

George Harold Jones, 68, of 1209-C Abednego Road, Kenly, was expected to be arrested Tuesday afternoon on a charge based on General Statutes Section 14-101.11, which prohibits anyone from knowingly distributing any edible substance that contains any other substance that could be damaging to another person's heath.

Paula Parrish, an administrator at the college, said she installed a Web cam in her office that captured Jones masturbating in her office last December and, afterward, touching various items on her desk, including gum.

"He was known for giving out gum to me and a lot of other women at that college," she said. "I don't know if he did the same thing to that gum that he did to mine, but it makes you wonder."

Jones resigned following a complaint Parrish filed with the college immediately after she saw the Web cam video.

When the college did not pursue a criminal investigation, Parish pursued her complaint to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and then, last week, to Smithfield police.

Jones said Monday he was embarrassed by his behavior and that he does not know why he did what he did.

"You really don't know why you do things like that in your life," he said. "I'm truly sorry."

Gordon Woodruff, an attorney for the college, said officials there took immediate action upon receiving the complaint. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission agreed.

"Any other remedies that a person may have in this case, I think, are outside the area of the college's control and certainly are within the court system, which (Parrish) is free to pursue," Woodruff said.


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  • flipper59 Dec 12, 2008

    Politicians run for office on the backs of educators in this state. Well, look at how this educator was treated by her employer‘s president in 2005 after reporting sexual harassment, and every one of you that were contacted this year concerning the Dec 10th 2007 cover up and yet and to this day none of you would man up and do the rite thing and probe an investigation into why the College didn’t call the SFPD that Monday thus leaving all the evidence to be thrown away by house keeping latter that night. I am ashamed today that I live in Johnston County, where I was born and raised. The Duke scandal can’t touch this story. This did actually happen, and to more than one just woman. I hope and pray God can change your hearts. You know who you are. He does also

  • jcountystyle Dec 12, 2008

    History has always repeated itself...as Bat Masterson said "the law in it's wisdom allowed both the rich and the poor to have ice, it was just that the rich had it in the summer and the poor had it in the winter." This quote is over 100 years old so history even tell us it's WHO you KNOW. It is ridiculous that honest, hard-working, law-abiding, great people, have to suffer through the neglect of those who remain in complete power of the system. This country has no positive direction of doing things the fair, honest way, but yet your status of wealth and power divides you from own dignity. Which is the case here, great people are subjected to the culture we live in, corruption and greed. I know the victim personally and they have more heart than anyone YOU know, and have the courage and dignity to stand up for what is right and FIGHT for it because this is what they have to do to survive. Those of you who think you know, have no idea what they have been through.

  • flipper59 Dec 12, 2008

    Jones retired on 12-11-2007 following a complaint Parrish filed with the college VP and President immediately after she found the Web cam images on her monitor in the early am hours of 12-10-2007.

    When the college did not pursue a criminal investigation, Parish pursued her complaint to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission who also were given a copy of the web cam, and then, last week, to Smithfield police.

  • SusieK Dec 11, 2008

    Based upon comments from folks that obviously have more info than was reported, when it goes to court we will all learn the sordid details. I can understand the food tampering charge, but don't understand why the police are ignoring the sexual nature of the crime as well. Johnston County is one big "good ole boys club". It will probably be a who's who list when the coverup is exposed in court.

  • flipper59 Dec 11, 2008

    No one will do their job is what i am hearing.
    Evidently the college President runs Johnston County

  • jcountystyle Dec 11, 2008

    I think authorities above the local click should get involved in this and find out what all is going on at that school...they may get surprised. There is a big bubble that needs to be popped!

  • uknowit Dec 10, 2008

    I heard there was a harassment issue back in 2005 and several people were told not to discuss the issue or they would lose their job. What are they thinking?

  • greentara Dec 10, 2008

    He looks a little confused. I wonder if he has early dementia? or maybe some other kind of mental issues. (well obviously mental issues, because what sane person does that?) but you know what I mean, ie. is he TAKING his prescribed medication as he is supposed to?

    ewwww I used to date a guy who would not wash his hands after urinating. His reason? Well, my pants and hands are clean already. That is totally nasty! He thought I was unreasonable about the subject. You just don't handle your parts, and then not wash!

  • flipper59 Dec 10, 2008

    President of the Year, when was that award, 2007 ?

    lol, clean annual crime reports do help.

  • flipper59 Dec 10, 2008

    The problem here is simple. The President at that College just couldn't do the rite thing with this the day it all was discovered.
    And getting a investigation into it why this incident wasn't reported is like trying to pull alligator teeth.
    Connections will be exhausted. It's just a matter of time