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Louisburg College names new president

Posted November 21, 2008

— Louisburg College named Dr. Mark David La Branche, current senior vice president of external affairs at Huntingdon College in Montgomery, Ala., as its next leader.

La Branche joins the school amid financial troubles that threaten its accreditation. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools put the school on probation in June. If the school's financial picture doesn't improve by the end of the year, it risks losing its accreditation, which would affect students' eligibility for financial aid.

During his time at Huntingdon, La Branche told Louisburg, "The college has journeyed from financial difficulty and subsequent probation ... to financial health, removal of probation and significant growth. I believe the experience and knowledge gained during this time of challenge and opportunity would serve me well in responding to similar challenges and opportunities at Louisburg College.”

La Branche received his doctor of ministry from Boston University School of Theology, his master of divinity from Emory University and his bachelor of arts with major area of study in philosophy from the University of South Alabama.


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  • whOcaRes4x4 Nov 24, 2008

    I went to Louisburg 2 years ago, and this man is in for a realll surprise. psychobabble what you are sayin is true. I go and visit a few of my friends up there from time to time and the reason you see them sitting on the wall is because it is a tobacco free zone. Well problem is now your going to see all those kids sittin out there. I personally did not accomplish anything going to Louisburg except learning to drink and do all sorts of other stuff. Louisburg College messed up most of my credits so bad that I came out of there with 65 credits and the amount of credits that transfered was 9! that right there was a waste of my parents $50,000. So I really do hope that this man can turn Louisburg College around because it needs it.

  • JOBA RULES Nov 21, 2008

    psychobabble are you on that campus day in and day out?? I highly doubt it. Sure Louisburg College has some things to work on what school doesn't or better yet what person doesn't. Until you yourself become perfect maybe you should work on yourself before pointing fingers and others. Sure I would say 10% of the students cause 90% of problems but lets talk about the students who do move on and get a 4 year education or their masters degree. Or the student Graham Outten who will be singing with the Concert Singers of Cary at the Holiday Pops Concert. No can't talk about that can we but instead you have to talk about the student who was sitting on the wall smoking a cigarette. Well maybe the reason that student was on the wall smoking was because Louisburg College is a Tobocco Free Zone. Speaking as an alumni of Louisburg College who works there. Until you know the facts of the college lets try to say something positive. Like Congrats to Louisburg College for a new leader!

  • blueice Nov 21, 2008

    I wish him luck maybe he can turn the college around for the best.

  • anonemoose Nov 21, 2008

    Boy is he in for a big surprise. I hope he lives really close so he can hear the thumping and have the beer and liquor bottles thrown in his yard and stuff stolen off of his porch. I went by there yesterday, and three students sitting on the wall along Main St smoking a joint.

    We'll see how he does with the students that can't qualify for any real college and are either too poor (but driving SUVs and luxury cars with 22 inch wheels), or not bright enough (1.6 GPA) to get in anywhere else.