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NCSU Senate to vote on modifed bill as graffiti response

Posted November 19, 2008

— Racist graffiti found two weeks ago on North Carolina State University’s campus will be the only thing on the agenda Wednesday night when student leaders meet.

A bill in the school's Student Senate urges the university to punish the students who painted it to the fullest extent that school policies allow.  The Student Senate plans to meet at 7:30 p.m. to vote on the issue.

The bill to be considered Wednesday night was amended from its original form. In the draft presented last week, expulsion was included in the suggested punishments. That language has been removed from the final version. Instead, the bill would require that offenders undergo diversity education and that the university revisit rules on student conduct to specifically address actions or words that "incite violence or otherwise create a hostile campus environment toward individuals or University protected groups."

The meeting comes one day after the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People said it's not satisfied with State's response to the graffiti.

The NAACP on Tuesday decried what it labeled a "tepid response" by North Carolina State University officials to racist messages about President-elect Barack Obama that were spray-painted in the campuses "Free Expression Tunnel."

While some students painted pro-Obama messages in N.C. State's tunnel on the night of Nov. 4, racist graffiti was there early Nov. 5, campus police said.

Two of the messages said: "Let's shoot that (N-word) in the head" and "Hang Obama by a noose."

State NAACP President William Barber met with N.C. State Chancellor James Oblinger last Wednesday and called for the four students who admitted to painting the racist messages to be expelled. The NAACP also wants a UNC systemwide policy on hate speech and diversity training for students.

The NAACP also wants to meet with Wake County District Attorney Colon Willoughby to discuss why hate-crime charges weren't filed against the four students. The organization also may lobby state lawmakers to amend hate-crime statutes so similar acts in the future could result in criminal charges, officials said.

The group also plans to lobby Congress to strengthen enforcement of federal laws that could cut funding to universities that don't crack down on hate crimes, officials said.


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  • sunneyone Nov 20, 2008

    4) How can any heterosexual, white male SERIOUSLY sit back and say "I'm so oppressed"???? White men have run this country for CENTURIES. Everyone else had to FIGHT to be recognized as equals. Are you kidding me with the whole "I'm now the minority" mess?

  • sunneyone Nov 20, 2008

    2) The Secret Service searched the rooms of these "poor little boys" and found them to be no threat to Mr. Obama. THAT is why THEY didn't take any further action. They, as a FEDERAL agency, cannot make any determination of what fits NC STATE law, however. So they did NOT make the determination that it wasn't a hate crime. That was made by the local police and officials.

    3) How can you people SERIOUSLY sit there and argue that what these boys did was alright? Honestly? Threatening someone's life? Using hateful language designed to upset and hurt? Sure, the Constitution guarantees free speech, but it also guarantees "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness." I think not being offended or feeling threatened falls in THOSE categories.

  • sunneyone Nov 20, 2008

    I think the real point is being lost in the debate over the NAACP.

    1) The painting of a noose in the tunnel and then the words written combine to make a very pointed statement. And it is one of hatred using symbols and words that have been aimed toward a particular group of people because of their skin color. Painting these images ARE a crime because they lead to an hostile environment. Imagine how ANY person of color felt seeing that?! Doesn't matter WHO it is aimed against, President-elect Obama or Joe Blow off the street. It's the culture of fear that those images perpetuate. And if they're just ignored, then the tension builds and maybe next time these drunken "boys just having fun" might graduate to something worse, like damaging property. But oh, it's just boys having fun. So NEXT TIME, they assault someone. Give me a break. And how dare ANY of you tell someone to get over history when there was a lynching in this country just a few years ago. The problem is still VERY real!

  • DaddysAngel27 Nov 19, 2008

    The NAACP is a joke! Nothing but racists that need to be abolished! I am white and if I needed help, do you really think the NAACP would help me?? NOT A CHANCE!!! As far as blacks, quit the racism and discrimination pity it is immature! You want to know real discrimination then walk in my shoes on disability with 2 severe heart conditions, I have been discriminated so many times even just for parking in a handicapped parking space when I have the right to. And all these people worry about color of other folks. What I go through is real discrimination! My mom's family is from the north and they grew up poor but made it on their own, my dad is from the south and worked on farms until he joined the military to protect this country and received 3 Bronze Stars. Though they both were poor they made it a long way. Because of their strength is what gave them a great life! May they rest in peace. They taught me courage, faith, to fight for what you believe in, and not to be ignorant or racist.

  • Eduardo1 Nov 19, 2008

    well you 4 students did a terrible thing in the tunnel, so you better get OFF OF THE TRACKS, because a big black steam engine is going to roll over you for sure. My guess a bit of sensitivity training would have been enough,after you cleaned the walls. It is something that I have never seen, when a person of color, does anything to to a white person, the are NEVER charged with a hate crime, or a bias crime, whether it is RAPE, ROBBERY, MURDER

  • ohmyteacher Nov 19, 2008

    The national NAACP is listed as one of the worst charities in the country with just a little more than 52% of their monies going to actual "helping" of people or helping programs, they spend almost 36% of their donated monies on administrative expenses and almost 12% on fundraising. That gives them a overall rating of 25 (one star in a 4-star system). Until 2005, they had no stars. Yet, we keep having to listen to their rhetoric and people actually still make monatary donations to them. Wake up, world! This NCSU incident and most of their other "cases" are just for publicity and to, hopefull, get some poor saps to give their poorly run charity another donation. Ignore them.......

  • ohmyteacher Nov 19, 2008

    The mission statement of the NAACP: "The NAACP has strived to ensure the political,educational,social&economic equality of rights of ALL persons&to eliminate racial HATRED&racial discrimination.The objectives of the NAACP are to achieve equality of rights&eliminate race prejudice among the CITIZENS or the US;remove ALL barriers of racial discrimination through DEMOCRATIC procdesses;seek enactment&enforcement of feder,state&local laws securing civil rights;inform the public of the adverse effect of racial discrimination& to seek its elimination;&to educate persons as to their constitutionalrights&take all lawful action to secure the exercise of these rights." Is that what they are doing?

  • ohmyteacher Nov 19, 2008

    "To all yall who saying that the graffitti isn't a big deal, and "freedom of speech" is being stifled, think long and hard: how would you react if it was "black power" and "anti-white" graffitti?" In the 60's and 70's, it was. And there was no over reaction as there has been over this.

    It is apparent that many of you have never left home and gone away to a university where you are not quite children but not quite adults and have to freedom to find your own way. The guys made a mistake, as do many young people, and I bet they weren't sober when they made this decision(another freedom that comes when young people go out on their own). There's been enough about it already. These young people do not deserve to be expelled--they need to be mentored and moled into the adults that they have to potential to be. Making this expression in the "Free Expression Tunnel" was a cry for attention. There's virtually no earthly way that they could carry out such a thing.

  • familyfour Nov 19, 2008

    everyone has a blind eye to what black folks have been put blacks have been through and still til this day we have this. i guess blacks should just turn the other cheek. not in 2008 time for change is here justagee

    Would that be g as in gang? Tell me, what have you been through? Equal opportunity because of many whites as well as others who helped fight for your ANCESTORS freedom? Guess you fogot about them, the whites and your ancestors. You act like you got off the chain gang yesterday. Grow up and stop spreading hate. Folks like you are the reason it's (racism) still here. Demanding payment for things that never happened to you. It is 2008. Were have you been. It's not 1808. And you have rights. Stop whining and be more productive yourself.

  • DaddysAngel27 Nov 19, 2008

    Just remember that first of all it was OUR president the freed that blacks from slavery and allowed then into our country for freedom and rights. 2nd of all Obama is NOT black! He IS black and white! Whites will never be the minority, no one is. To all you racist losers, it is time to grow up! Blacks are NOT soughed out...last time I checked it is the black race that is suing companies because they don't get hired claiming racism for God's sake! And to "just a gee" I can tell you are racist by just how you talk. Our President Lincoln freed the blacks and now they think they can take over this Country? NOT! He done that to make people equal! God people, get rid of the ignorance and racism including the NAACP and the KKK. If anyone on here believes in God and reads the Bible, it states that "God created ALL man equal!"