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Mebane police: Baby,delivered after father allegedly shot mother, dies

Posted November 11, 2008

— A pregnant woman who was shot in the stomach in October – allegedly by her husband – has lost her baby, according to Mebane police.

The baby, who was not hit by a bullet, died last week due to complications, according to Capt. T.A. Byrd.

Police have charged Robert Thompson Broom, 37, with attempted first-degree murder and other charges for allegedly shooting his pregnant wife, Danna Broom, on Oct. 3.

The baby was Robert Broom's biological child. Doctors had to deliver the baby early, at 27 weeks, as a result of trauma from the shooting.

Danna Broom survived and was receiving out-patient medical attention as of Tuesday.

Robert Broom was being held at in the Alamance County Jail under an $800,000 secured bond. He also was ordered to have no contact with his wife and to surrender his passport and weapons.

In addition to attempted first-degree murder, police charged him with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury and first-degree kidnapping.

Police said they originally thought Broom shot his wife, Danna Broom, on Oct. 4. They later said they believe he shot her earlier in the day on Oct. 3.

"Robert T. Broom unlawfully confined the victim (Danna Broom) and failed and/or refused to render aid or call for medical attention," police said when they arrested him.

That information led to the kidnapping charge.

Police went to the couple’s house, 1426 Birkdale Circle, around 3:15 a.m. on Oct. 4 in reference to a shooting. Officers said they found Broom’s wife lying on the bed in the master bedroom. She had been shot once in the stomach.

Emergency crews flew her to Duke Medical Center.

During the initial phases of the investigation, police said they believed the shooting was accidental. However, based upon more information, police said they believe Broom tried to kill his wife.

Last month, police searched the couple’s house. Later, they found Broom driving west on Interstate 40/85. Officers then pulled him over and arrested him, with help from the Alamance County Sheriff’s Office and the Graham Police Department.


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  • haggis basher Nov 12, 2008

    "but the baby lived, then died outside of the womb. That should count for something"
    If they can tie the death directly back to the shooting then they might get a murder charge yet. If it was until then a healthy pregency and the shooting required the baby to be born early then it might stick. Problem would be proving that doctors had made the right decison in removing the baby from the mother so early and that they didn't make a mistake in the child care. It was very early and few survive that early.

  • Scubagirl Nov 11, 2008

    but the baby lived, then died outside of the womb. That should count for something

  • kbo0801 Nov 11, 2008

    I did not even need to read the story...the title speaks for itself. How dare you shot the mother of your child???? I do not care what happened, you never endander your child. Oh this does not even need a trial....straight to the chair.

  • Adelinthe Nov 11, 2008

    Death penalty to anyone who kills someone they claim to love. They are perverted and there is little hope for them in this world.

    Praying for the mother who has been through so much at the hands of this beast, and praying for the soul of this infant, now safe and warm in the arms of Jesus.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • donnied1952 Nov 11, 2008

    What a sorry excuse for a man, or human being as far as that goes. I hope he never sees the light of day again. I live in Alamance County and wish I could be on the jury for this one.

  • san4short Nov 11, 2008

    I agree with your comment xchief!

  • onpointe Nov 11, 2008

    Violence against pregnant women is not uncommon. Irresponsible men love abortion, and when the lady refuses, some take matters into their own hands.

  • haggis basher Nov 11, 2008

    "unfortunately NC does not have a fetal homicide law."
    Simple in theory complex in practice. A law could be worded to do this but the "Pro-Life" crowd would use it as a lever to get what they want. So as usual nothing sensible will happen until both sides get off the high horses and compromise somewhere in the middle where most of us are.

  • xchief661 Nov 11, 2008

    It is amazing to me that this man even has a bail at all. If you shoot a person and 5 years later they die from complications of that shooting you are charged with murder. If a baby is born and you do something that causes the death of that child you are charged with murder. They are so worried about abortion laws etc that they won't write a law that covers the murder of a baby that was totally malicious and intended to harm the mother and child. The young girl that was murdered when she was 8 months pregnant with her little boy, no killer found yet and no law to defend the death of that child. He shot her in the stomach and waited a whole day before she got help. That is clearly murder and she must have suffered so much and been in so much pain the whole time and not knowing if her baby was alive or dead inside her. No matter how you look at it this man is totally evil and should be treated the same way. No mercy is what he deserves. He surely gave no mercy to his wife or his baby.

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Nov 11, 2008

    If the baby lived a long time after the shooting, I can't see "murder 1" as they say. But I can see a manslaughter charge of some sort being imposed.