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Jason Young named in wrongful death lawsuit

Posted November 4, 2008

— The husband of a slain Wake County woman has been named in a wrongful death lawsuit, two years after his wife was found beaten to death inside their Raleigh home.

Michelle Young, 29, was five months' pregnant with her second child when her sister found her lying face down on Nov. 3, 2006, inside her home at 5108 Birchleaf Drive. Her then-2-year-old daughter, Cassidy, was unharmed at her side.

The lawsuit, filed last Wednesday on behalf of Michelle Young's mother, Linda Fisher, and sealed until Tuesday afternoon, claims Jason Young is liable for her daughter's death and asks that he be barred from collecting any insurance benefits on her life.

It also asks for compensation for the "horror, pain and suffering … caused by the defendant's fatal assault," reasonable funeral expenses and the monetary value to Cassidy of the loss of her mother.

"There's not much more I can say than how much I miss Michelle," Fisher told WRAL News in a phone interview Tuesday afternoon. She referred all other questions to her attorney in Raleigh, Paul Michaels.

A judge ordered the complaint sealed based on the ground that media attention surrounding the case would alert Jason Young before he could be properly served and allow him to evade that.

Jason Young told Wake County sheriff's investigators that he was out of town on business when his wife was killed, and authorities have never named him a suspect or person of interest in the case.

Search warrant affidavits indicate he talked with authorities the day his wife's body was found and later gave fingerprints under a court order, but has generally been uncooperative with investigators.

Jason Young's Raleigh attorney, Roger Smith Jr., had no comment. Jason Young's mother, Pat Young said she was aware of the lawsuit but also declined to comment.

Since his wife's death, Jason Young has moved with his daughter to western North Carolina to be closer to his family.

Calls to the Wake County District Attorney's Office were not immediately returned.

Phyllis Stephens, a spokeswoman for the sheriff's office, said Tuesday afternoon that investigators are "certainly going to be watching what transpires," but she declined to comment further because the killing is an active investigation.

Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison said Monday afternoon that investigators are still assigned full-time to solving the case.

"We meet on this almost every day. It is no way a cold case," Harrison said. "Hopefully, we'll make an arrest in the near future."


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  • greentara Nov 5, 2008

    He was cheating and the mistress even came to the funeral, isn't that creepy? Probably knowing that the man she was committing adultery with, is also a murderer. EWWWW!

  • greentara Nov 5, 2008

    This case haunted me. That the young daughter was wandering around in her Mother's blood; how gruesome! I really hope he pays big time.

  • SalemWWX Nov 5, 2008

    I have no opinion regarding this one one way or the other, other than hoping the killer gets what's coming to him/her. What concerns me is the larger issue of these "civil suits". At what point did it become acceptable to force a person to defend themselves against a charge for which there apparently is not enough evidence to bring criminal charges? There have been many cases recently where people have been found innocent or "not guilty", only to be subsequently hit with a "civil suit". I'm as big a law and order guy as there is. Show me a killer and I'll happily turn his lights out myself. But we have a system of justice for a reason, but now apparently if you don't like the outcome, just find yourself a lawyer and sue them. Who's protecting the innocent man from this?

  • tiger50 Nov 5, 2008

    So sorry for the family of Michelle Young and her little daughter. Whatever it takes to bring this man to justice- so be it. My heart is with Michelle's dear mom - and whatever she has to do at this time to continue to try to find some sort of solace in this senseless act that was committed against her daughter...than, she has to do what she has to do. Ms. Fisher know we are all there pulling for you and will celebrate with you one day when Jason is found guilty as he is.

  • jaxmom Nov 5, 2008

    Some of you people lack a little in tact area. I think that we all need to search deep within ourselves and find that tact and use this is not the place for name calling but to simply voice your opinion. Dont abuse your rights. On another note lets keep this story in the news maybe then we will get some answers look at Nancy Coopers case thats all we heard about for months and you see that justice has been served. It does not matter who reports all that matters is that justice is served.

  • Trivr Nov 4, 2008

    I don't understand how you can have "detectives" - more than one - assigned to one case full time for two years? What must they do every day that hasn't been done the first few months? Does full time mean the exclusion of all other police work? I don't get it...

  • uglytruth Nov 4, 2008

    i agree with soccermom. 2 days after the Cooper murder, Amanda went on national news (I know because I was in PGH when her face came across the screen) and accused Brad of murder. I'll respect her more when she learns that she is not the jury or judge of anything. Just report the facts, not what you think.

  • kbo0801 Nov 4, 2008

    Yeah I have to agree. It is really taking police a long time to figure this one out. He ask his sister-n-law to go over there so that someone could discover the body and get the daughter. Question...the mother is filing for wrongful death but, I do not recall anyone trying to get custody of the daughter. But, I might be wrong. He looks mean and evil too. Wasnt he cheating as well.

  • RUsleeping Nov 4, 2008

    Oh soccermom...don't hate Amanda because she is good!

    Hopefully this means another man will NOT get away with murdering his wife.

  • soccermomof2guys Nov 4, 2008

    I should have guessed old Amanda Lamb would be reporting. I wish she'd crawl back under the rock she crawled out of. She looks evil to me and I don't trust her reporting