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Cooper children adjusting well, psychologist says

Posted October 3, 2008

— The two young daughters of Nancy and Brad Cooper appear to be adjusting normally to life with their mother's family in Canada, a clinical psychologist says.

Dr. Huzur Altay states in an affidavit filed Thursday in Wake County District Court that Bella, 4, and Katie, 2, are in good physical and emotional health and that their behaviors "have failed to raise any 'red flags' in terms of acute distress or anxiety" following their mother's death in July.

The girls have also been in enrolled in gymnastics and ballet, "seem to be enthusiastic about both extracurricular activities" and have made friends with other children, Altay states.

He expresses concern, however, about the girls in regard to court-ordered Web cam visits with their father four days a week, each for a minimum of 15 minutes, suggesting brief daily phone calls as a "less stressful and more effective way of maintaining their attachment and their relationship."

The children remain in the custody of their aunt and grandparents until at least the week of Oct. 13, when a judge will hear arguments regarding temporary custody of the girls.

Garry and Donna Rentz and Krista Lister filed for custody July 16, two days after Nancy Cooper was found strangled in an undeveloped subdivision three miles from her Cary home.

Brad Cooper has not been called a suspect in his wife's slaying, although he has been the focus of investigators' search warrants in the case. Through his attorneys, he has denied being involved in her death.

The Rentzes and Lister claim Cooper is an unfit father and, among other allegations, that he had been emotionally abusive to and financially controlling of his wife in the months before she was killed.

Brad Cooper has stated in affidavits that the couple had been trying to work on their marriage, strained by an extramarital affair on his part and financial problems caused by his wife's excessive spending.

Meanwhile Thursday, Cary police returned a new search warrant in the criminal case, this one for Nancy Cooper's Blackberry and address books, which Brad Cooper gave to police the day his wife disappeared.

The cell phone was locked, investigators state in an affidavit, to keep information confidential because of the marital problems the Coopers were having.

Cary police Chief Pat Bazemore has refused to comment on the investigation, but said earlier this week that investigators are making progress and are "committed to resolving Nancy's murder."


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  • tiblet Oct 9, 2008

    Nancy's children are right where she would want them to be if she could not care for them. I am thankful that they are doing so well in the wake of everything they have had to deal with...

  • YorkshirePudding Oct 6, 2008

    To: DurhamHatesLIEfong

    Are you kidding me? The grandparents haven't kidnapped those children. The children shouldn't be around while the investigation is going on. That's all they (the girls) need to see.... their father being hauled off to jail. They're better off where they are.

    I completely agree with PTA mom on this one. Leave them in Canada for the time being.

  • DurhamHatesLIEfong Oct 3, 2008



    Children belong with their BIOLOGICAL PARENTS, PERIOD.

  • bkallen04 Oct 3, 2008

    You don't know. No one knows. Let our law enforcement do their job(s). The children are in Canada for a reason.

    Who personally knows Brad Cooper? He probably reads this blog....keep that in mind when posting something ridiculous that could set him off. If he didn't murder Nancy, some of these comments could be very hurtful. If he did murder Nancy, let him deal with that within himself. He will pay for it here on earth and after he dies.

    Could he be posting stuff about the recent murder in Fayetteville? I don't know, take a look at those comments............scarey

  • thescarletpimpernel Oct 3, 2008

    Stunned. I simply cannot believe the Cary Cops are just NOW serving a search warrant to UNLOCK Nancy Cooper's phone. WHAT? Incredible.

  • PTA mom Oct 3, 2008

    I think until the killer is identified or Brad is completely cleared of having anything to do with it the girls should stay in Canada where they are away from the media circus, well meaning friends (of both Brad and Nancy) and apparently adjusting well to life as the Canadian citizens that they are (also US too but since both parents are Canadian citizens, don't they have dual citizenship until 18 when they must declare one country over the other?)

  • nyyankeesfan Oct 3, 2008

    Poor things!

    Praying for them.

    Rev. RB, you prayers have been answered, the kids are alright!!!!! They have adjusted and are involved in activities. How much more could you be asking for or praying for?

  • sbgreene Oct 3, 2008

    Thier are 2 other wifes on the WRAL site for today that have been killed beside Nancy. You think strangers are going around killed these ladies? Nope Add that Nancy was not rape IMO
    meas Brad did it. Why are so many wifes being killed in NC?

  • mrr03 Oct 3, 2008

    The kids should be with their father...Period.

  • InJohnstonCo Oct 3, 2008

    It is obvious who hired this psychologist.