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Slain woman's husband seeks fresh start

Posted September 10, 2008
Updated September 11, 2008

— Fifteen months after his wife was found slain behind a Raleigh convenience store, Tim Nielsen said he plans to take his two sons and move to Utah to escape the painful memories of the loss of her and their unborn child.

Jenna Nielsen, 22, was found stabbed to death outside the AmeriKing Food Mart on Lake Wheeler Road on June 14, 2007. She was stocking USA Today vending machines at the convenience store when she was attacked, police said.

Despite national and local media attention in the weeks and months following Nielsen's death and her family's relentless effort to keep the case in the public eye, police have no suspects.

"I won't be in the state where my wife and son were murdered," Tim Nielsen said Wednesday, referring to Ethen, his unborn son who died when Jenna Nielsen was killed. "I lost pretty much everything since I moved out here."

Tim Nielsen said he wants to be closer to his family in Utah and to attend law school. Jenna Nielsen also is buried in Utah.

"(I'm) trying to, in the long run, better my life and support my kids the best way that I'm able to," he said.

Kevin Blaine, Jenna Nielsen's father, said he doesn't want his grandsons to leave the Triangle, but he said he understands why his son-in-law wants a fresh start for the family.

"It will be another dark day for us when they go. ... Our lifeline to Jenna right now is really to see the boys all the time," Blaine said. "We can see Jenna's face in theirs."

Raleigh police said they continue to follow leads in the case. Investigators have a dedicated, 24-hour hotline (919-227-6220) for the case and continue to receive tips on it.

"It's definitely been a challenging case for us," Lt. Karen Riggsbee said. "Detectives are working on it day and night still. As I said, it's not a closed case."

In addition to pushing for continued media coverage of the case, Blaine and Tim Nielsen have lobbied state lawmakers for a fetal homicide law to allow authorities to charge someone with two counts of murder when a pregnant woman is killed.


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  • jimmycrackcorn Sep 11, 2008

    Superman, What kind of logic are you following? Did you not see that hammer attack on that Subway in Philidelphia? Did you not hear of the teen getting butchered on that Bus in Canada and then cannibalized? There are sadistic depraved animals in our midsts that kill just for the sheer pleasure or lack of sympathy for fellow humans.
    This poor man has shown nothing but love for his wife and kids. leave him be to find his peace.

  • Dayum Sessy Sep 11, 2008

    Such a shame ~ dont blame him for leaving.

    HOPE they catch who did it.

  • willis2 Sep 11, 2008

    I hope the Wake DA and Raleigh PD keep in touch with this man. He deserves to be the first to know of any break in the case.

    Best of luck in Utah.

  • Space Mountain Sep 11, 2008

    Terrible story. It doesn't seem like they have any good leads. I really wish she was not out by herself delivering papers at 2:00 in the morning.

  • superman Sep 11, 2008

    Sorry but I disagree, I cant think of a better thing for him to do but stay! He check with law enforcement and check on the status of the case. I would never leave the area until the person was found and sent to prison. In most cases the spouse would be the primary suspect and probably the guilty person. Why would anyone kill a pregant woman and what would he have to gain by killing her? It appears to be suspicious to me that he is moving-- especially since her parents are here. He certainly has plenty of reason to remain here!

  • pebbles262004 Sep 11, 2008

    LOL I said I was just thinking

  • Eduardo1 Sep 11, 2008

    pebbles..... it is so good to see that the Latte enables you to work
    multiple case. Yes you are right the husband got to her. Wow you
    have some insight. Oh, it is time to get back to Dorothea Dix for your next tranqulizer. The are probably going to be showing lots of 48 hour & CSI programs to sharpen you up this week. Good luck

  • pebbles262004 Sep 11, 2008

    I wish you well as you try to make a new life for your family. I also wonder if she is the newspaper person that saw the killers car out in the Lake Wheeler area, and the husband still won't talk in the case. Could he have got to her so she could'nt talk....Just thinking!!

  • wife-of-a-concrete-man Sep 11, 2008

    " why is this news? okay hes leaving the area, sorry for your loss but plenty of victims families move.

    the story should be on any updates on the killer "


  • dogsrule12cheek Sep 11, 2008

    SnapinLife" maybe its news in case there is someone out there that does know something and the Detectives and famiy are in hopes that a tip will come from it.

    So yes it needs to be in the news.

    Just like Raven Abora was on NcWanted showing him getting married again, and his wife was murdered all in hopes that who ever knows something will come forward.