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Ex-teacher who faces sex charges is arrested again

Posted September 4, 2008

— An ex-teacher whom police charged two months ago with having a sexual relationship with one of her former students was arrested again last weekend when police found her with the boy.

Jeannie Michelle Hodges, 40, of 12237 Dunn Road in Autryville, was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor and allowing an unlicensed minor to drive.

Clinton police were conducting a driver's license checkpoint on Main Street early last Saturday when they stopped Hodges' Ford Explorer. A 15-year-old boy was in the driver's seat, and Hodges was in the passenger's seat, Officer Tina Jackson said.

Jackson said the boy became nervous when she asked if his parents knew he was with Hodges. She said she then asked Hodges why she wasn't driving instead of an unlicensed teen, and Hodges said she didn't know.

"She had no worry in the world. She acted like she (couldn't) care less," Jackson said. "The juvenile did say they had been to church, they were at a church function."

Hodges consented to a search of the vehicle and her purse, and officers found the back seats folded down and clothing pushed to the cargo area, Jackson said. Officers also found Hodges' driver's license – she had said she didn't have her license with her – and a business card for a bail bonding company, Jackson said.

In July, Hodges posted a $20,000 bond to get out of the Sampson County Detention Center after she was charged with statutory rape, sexual offense with a student and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

The previous charges stemmed from an alleged two-month affair she had with the 15-year-old last spring. Authorities said the boy spent several nights at her house.

The boy was a student at Hobbton Middle School in Newton Grove, where Hodges was an eighth-grade language arts teacher. She left her job before the end of the school year.

Sampson County Sheriff Jimmy Thornton said he was stunned by the latest arrest and said he thinks Hodges is taking the charges against her lightly.

"My initial reaction was, you know, how stupid can you be to be out there, continuing to be out there, with a 15-year-old?" Thornton said. "The message that I get (is) that she didn’t view and perceive the charges that she has pending against her to be very serious.”

Hodges was released on a $2,000 bond, but she could soon wind up back in jail. Prosecutors said a condition of her bond in July was that she stay away from the boy, and they plan to ask a judge to revoke her bond on the initial charges.

The boy's parents were notified of the weekend incident, and he was placed into the custody of his older sister, police said.


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  • carolina blue sky Sep 5, 2008

    A question for those of you who seem to think that this is not a "sexual offense" or a "rape" If your child was in prison and had a sexual relationship with one of the correctional officers, would that be OK???

    Now, let me go on to say that if a correctional officer has sexual relations with an inmate,even if consentual, IT IS A FELONY!!! It's called sexual misconduct by a custodial agent. In my opinion, as a teacher, she is a custodial agent! It doesn't matter to me if he's happy or not, he is not of the age of consent. I see indecent liberties cases and statutory rape cases all the time in the prison system that I work in...... Wrong is Wrong, if it's a man or if it's a woman... Can we all please get over the double standard of it being different because she's a woman! It's not different, IT'S AGAINST THE LAW!!!!

  • teacher-mom Sep 5, 2008

    It is never appropriate for teachers to have relations with students. I do not know what the age of consent is in NC. He is too youn for this.

  • Dr. Dataclerk Sep 5, 2008

    Give this chick 50 years in prison and may she will learn to keep away from her students. These teacher is something we don't need in our schools. Please do more serious checking in the welfare of our children. Make it safer for them.

  • n2justice Sep 5, 2008

    She will have plenty of time to mentally reach her chronological age while behind bars.

  • stupiditydeservesnosympathy Sep 5, 2008

    Once again we have a post from someone who feels it's right to molest/rape kids-- I don't know what turns my stomach more, the pediphile in this story or that person.

  • RonnieR Sep 5, 2008

    The bond is ONLY insure the presence of the suspect for trial, not for punishment. Apparently, this lady has deep roots in Sampson County and is not considered a flight risk.

  • TheAdmiral Sep 5, 2008

    Another person who's sexual preference or orientation HAS BEEN CONFIRMED to be children.

  • TheAdmiral Sep 5, 2008

    Well, in order to not sound repititious...

    But another person who has confirmed that her sexual preference and orientation is for young kids.

    And I agree - the kid is very happy - but I suggest this - what happens if SHE becomes pregnant and not your daughter? Just how much money will HE be required to shell out because of the paternity suit?

    Whereas if it were your daughter and this boy, at least you as parents can have some say as to how the child will be born and how it will be raised.

    I tell my kids all of the time - I can't be there 100% of the time when you are out and about. But if you do make a mistake, you will be responsible. If it is a pregnancy, since I don't believe in abortion, I will adopt it.

  • baseballman Sep 5, 2008

    justin T, you are exactly right. Where do these people get the idea that this kid is traumatized somehow, maybe overly excited and extremly happy, but a victim is a far stretch. Rape refers more to an unwilling victim, not someone that can't get the smile off their face. Wake up people, whether you like it or not, the boy is not being victimized, ask any of his friends that wish they were on her list as well..

  • Cricket at the lake Sep 5, 2008

    Justin, Teachers have a moral responsability not to have sex with their students. The student will suffer from this episode in his life, it isn't a positive experiance. She is putting him in the position to be out lying and sneaking around to be with her. She is messing with his head, just so he can have sex. He would be btter to wait a few years for all this drama in his life and concentrate on sports or something else healthier. Teenagers have strong drives that can be relieved without doing the ultimate consumation, if you get my drift.