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County officials, parents to talk about busing policy

Posted August 27, 2008

— Parents concerned for the safety of their children who walk to Sycamore Creek Elementary School will meet with county officials Wednesday afternoon.

Children living within 1.5 miles of Sycamore Elementary, at 10921 Leesville Road, are not offered bus transportation.

Some parents have complained that policy means their children children are walking along and crossing busy Leesville Road. Portions of the road and several side streets do not have sidewalks.

"Someone is going to get hurt," parent Frances Whitaker said.

Wake County officials said that a study of the area surrounding the school determined it is safe for students to walk and that transportation is offered to students that cannot safely walk to the school.

"If it is not where the students can safely cross the road, then we would actually transport them," Eddy Adams, Wake's senior director for transportation, said.

On Tuesday, Principal Kristen Faircloth said that a sidewalk will be added to link one neighboring community to the new school. That project was part of the school's original design but was never completed.

"I believe it is on the fast track," Faircloth said.

Transportation leaders will meet with concerned parents about the walk policy at the meeting, set for 2 p.m. in Sycamore's multipurpose room. School officials will also be present.

Adams said he will answer questions, but could not say if the busing procedures will be changed.


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  • TheAdmiral Aug 27, 2008

    Unfortunately, they can talk until they are blue in the face, or talk until they are red in the face. The school board don't care. They are not open to any options, they are not open to magnet schools, they are not open to vouchers - here is what they are open to:

    How can we cram more kids into a good school to lower the overall test scores and put more stress on the teachers so that we can meet the reduced and free lunch requirement, all while jacking up the taxpayers for more money than most small countries with better education systems.

    That is all they care about.

  • nullman Aug 27, 2008

    I live in Harrington Pointe and will be selling my home if the traffic situation does not improve. We try to use our only exit out of our subdivision to get on to Leesville, but have a stop sign at Renfield and Leesville. Traffic is back up as far as I can see up Leesville and we have to depend on people "being nice" to let us out of our subdivision. Not only that, everyone that wants to go south on Leesville from Dominion Park (a neighboring subdivision) all cut through Harrington Point and try to use the same outlet on to Leesville. We need a light or 2 way stop at Renfield and Leesville. The other morning I couldn't even back out of my driveway because cars were back up down Renfield onto Cape Charles. 25 minutes were added to my commute yesterday!

  • momof2 Aug 27, 2008

    Wolfpack Girl--what time of the morning are they there? It could be Hilburn or Leesville Road middle school. Hilburn bussess pick up around 8-8:15 and the middle school around 7:45.

  • wolfpack_girl1976 Aug 27, 2008

    Who rides the buses that travel down New Leesville Boulevard?? Where are those kids going that are standing on the side of the road waiting for the busses???

  • momof2 Aug 27, 2008

    poohpoohperson---I do not have a child at this school and do not wait in long lines. I am not looking for your pity. While your comments have some merit, you can not fully understand or appreciate the frustration of these parents unless you live in the area and experience the traffic on a daily basis. I am not saying that busses are the answer. I do think that other precautions can be taken such as additional sidewalks, calming strips or crossing guards. There is an answer. However, children walking IN THE STREET with cars exceeding the speed limits is not safe whether a parent is with them or not. I don't want to be the driver who has a child step too far into the road and hits the child.

  • poohperson2000 Aug 27, 2008


    Are the kids walking alone?? NO, parents should use common sense, keep the kids to the inside while you walk on the outside (you are taller and can be seen), hold hands, and teach your kids it is not a place to play (you know like parking lots). We live in the country and have alternative than to drive our child, because he is not standing out at a bus stop alone. We sit through the long carpool line to get to the school to pick our son up from after school care, that we pay 120 a month for. We wait in the line with the other cars rather than breaking the law and making a left hand turn into the school (stupid people do this anyway). We do all this because if traffic is bad we "may" be 10 minutes late getting to the school, and it is not their job to baby sit my kid for free because I am late. If you have to sit in traffic, my heart is not bleeding for you.

  • momof2 Aug 27, 2008

    JAT--I guess you didn't get the memo---common sense doesn't exist anymore. Sad, isn't it. A few of the postings regarding this topic are proof of that. There are some that totally miss the point. Can you imagine the amount of increased traffic on Leesville if all the parents decided to drive their children to school at the same time people are driving to work or to take their kids to other schools? Perhaps we should turn this around--it's not about my child getting hit any longer. What about being the driver who hits the child becuase the child is walking in a blind spot and you don't see them until it's too late? This affects the entire community! I don't have a child at this school but I feel for the parents/children this affects. We are talking about child safety!

  • rc4nc Aug 27, 2008

    This is a small problem unless it concerns your child. When my children were in elementary school, the school was 1/2 mile down the street. I always took my children to school and watched them enter the schoolhouse door. The other day while commuting to work I saw a child, perhaps a kindergarten student, walking in the dark (6:15AM) to a bus stop. Parents you are responsible for your children. I'm not sure what the answer to small children walking in the dark to bus stops is, but perhaps classes for small children shouldn't start prior to 10 o'clock.

  • JAT Aug 27, 2008

    You know it's sad. Just because the city won't send one bus, which is probably coming by with space on it, to a very small subdivision (1 street really), several of the houses that face Leesville Rd are going to lose almost half their front yards to put in the sidewalk. It's just crazy. There can't be many kids, if any, who live down this street and you know there has to be some empty seats on the buses. Why can't we just use common sense sometimes.

  • Bob3425 Aug 27, 2008

    Taxes goes to the school to educate our childred, I think student that our bused let the parents pay for the cost of the transportation. Let the tax dollars go for supplies and maintenance of the schools.