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Knightdale closes investigation of former police chief

Posted August 12, 2008

— Town officials have closed their investigation of former Police Chief Richard Nelson Pope, saying they found nothing improper in his time on the job.

Pope, 49, of 567 Mailman Road, was granted early retirement on July 28 after he was charged with one count of assault on a female. The charge stemmed from a domestic dispute with his estranged wife.

Kimberly Smith Pope, 38, of 923 Costmary Road, was also charged with one count of simple assault in the incident.

Kimberly Pope told WRAL News that she walked in on Richard Pope with another woman, who is a Knightdale employee.

The town attorney looked into whether any policies were violated, and officials interviewed other employees and reviewed e-mail records, Town Manager Gary McConkey said. No wrongdoing was found, and the investigation was closed, he said.

Richard Pope joined the Knightdale Police Department in 1979 and was named chief in March 2006. Knightdale is searching for his replacement.


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  • shortcake53 Aug 13, 2008

    you would think some would learn from past mistakes,but i guess not. these are not the first toes kim has stepped on. some serious soul-searching is overdue on her part. i hope for her sake, and her childrens, that she will see how damaging her behavior is to others.

  • wcnc Aug 12, 2008

    There is more to the arrests than is being reported, I'm sure.

    But what Kim Pope fails to remember is how she "caught" her husband to begin with. She was secretary at the KPD and he was a Lt.....I think that's against town policy....And she's complaining he's with a mere town employee???

    You better believe the former chief broke town rules when he (married) had an affair with her (also married)....the Town Manager knew about it and could've cared less...

    Oh well....that's small town living for you!

  • jlh4jdj Aug 12, 2008

    oh come on you guys know that the law will never hold a woman to the same standards as a man in a domestic or any or situation. She will be free and filing more false reports any day now.

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Aug 12, 2008

    Wow! The class Reunion should be a blast. Sounds like Kim is now Available.

  • winonedog Aug 12, 2008

    see you at the 20 year class reunion.
    Luv you,
    Class of 1988
    East Wake High School

  • teacher-mom Aug 12, 2008

    If they were separated, she had no business over there. She needs to be arrested for trespassing. Maybe it is better to leave it alone. The more you stir it the worse it stinks.

  • bcarolinabreeze Aug 12, 2008

    Another victim of "H&ll hath no fury like a woman scorned."

  • missdawg Aug 12, 2008

    Maybe one day these repoters and editors can learn how to spell. The town manager's last name is McConkey, not McKonkey.

  • nathanius Aug 12, 2008

    Questions that need to come out at trial:

    Why would you go to someone's house @ 3am which you attempted to get a protection order against?

    How was he assualting her with the phone in his hand?

    Why would you stay in the driveway of someones house if you feel threatened?

    Why would you care if he is seeing someone else if you have filed for divorce/protection order?

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Aug 12, 2008

    The stuff TV shows are made from. Sounds like the ex walked in and started WWE Smackdown.