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Psychic buys former Peterson home

Posted August 7, 2008
Updated August 8, 2008

— A New York psychic has purchased the Durham home where one of the area's most notorious murders occurred.

Biond Fury, a self-described metaphysician, music and film producer and publisher, bought the 9,200-square-foot house at 1810 Cedar St. last month for $1.3 million, according to real estate agent Lynn Hayes.

Mike Peterson, a Durham novelist and one-time mayoral candidate, killed his wife inside the home in December 2001. Kathleen Peterson, an executive with Nortel Networks, was found in a pool of blood at the bottom of a stairwell.

Mike Peterson insisted his wife fell down the staircase, but police and prosecutors maintained that he had beaten her to death because of financial concerns and because she learned he was bisexual.

After a sensational two-month trial that attracted national attention, a jury convicted Mike Peterson of first-degree murder in October 2003. He is serving a life sentence at Nash Correctional Institution, and the state Supreme Court has denied his appeal of his conviction.

A local couple bought the Cedar Street house in 2004 for $640,000 and did extensive repairs on the house. They put it on the market 16 months ago and were initially asking $2.1 million for the property.

Fury, who has a call-in show on a New York cable station and the Internet, said he was unaware of the house's history and had never heard of the Peterson case.

He said he has ties to the Triangle after attending graduate school at Duke University and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, and he was attracted to the house because of its architecture and layout.


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  • oldschooltarheel Aug 8, 2008

    This story tickled me - I don't think I'd be wasting $$ by "consulting" this feller. You can walk by that place at night & feel a chill.

  • kkreps1 Aug 8, 2008

    I think the question here is Is this guy a real psychic??? He may not of heard of the case but wouldn't he get that psychic sensation they all talk about receiving when he had entered the house ??? Wouldn't he have gotten a feeling of despair with the first initial of first or last name??? LOL
    Reminds me of the house I saw on the way to the beach once. It said PSYCHIC..Can predict future and the place was burnt to the ground HAHAHAA
    If he is psychic so am I. I predict a book and or movie/maybe a documentary with filming in the house ....Might make enough money on it that he won't have a house payment

  • angora2 Aug 7, 2008

    Get real. This guy knew about the house and is laying the groundwork for a novel.

  • bomanicous Aug 7, 2008

    'Well duh-uh. His psychic abilities are licensed only for New York-New Jersey. Until he obtains the necessary and proper local permits, his abilities here don't function.'

    does that mean he can or can not predict the multi-state lottery numbers????

    it's ok, he knew i was going to ask that...

  • Squirreling Dervish Aug 7, 2008

    Under North Carolina law you do not have to disclose if there was a murder or illegal activities in a piece of property for sale. That is up to your real estate agent to search court documents regarding the deed to the house.

  • cherriedragon Aug 7, 2008

    bcarolinabreeze.....good one!! thanks for the laugh!!

  • Funky Neighbor LEE Aug 7, 2008

    They had a sale to unload the furniture and all contents at the house when it was still empty after Peterson got out. We did a morning radio remote from inside the place via cell phone. I took a couple of pictures and they made me stop, they didn't know we were doing a live remote at the same time. I did buy one of Peterson's hats.

  • bcarolinabreeze Aug 7, 2008

    Well duh-uh. His psychic abilities are licensed only for New York-New Jersey. Until he obtains the necessary and proper local permits, his abilities here don't function.

  • NC is my home Aug 7, 2008

    He's a Psychic & he didn't know about the house! Quick! What color am I wearing? :)

  • davidgnews Aug 7, 2008

    Yeah, that should work !!