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Police make arrests in Brier Creek vehicle break-ins

Posted July 30, 2008
Updated July 31, 2008

— Raleigh police have charged five men in connection with a string of vehicle robberies in the Brier Creek area.

Thieves broke into 23 unlocked vehicles in the Brier Creek area on Jan. 5, police said. On Jan. 27, 12 unlocked vehicles in the same general area were broken into.

In the latter incident, an owner who had looked out and seen strangers around his car, drove around the neighborhood. He found a possible suspect vehicle and followed it until he reported seeing flashes coming from the vehicle and hearing what sounded like gunshots, police said. The victim was not injured.

Arrest warrants were obtained Wednesday charging Trey Preston Brown, 18, Scott Edward Eakes, 20, Stephen Winzell Edwards, 18, Townsend Corey Stanford,19, Russell Jamaeson Warren, 18, with one count each of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, 35 counts each of breaking and entering a motor vehicle, two counts each of felony larceny and 19 counts each of misdemeanor larceny, police said.

Police arrested Edwards, Stanford and Warren. They were being held Wednesday evening in the Wake County Jail.

Brown and Eakes were in custody at the Durham County Jail on charges stemming from a series of armed robberies, and arrangements were being made to serve them with the Wake arrest warrants there, police said.

Edwards is facing four additional counts of breaking and entering and four of misdemeanor larceny for vehicle break-ins on June 21 in Raleigh, police said.


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  • LaLa Aug 4, 2008

    There have been a few comments about the character of the boys' parents. I am a friend of the father and mother of one of the boys. They are wonderful parents who have given their children a good upbringing including raising them in church. I wanted to say this because as parents, we can say and do the right things, but it does not guarantee how our kids will turn out. My heart breaks for his parents. They are devastated.

  • moakle11 Aug 1, 2008

    I'll tell you what my MOTHER who is sitting right here tells me (you can call her if you want) & thats not to listen to any more statements from you. Thanks leave me alone & take your anger someplace else. Contact Love at the office or at home if you have anything else to say cause I'm done with you continuously calling ME OUT. I'm not responding to anything else you say because all you want is to argue with someone. Goodbye

  • dlangekessler2 Aug 1, 2008

    AND you sure don't have any response to the FACTS that I stated because they are all true, isn't that right ????????????

  • dlangekessler2 Aug 1, 2008

    And I am sure that YOUR parents won't get on line and defend Corey......exactly why would they do that when all the evidence shows that he is guilty and like you said we will see what the court finds out with ALL his charges this time. Hopefully the victims will stick with it and not get discouraged by the continuances that I am sure his lawyer will ask for like they did in Durham. 5 times in court/6 months later before my case was resolved and it has not been closed yet because restitution has not be paid. They continue and continue in hopes that people will just give up, that is usually the only way they get out of these things. Oh that's right he was JUST the driver..isn't that what he or you claim ??? WHATEVER.......Karma works in mysterious ways

  • dlangekessler2 Aug 1, 2008

    You don't get to tell me what conversation I get to be in or out of. And Gina didn't get her PARENTS involved, I do what I want on my own, AND just because Corey is home doesn't mean anything besides someone posted his bail, probably good ole' grandpa again like always, because HE IS NEVER GUILTY....isn't that the way it always is with PUNKS like him.......they never did it..........the police find all kinds of evidence against them because they are innocent..right ????? AND how exactly do you figure he paid his debt to society ?? AND he did NOT admit what he did to Gina and I, he BLAMED it on Trey. AND you got called out because your statements were total lies plain and simple and yes everyone does make mistakes, but most people try to learn from their mistakes NOT continue to make them and take advantage of innocent individuals that do not deserve to have things stolen from them !!!!

  • moakle11 Aug 1, 2008

    first off, corey admitted to what he did to gina. Thats done & over with. These are other issues NOT involving that and you guys wont let it go. He paid his debt to society with that? This was NEVER a personal matter until you gina got on here and called me out for no reason what so ever. I was talking to an individual about the current issues (and corey is home by the way) so stop calling me out. Everyone is so FAST to point fingers and be so judgemental when we all make mistakes. Look at me, Ive made mine, so have we all. Stop obsessing over his life and take a look at yourselves. Thats all I have to say. Im not gonna drop down to a level and neither are my PARENTS to get online and bash someone only trying to show another side of the story. You are innocent until proven guilty and we will see what happens in court. Thanks. Please don't respond to this because you were never in the initial conversation to start with.

  • phatbottombass Aug 1, 2008

    ty yanksgirl3 & dlangekessler2 like you I knew he & the others were guilty & hopefully will get what they deserve along with those yet to be arrested. I've had items stolen myself.

  • dlangekessler2 Aug 1, 2008

    Lets get to the facts Meredith, and stop the lies !!!
    Fact One : Corey was NOT on house arrest when these crimes were committed in " JANUARY ".
    Fact Two : Corey was put on house arrest February 4th, after being arrested for breaking and entering of motor vehicles, larceny and damage to personal property in Durham
    Fact Three : One of these crimes was committed in your own driveway ??? HELLO ?????
    Fact Four : To those of you who say " use a key " we did have our car locked and he through a cinder block through the window to break into it, and steal personal property
    Fact Five : Corey was convicted on July 14th of the crimes committed in Durham on February 3-4th.
    Fact Six : The police can not just arrest someone on hear say they have to have evidence What more can you ad to facts !!! STOP THE LIES AND LISTEN TO THE TRUTH

  • yanksgirl3 Aug 1, 2008

    the maturity thing again? i could go days with you and tell you how MATURE you are mer.but this is about YOU and I its about corey getting what he deserves and him doing time bc he did commit crimes wether they were yesterday or a year ago.he has NEVER done time and he needs to its gone to far and you try to defend him bc he always wasnt the one actually breaking in the cars or doing the damage YOU try to say he is innocent bc he was only apart of the crimes by being the COWARD who could never complete anything HE started he always pressured so what he called "friends" into doing these things and sometimes but rarely.he would do them himself but never alone IN THE END HE BROKE IN MY CAR.AND WHAT WAS THAT OH HE WAS proven GUILTY.and its only fair so this isnt a race issue or a he said she said thing.its what is right! so when will you realize he is wrong??? or will you just keep being so "mature" to the point where your stupidity takes over your whole head ....your brainwashed by him.

  • yanksgirl3 Aug 1, 2008

    once again the mature thing.....well meredith i can go all day long with you and how mature you are do you want to start? bc this has nothing to do with YOU and I COREY deserves to be in there just as much as the other boys do. so hopefully he'll do his time just like all the rest he is responsible...when will u realize this??