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Second search conducted in killing of pastor's wife

Posted July 23, 2008

— Hoke County authorities conducted a second search Tuesday at the home where Rose Wynn, 53, was found dead in June. Authorities have previously said that Wynn's husband, Rev. Sam Wynn, a former pastor of Holland's United Methodist Church in Wake County, is a person of interest in her death.

A search of the home, at 595 E. Lake Ridge Road in Raeford, on June 26 yielded a towel and a shoe with stains that appeared to be blood. In the initial search warrant, the Hoke County Sheriff's Office detailed a stormy relationship between the two.

Authorities believe Rose Wynn was attacked and beaten at her home on June 4. Her 10-year-old son, Christopher, found her unconscious on the kitchen floor the next morning, and she died later that day at a nearby hospital. 

Christopher Wynn heard his parents arguing on the phone on June 3, and James Jackson, Rose Wynn's oldest son, told investigators that his mother called him crying that night to report that Sam Wynn had threatened her, according to the application for the search warrant.

The couple's marriage was strained, and they often fought over who would acquire ownership of the home in Raeford after a separation, according to the warrant.

Investigators also found a $100,000 life insurance policy on Rose Wynn – her husband was listed as the beneficiary – and a deed to the Raeford house during a search of a house owned by Holland's United Methodist Church at 4701 Holland Church Road in Raleigh.


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  • donbbenson Jul 30, 2008

    Eighteen years ago Rev. Sam Wynn put his life and ministry on the line to rescue Rose from an ungodly former husband. Later as District Superintendent he supported a move of the Holy Spirit to advance the Gospel and free New Bern from demonic spirits connected to "The Church of Wicca," etc. As a Christian minister doing battle with the forces of darkness, no doubt Brother Sam has risen in rank on the devil's hit list. See how many blows he has already suffered from bloggers.

    What actually happened? Did he finally break under the burden and fatally hurt the one he loved? Or did a crafty "son of the wicked one" (Mt. 13:38) get revenge by murdering Rose and framing Sam? We need more light on this issue, not more rushing to judgment in the court of public opinion.

  • haggis basher Jul 24, 2008

    "oj simpson case but the criminal case was harder to prove."
    The OJ case was proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Unfortunately you can't stop a jury being unreasonable!
    You said there was sufficient evidence to convict, if so then he should be tried and hopefully convicted. I suspect that there is not clear evidence of guilt that a snake oil salesman couldn't charm his way out off.

  • Seeminglyopposed Jul 24, 2008

    twc-Stay away from the courts as a prosecutor, would be my advise to you.LOL We have enough confused people who are making decisions, and causing families a great deal of grief by doing so. It is not always best to pursue anything without making sure you have enough to really get them. Even then, in some cases, the chances are they still may get a lenient sentence for a terrible crime.

  • greentara Jul 23, 2008

    The media always spins the story the way they think it will generate the most sensation, um I mean interest. How sad and tragic for her family and congregation. My prayers go out to them!

  • Trivr Jul 23, 2008

    Hello Fuquay Resident...

    I think I may remember that. I've now read Gwinn's letter about four or five times and it doesn't read that way at all. If you're a part of this denomination, you could probably direct me to where it could be confirmed. Thanks.

  • Fuquay Resident Jul 23, 2008

    Trivr, Rev Wynn was promoted to District Superintendent of the Fayetteville District MONTHS before his wife was murdered. I told you that a few months ago when you said something similar.

  • Trivr Jul 23, 2008

    The United Methodist Church appointed him to a greater position of leadership and influence after he was a person of interest in his wife's murder. Here: http://www.wral.com/asset/news/local/2008/06/25/3102766/Microsoft_Word_-_Wynn_from_Bish.pdf

    They did this in the spirit of being non-judgmental! Prayers and condolences were not enough for them, they made judgments against the detectives and authorities and for one of their own instead of remaining neutral in the investigation.

  • twc Jul 23, 2008

    haggis basher, legal technicalities make a big difference. That's why the civil action was successful in the oj simpson case but the criminal case was harder to prove.

    For the most part, you can count on this. The police usually know who the perp is before they have enough evidence to convict them.

    If it were up to me and I was a prosecutor I would only wait so long before I would prosecute them with what I had. That may be risky as far as them being found not guilty but it might open up a good civil case. Or maybe I would attempt the civil case first. But that might be hindered by 5th Amendment rights.

    What to do, oh, what to do!

  • winemaker81 Jul 23, 2008

    "Another fact not reported by WRAL...the son voluntarily came back from out of state to take a polygraph with Hoke County Sheriff and passed...the minister refuses...hmmm...whats up with that?" -- loveromans6

    Polygraph tests are notoriously unreliable. Do a search on the subject, a large number of scientific and medical organizations have published results indicating that.

    No WAY I'd take one.

  • hckeyfan22 Jul 23, 2008

    Thank you justsayin!! That is my point before hand too! A son with a criminal history got the "phone call" of his mom. It is not mentioned her "past" also with prescrption drugs. I am not a Methodist but I am a Christian from another local church nearby, and if Mr Wynn did this then he should pay 100%, but if not then he should be left alone by his church and UMC, and only get their support!! The UMC needs to support others just as my church family hopefully would too! Christians sin, and we do not know that he did this - if so it is WRONG. They should support this man at this time until there is proof he did kill her. This is NOT beyond a resonable doubt when so many people do not know the whole story! Again not saying he is innocent, but I do not know just like you guys do not know either. Only Mr Wynn, and our Lord Jesus Christ knows if he did this now.