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No answers for parents locked out of Fuquay graduation

Posted July 1, 2008

— Officials with the Wake County School District still don't know why family members of Fuquay-Varina graduates were locked out of a graduation ceremony June 11. And they don't think they ever will.

The school district has closed its investigation into the incident that left almost 100 guests standing outside the Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts while the ceremony proceeded without them.

Schools spokesman Greg Thomas said other graduations at the same location went off without a hitch.

Fuquay-Varina principal Edward McFarland is sending DVDs of the ceremony to those families who missed it.


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  • bluewind Jul 4, 2008

    Are they still whining about this? Get over it, and next, be one of the first in line...

  • Dr. Dataclerk Jul 2, 2008

    Its over. Get over it and hopefully learn something from it. If the child is going to college, maybe said parents can see their child graduate then. Meanwhile, they should be proud they have a graduate from High School and not a drop-out. We see plenty of that.

  • daMoFo Jul 1, 2008

    And comparing high school graduation ceremony rules to Nazi Germany is monumentally stupid.

  • daMoFo Jul 1, 2008

    I agree with rag. Let people scream and yell. Who cares if other families don't get to hear their child's name called out as long as you get to do what you want.

    When my wife graduated from Fayetteville State with her masters degree, the ceremony was held on campus in the auditorium. Seating was first come first serve. Scores of people, myself included, could not get in due to some families bringing mom, granny, sisters, brothers and hordes of kids. FSU's response was "Don't ask us, we don't know anything." The screw up in Fuquay is nothing new.

  • raglangr Jul 1, 2008

    High school graduations are really becoming like Nazi Germany. If you're lucky enough to get in you'll be kicked out for showing the least bit of excitement that someone you know/love is graduating. Not to mention all of the absurd situations in which schools are now preventing graduates from walking as punishment. For goodness sake, they're graduating, leaving your school and entering the real world, just forget about what they did while they were in school. There's no need for it and it's overkill.

  • Timetogo Jul 1, 2008

    If the facility was at capacity, the doors SHOULD have been closed. Stop wining and think about all the second cousins, step uncles and neighbors best friends (and some who snuck in) who took up the space. EVERYONE doen't need to drag 5 people to watch them walk the stage! Gimme a break!

  • smcallah Jul 1, 2008

    "Parents should have called the police and shut down the graduation until they could rightfully attend."

    And what law was being broken exactly?

  • whoknew35 Jul 1, 2008

    Definitely a huge mistake and I feel bad for the families. I hope the high graduates to use this as an incentive allow their friends and family to see them at their college graduation!

  • colliedave Jul 1, 2008

    Aren't there two venues there: one for the symphony and the other a opera hall. Couldn't the smaller one been used as overflow with a video feed?

  • maxpower Jul 1, 2008

    Fire Code capacity. Thats it, nothing else.