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School superintendent resigns amid 'immoral conduct' allegations

Posted June 30, 2008
Updated July 1, 2008

— Suggestions of misconduct surround the resignation of a school superintendent Monday afternoon.

Lee County School Board Chairman William Tatum called the resignation letter, from former Superintendent James McCormick, disappointing.

"At this time, it is necessary that I request the Lee County Board of Education to accept my resignation as Superintendent of Schools," Tatum said as he read McCormick's resignation letter.

McCormick has led the Lee County school system since 2004.

The school board was so pleased with his work that they recently extended his contract by three years.

"I think the records of Lee County Schools under his tenure are exemplary and the board, he had full support from the board,” Tatum said.

In the letter, handed to the school board attorney five days ago, McCormick abruptly stepped down from the job.

"We accepted this letter and I am disappointed,” said Linda Smith, with the Lee County School Board.

The school board went into closed session for 20 minutes with its attorney before making the announcement.

A school board member confirmed to WRAL that some of the discussion included allegations of misconduct against McCormick.

School board members said they were not ready to get into specifics regarding those allegations.

"The resignation is all we are prepared to share," said Dr. Lynn Smith, with the Lee County School Board.

WRAL tried to reach McCormick for comment on Monday but was unsuccessful.

School board members will meet Wednesday to begin searching for a replacement.


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  • flutterbybabies Jul 7, 2008

    Old Rebel said, "he transferred down from Lynchburg,Virginia to take this job...maybe he got away from...Falwell country and once down here just couldn't say no to his carnal nature."
    I live in Lynchburg and I can tell you that this tiger has not changed his stripes!!! Rumor has it that he was "dipping his pen" in "school ink" here as well!!! It was part of the clerical staff here--that seems to be the only difference.

  • Eduardo1 Jul 1, 2008


  • anneonymousone Jul 1, 2008

    Uncfan89, you have the choice to send your children to school anywhere you please, and as a member of this society, still have a responsibility to help educate all children, BUT ONLY IF you want people to be able to make correct change at the cash register, be able to take your medical history at the doctor's office, be able to read well enough to apply the new primer on your car at the auto body shop, be able to translate metric to English measuring systems when they need a wrench to repair the lawnmower, be able to read your children a bedtime story when they provide child care, etc.

    Public education is not perfect, but far more people have a chance to participate in this democracy because of it than if we had a 100% pay-as-you-go education plan. We all benefit from a public school system, even if it is not our ideal way of seeking an education.

    And I don't have children at all.

  • momof2girls Jul 1, 2008

    What about the chariman of the school board who was told about the "affair" a while back and did nothing but try to cover it up????...........shouldn't he be "ousted" too? Sounds only fair to me!!

  • agricon3 Jul 1, 2008

    my question is this--would he resign if the other woman wasn't a teacher? I think not. A long time ago my middle school principal was having an affair with the 7th grade married history teacher. No one resigned. They eventually got married and he has retired and she still teaches. While I was in HS(a long time ago) the jr/sr honors history teacher had a non physical relationship with a student and when she graduated from college they got married(he's a principal now). Same school we are pretty sure the civics teacher (a very good looking man) was giving grades for flesh, he didn't resign but his wife left. Is the teacher involved a history teacher? Who cares as long as he is doing a good job. Thanks Admiral vouchers add accountability to a lax system.

  • iamforjustice Jul 1, 2008

    This man did nothing wrong. I wish America would leave love alone.

  • drose4814 Jul 1, 2008

    Just think of the things these guys (Politicians,etc.) have not been caught doing! All we hear of is what they have been caught for.

  • oldrebel Jul 1, 2008

    "Moral turpitude"...sounds pretty dirty and sleezy in it's own right. I'm surprised in a way though, being that he transferred down form Lynchburg, Virginia to take this job...maybe he got away from the moral strait laced atomosphere of Falwell country and once down here just couldn't say no to his carnal nature. What a shame a man, or woman, can't say no to their base desires even though it ends up destroying their career to say nothing of the lives affected by their lapse in common sense.

  • publicschoolteacher Jul 1, 2008

    I wonder if the married teacher that the superintendent has been having the affair with will be reprimanded in any way.

  • Citizen7265 Jul 1, 2008

    UNCTAR-They weren't sleeping! LOL! Public area at that!