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10 charged in Raleigh street-racing sting

Posted June 16, 2008
Updated June 18, 2008

— Law enforcement arrested 10 people allegedly involved in what authorities describe as an elaborate street-racing network over the weekend, and more arrests are expected.

Six high-powered vehicles were also seized in the sting, the result of a three-week investigation, Operation Redline, into drag racing and street racing on and around busy roadways in Raleigh and Wake County, including Capital Boulevard, Interstate 440 and Interstate 540.

Authorities said the alleged racing has been going on for years, and that they have received numerous complaints about. In some cases, traffic on I-440 and I-540 would come to a stop because of the races.

"These speeds would reach up to 150 mph. They would race. They would stop. They would race again. There would be as much as 15 to 20 cars out here following the races and racing," Lt. Keith Stone with the North Carolina Highway Patrol said.

Members of the racing network have also recorded the races, posting videos of them on YouTube – images of brazen and reckless driving, as well as collisions.

"We have seen, at times, where they're going around traffic. They're involved with other traffic so these – the motorists, the citizens that drive these streets at this times are sometimes in the middle of a race," Trooper Beckley Vaughan said.

Phillip Lee Arnold, Joshua Sanne, Jhohan Suriel and Javier Mercado face more than 40 charges, including careless and reckless driving, speeding, prearranged racing, modification of vehicles for the purpose of speeding and driving without an operator's license.

The most serious charge, prearranged racing, carried a three-year license suspension and seizure of vehicle.

Jonathan Cassel and Antwon Lamar Stephens were charged with aiding and abetting prearranged racing, authorities said.

The operation was a combined effort by several local law enforcement agencies, including the North Carolina Highway Patrol, Raleigh Police Department, Wake County Sheriff's Office, Division of Motor Vehicles, Bureau of License and Theft and North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement Division of the state Crime Control and Public Safety.


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  • mosser Jun 18, 2008

    -your funny-
    I think you must have something against these guys.
    Are you the one that favors a dress?

    who hasn't raced on the streets before. everyone of you guys has put your foot down at one time or another. it may be you just bought a new car and you want to see how fast it goes or you may wanted to get around someone driving slow and lets not forget speeding up to go through that yellow light. these races last no longer than a minute at most!

    oh, and the comment on here about the ricers.
    ricers are only imports and these guys had both.
    that should tell you something! the real guys dont mix!
    busted network, that is to funny!

  • You are Funny Jun 18, 2008

    whocares1-you are pretty funny too...Not a clue in the world.

  • wattsun Jun 17, 2008

    LOL ..You guys are so missing my point and yes I do know what I am talking about.. I am not defending these guys with Hondas. I hate ricers but the fact is they CAN get 300 plus HP from little more than bolt ons and nitrous.

  • whocares1 Jun 17, 2008

    oh please, you guys on here are a bunch of crying babies. god should have made you little girls! all this talk about tracks, its the style of racing that is attractive and going in a circle or driving in a straight line is not the style that we prefer. best thing for you guys to do is "get out the way!" i can see why most of you on here want to try and knock us down and talk noise
    and its because your panties are in a knot wishing you could be like us. i know this is probably making you girly guys a little sad right now and you probably need to call your momma to let her know someone hurt your feelings.

  • catwoman1 Jun 17, 2008

    I agree Pridefootball07. Too Fast Too Furious is a movie filmed on closed location/sets. These guys were jeopardizing everyone out there. I was returning from a DBulls game just a couple of weeks ago and one zipped by me out on 540. Wish I had a radar gun. The dude was flying and gone!

  • Pridefootball07 Jun 17, 2008

    I can't lie, I've seen all the Fast and Furious movies and love street racing culture...but that doesn't make me dumb enough to actually do it. Granted I don't have the money to invest in building and tuning a car, I don't have the reckless disregard for others around me. I can be an "aggressive" driver from time to time but never to the extent that I put myself or others in harms way. These gus are stupid and shoudln't be on the streets. Virginia International Raceway is about 45 mins from here...take it there, it's a great road course

  • walkermr Jun 17, 2008

    "Haha the vid owners took the vids down. Good job WRAL on postin up vids that are NOT YOURS"

    Considering that when you post the vids you agree to allow other users to access, view, and repost your vids I would say that is a good job. Just because they were too stupid to read the terms and agreements or have enough common sense not to post a video of a criminal act doesn't mean they can cry foul when their stupidity is shown to the world.

    And Roxboro also has a drag strip which is definitely not 3 hours away.

  • VT1994Hokie Jun 17, 2008

    These people are totally crazy. Risking their lives and others. I sincerely hope that they will charged to the fullest extend of the law. Stupid people. If I were to see them in a parking lot after the real deal--I may just get hauled to jail too. I would like to take s good whack at someones jaw.

  • ssi Jun 17, 2008

    MrPearce -

    Are you going to put up the money to build a track for these guys in Raleigh, or would you prefer that someone else spend their hard earned money to do it? And I think a better description than "brighter and more creative" would be "wreckless and more dangerous."

  • foetine Jun 17, 2008

    MrPearce - Three hours to Rockingham? What road do you take? How far away is the funeral home from your house? You want these people to kill your family as they speed down Western? Just tell me that the safety of your family is worthless when compared to these people's right to drag race.