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Attorney General reports uptick in crime

Posted June 3, 2008

— Total crime reported across the state rose slightly last year while violent crime dropped slightly, North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper said Tuesday.

The overall crime rate in the state increased 0.1 percent from 2006 – the second year in a row the state's crime rate has increased. (See a summary of the report.)

The rate of violent crimes dropped 0.7 percent, however, according to reports that law enforcement agencies across the state submitted to the State Bureau of Investigation.

Among the data Cooper presented Tuesday, the state's murder rate increased 8.5 percent and the number of murders was up 10 percent. The sharpest increases in the state were in Durham with an 85 percent jump, Fayetteville and Ashville, each with a 40 percent increase, and Greenville with a 33 percent increase.

The rates for rape dropped 5.2 percent; robbery 0.4 percent and aggravated assaults 0.6 percent.

Overall, the rate of property crimes, such as burglary, larceny and vehicle thefts, also increased 0.2 percent. Larceny crimes rose 1.5 percent, while reports of burglary dropped 0.2 percent and reports of motor vehicle theft fell 8.7 percent.

Cooper said increased gang activity and drugs are two reasons overall crime is up, and he said he wants gang legislation that will include stiffer penalties and education for prevention.

He said he is also asking lawmakers for more money for technology and manpower.

"I don't think we have enough invested in fighting crime in this state," Cooper said. "I think we've got to give law enforcers the tools, the technology. I think we've got to have tough prison sentences, particularly for violent offenders."

A recent report by the Governor’s Crime Commission estimates that there are about 14,500 gang members in North Carolina and that 82 percent of the state’s jurisdictions have gang-related activity.


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  • readme Jun 4, 2008

    Of course these statistics are misleading and irrelevant. But I still want to fight gangs and illegal immigration for real. Then will see significant statistical results.

  • dsmi0194 Jun 4, 2008

    What's the adage? 95% of all statisics can be made to show anything you want 50% of the time. Chatham County had a 200% increase in Murders last year. They had 4 this year and 2 last year.

    No where on his site are these gang stats listed to back up his claims. ( http://sbi2.jus.state.nc.us/crp/public/Default.htm ) He has an agenda and is willing to make whatever claims to show it. I don't know any gang bangers in history that have ever let the treat of prison stop them. If anything prison is a badge of honor to them.

  • FragmentFour Jun 3, 2008

    "Is murder not considered a violent crime ?????.... The most violent of violent ?..."--blackdog

    May depend on how the murder was done. Shooting would be violent. Poison... maybe not. And maybe those violent crime stats are violent crimes which are not murders, and murders are listed separatetly.

    Wish elicid would come home - he has all those answers.

  • jahausa Jun 3, 2008

    So basically crime is unchanged from last year, as those percentages are all within a statistical range and insignificant. Also, if Asheville had 3 murders in 2006 and then 4 in 2007, voila a 33% increase - but incredibly misleading. 85% increase in Durham - now that can't be good.

  • blackdog Jun 3, 2008

    ...How can the A.G. report reflect a drop in violent crime if the murder rate increased ????? Is murder not considered a violent crime ?????.... The most violent of violent ?...

  • mrtwinturbo Jun 3, 2008

    This site will allow you to produce your own custom report

  • whatusay Jun 3, 2008

    So violent crime (murders) have increased 8%. But other crimes might have decreased... Not sure I feel better. This would have been better to keep a secret. Crime is on the rise because of illegals, welfare, and democrats wanting to pay more American to stop working and accept welfare as their income.

  • tbajr Jun 3, 2008

    That's always their answer, "need more money", "more personnel",
    "more government", to take away more of our rights and freedoms.

  • Notinitforthemoney Jun 3, 2008

    These stats are not even that accurate. For example if someone tries to break into a house in NC but does not enter and only does damage to a door. The report will read damage to property.

  • TheAdmiral Jun 3, 2008

    I think the uptick in crime is due to Jim Black, Wright, and other politicians getting caught.

    If there wasn't so many laws that restricted what people do privately, perhaps there wouldn't be a need for a five story prison.