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Deputies probe vandalism, possible arson at 2 Cumberland schools

Posted June 2, 2008

— Two senior pranks ended with damaged door locks at one high school and a possible arson at a second high school, according to the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office.

Detectives arrested an adult and three seniors at Terry Sanford High School on Monday for allegedly pouring Gorilla Glue into at least 60 padlocks and door locks of entrances at the school.

The act of vandalism, which happened early last Thursday, caused significant damage to the doors, said Debbie Tanna, spokeswoman for the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office. The glue jammed the doors shut and made it impossible to insert keys.

Facing charges in the vandalism are: Heather Woodcock, 28, of 2206 Lakewood Court; her brother, Michael Woodcock, 18, of 2206 Lakewood Court; Christopher Godfrey, 17, of 1427 Habersham Drive; and Amanda Stancil, 17, of 3260 Turtle Point Drive.

Heather Woodcock faces misdemeanor charges of conspiracy and aiding and abetting. She was released under a $1,000 bond.

Michael Woodcock and Godfrey were each charged with first-degree trespassing, injury to real property and misdemeanor conspiracy. They were released under modified $1,000 bonds to the custody of their parents.

Stancil was released on a $500 modified bond to the custody of her parents.

All four suspects were scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday.

Deputies believe that a second senior prank gone too far resulted in a fire that destroyed one mobile classroom building and damaging another at Pine Forest High School early Sunday, Tanna said.

Flames from one mobile classroom were leaping 30 feet high in the air when firefighters arrived, and they soon set the second building on fire.

Investigators said they think someone intentionally set the fire near the front door of the first mobile classroom.

Tanna said they do not have any new leads in the case, but were investigating it as arson.


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  • NCTeacher4327 Jun 10, 2008


    Air Biscuit withdrew his previous statement in the post directly above yours. Pay attention.

  • janeybelle Jun 3, 2008

    Terry Sanford is NOT the school of the rich and scott free in Fayetteville and not everyone's father or mother is a doctor or lawyer. These just happened to be children of two. They didn't do it so their parents could get them off scott-free. They just did something stupid and got caught. I'm quite sure with all of this publicity they will have to make restitution. Get off of it Air Biscuit.

  • Air Biscuit Jun 3, 2008


    thanks for calling my hand on that one...I am wrong to say that...I guess I was on a roll because the post about teacher pay has my feathers ruffled.

    you're right on all accounts in your statement.

  • luckyman7 Jun 3, 2008

    It was a prank, however not a very well thought out one. I'm sure that they didn't really contemplate the possibility of these actions being irreversible (i.e. destruction of property) with the need for the locks having to be replaced. With most adhesives/glues have solvents that will soften the material so as not to cause damage to be irreversible. Even superglue can be undone with simple nail polish remover (acetone). Apparently this does not apply to "gorilla glue" (unfortunately for the school and the young people involved in the "prank")
    As for these young people "getting off scott-free"... I don't think that you will see that happening... I believe that there will be some recourse. And Air-Biscuit-all students who go to Terry Sanford are not children of lawyers and doctors.
    Just my $0.02 worth on the issue.

  • Air Biscuit Jun 3, 2008

    These kids go to Terry Sanford...that's the school of the rich and scott-free in Fayetteville...their lawyer and doctor daddies will get them off...not to worry.