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Rocky Mount: No 'credible evidence' for ex-police cadet's claims

Posted May 15, 2008

— A city investigation did not find any substantial evidence to support a former police cadet's claims that she was forced out of her job after a sexual relationship with the police chief, officials said Thursday.

City attorney Richard Rose and three members of the city management team conducted a two-month investigation of former cadet Shirley Moore's accusations against Police Chief John Manley.

They interviewed 40 people, including current and former city employees and non-city workers.

"The investigation found a lack and deficiency of substantive, reliable and credible evidence to support, confirm or authenticate Ms. Moore's accusations and charges," Stephen Raper, the city manager, said in a press release.

"The allegations, therefore, cannot be and are not sustained," Raper said.

Raper stressed that with the results of the investigation, "The city is and remains wholly confident in the Rocky Mount Police Department and its leadership."

Moore contended that she became pregnant following an alleged Sept. 14 encounter with Manley at a Rocky Mount hotel and that he paid for her to have an abortion two months later.

In complaints filed with Rocky Mount and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Moore accused Manley of giving her the option of resigning or being fired after his wife learned of the alleged encounter.

City logs of Manley's office and cell phones, obtained by WRAL through a public records request, show 144 calls between him and Moore from September through February. The calls ranged from early morning to late evening and included 11 on Sept. 14.

Moore underwent a lie-detector test, administered by a retired FBI agent in the WRAL News studio on May 2, but its results were inconclusive.

"There's some truth and some non-truth involved in the whole story," test administrator Robert Drdak said. "Her overall credibility would be damaged."

Manley has adamantly denied Moore's claims of an affair, maintained that their relationship was always professional and said Moore left the position of her own accord.

Moore did not waver in her claims after the polygraph test. "All I know is in my heart of hearts what happened," she said on May 5. "And that's all I can say."


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  • Its me again May 16, 2008

    "Rocky Mount is a great city with very good citizens. I am very proud of the police force, mayor and all the city officials that keeps Rocky Mount a thriving energetic safe city."

    Wonder if this guy would walk down Star street after dark? or take a stoll thru Battle park late in the evening. Visit the Piggly Wiggly on thomas st. at 10 pm.
    Maybe he would like to visit the alleged crack houses in Ketchpoint or Northgreen. Does your son or daughter visit the restroom at Senior High alone? Would you walk around city lake after dark. Safe in Rocky Mount? I remember last year when officer Wayne Sears stated that Rocky Mount did NOT have a gang problem. Tell that to the students at Nash Central.Our city has MAJOR problems. If we and our leaders continue to stick our heads in the sand we will never solve them. Who is guilty in this case will NEVER be revealed too much corruption.But in a way we are all guilty,for too long good people have done nothing.

  • mrkagain May 16, 2008

    I think the chief is probably a dog.
    I think the woman is a gold digger.

    They deserve each other. But it's horrible for both the families. "Be sure that your sin will find you out." And thereby, many innocents hurt.

  • iamforjustice May 16, 2008

    Rocky Mount is a great city with very good citizens. I am very proud of the police force, mayor and all the city officials that keeps Rocky Mount a thriving energetic safe city.

  • Tarheel born May 16, 2008

    I worked in law enforcement for 20 years before retiring as a ranking and supervisory officer. And I know that I never had 144 phone calls from my Chief in all those years put together. What we needed to discuss was done face to face. But their calls "late" at night and "early" morning hours - please.

  • tooblessed May 16, 2008

    Sad thing is her marriage is going to suffer because whether she was a willing partner or not, the cheif came out smelling like a rose garden.

  • rogerkneebend May 16, 2008

    Rocky Mount is indeed a dwindling town. Given the general area, Wilson and Nashville are much more attractive towns. Look at the mainstreets of each and you'll see what I mean.

  • REDRD May 16, 2008

    Where is the new Mayor in all of this? Does he have the backbone to deal with such an issue; or since it doesn't involve the sale of real estate or new business in Rocky Mount, he is not going to have an opinion? I have over 75 employees who work for me and I can tell you that it is extremely rare to talk to any of them more than 11 times in an entire week, this guy talked to this woman 11 times on the day in question, Steve Raper are you blind, or just determined to make Rocky Mount look like the big bafoon city that it has become? Current city leadership has become a laughing stock...

  • superman May 16, 2008

    As you will recall she volunteered to take the lie detector test. She is a big girl-- I dont think she could be forced to do anything against her will. The reverse might be true-- she forced him to have sex with her. As for her looks-- she wouldnt ever get a first look from me -- much less a second look. Whatever happened-- she just thought she would make some quick easy money.

  • Hip-Shot May 16, 2008

    " they're under duress from a inept, racially motivated city council."

    I'm glad someone in the Rocky Mount area noticed that besides me. The city council and the continuing saga of Andre Knight is a laugh.

  • busyasabee May 16, 2008

    Smell fishy to me too. But everybody knew he was going to out smelling like a rose. To bad. Theres a lot of illegal activity going on in the RMPD but it won't do anygood to exploit it they are only going to cover it up anyway.