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Do My Job: Being a mom to multiples

Posted May 13, 2008

Being a mom can be a tough job. But what about being a mom to multiples?

As part of this week's "Do My Job" series, WRAL Reporter Kim Dean visited a mother with a 4-year-old and quadruplets.

Melanie Osborne’s job starts in the wee hours of the morning. Her four, 9-month-old girls don’t sleep through the night yet.

“Sometimes they wake up two to three times. Last night, I had to wake up four times,” Osborne said.

Then, around 6 a.m., the day officially starts for Kaidan, Willow, Bella and Sophie. From there, it's non-stop diaper changes, bottles, meal times and, if you’re lucky, naps.

Osborne is also a full time real estate agent. She and her husband also have a 4-year old daughter.

“It gets a little overwhelming, but not bad. They are your kids. They are so cute and sweet. You’re tired, but you’re tired because they are your kids,” Osborne said.

When Dean stepped in to try to do Osborne’s job for one day, she learned that it takes precision to juggle four babies.

“There’s a lot of diapers,” she said.

Keeping the girls entertained can be especially tough.

“Be nice, no pushing, no pushing,” Dean said.

It wasn't long before dad came to the rescue and offered a quick lesson on how to carry multiple babies.

“Two at a time. Ugh, man, you guys are kinda heavy,” Dean said, struggling to pick up two girls.

Dean then headed downstairs for feeding time.

“This is a complete disaster,” she said, as Willow grabbed the food that Bella refused to eat.

Osborne gets help during the day when she deals with clients, but she often has all five kids by herself.

“I couldn't pretend for even for a minute I did your job. You're awesome,” Dean said.

“You did good. You gave me a good break,” Osborne said.

Tune in Wednesday to WRAL’s Morning News at 6 to see Kim take on the job of a Krispy Kreme employee.


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  • veekee May 14, 2008

    wcnc - I actually WASN'T talking about you - I was more talking about the horrible in vitro and not a job comments. But I do find your all or nothing view of "correct parenting" really judgemental and quite frankly, really naive. That said, I don't really think it's hateful - just silly.

  • UNC Doc May 13, 2008

    I absolutely cannot believe some of the moronic and downright hateful comments on this board. First of all, it's none of your business how she got pregnant. But I can tell you one thing, she pays her bills. Should she maybe have killed a couple of them off before they were born, in order to ease the burden?
    The problem with may people today is that they look at children as a burden which takes away from personal and professional goals rather than a blessing that is part of what makes life worth living.
    Congratulations to this beautiful and dedicated family. In a world full of hateful and judgemental people like I am seeing here, they can only benefit from a nurturing, stay-at-home, loving mother to show them what is really beautiful in this world.
    As for the rest of you, mind your own business, or as my mother used to say, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all".

  • ctechic2004 May 13, 2008

    Whether she had her by osmosis or in-vitro is besides the point. She chose to have her kids and she is taking care of them. No matter how many kids you may have, there is nothing wrong with taking a break. I'm sure for those who feel that child-rearing is not a job, is not going to work every day and working continuously for eight hour or more with a break.

    My hat goes off to anyone who can handle five little ones at one time. She must be doing a he** of a job. So stop hating.

  • wcnc May 13, 2008

    veekee- You might be talking about me.....!!!

    I'm just tired of the double talk.....We say that if we faze out welfare payments "what about the children"......everything is what about the children- except when it comes down to moms choosing to work (I'm not talking single moms here). Then we start saying "what is best for mom" and money comes into it. We aren't thinking about what is best for the children then!!

  • veekee May 13, 2008

    man, there are some hateful people on here.

  • wcnc May 13, 2008

    owlady- This mom in the article does have outside help, but they glanced over that. I'd say she wouldn't need outside help if she'd just stay home with her kids. Have her husband be the provider....It's not like they can say her job provides the health insurance with her being a realtor.

    but, motherin is hard work and unfortunately gets little fanfare. These days the feminists have done a "good" job of belittling mothers so that so many feel it's not enough and go to a paying job to find their worth. It's a shame because we don't realize how much the kids suffer from not being raised by their parents.

  • owlady May 13, 2008

    This topic is a hot button for discussion just like religion and politics. I will only say that it takes a certain type of parent who can juggle all of this without some outside help.
    It truly is the hardest job there is, but the most rewarding IMO.

  • Mom of two May 13, 2008

    Good for this family. I am sure it is alot of hard work. It was very hard on me w/ my second child ( they are 7 years apart). It was hard to get up w/ her at night and for me to stay awake all day. I am lucky and my husband makes enough for me to stay at home. God has truely blessed you.

  • shanner226 May 13, 2008

    You live around some IGNORANT FOOLS...Stay off of Invetro, if ppl would stop reproducing like rabbits when they can't afford ANYMORE children our country wouldn't be in a Welfare crisis. She and her husband obviously wanted to have more children and COULD afford them, multiples from invetro is considered a failure in the procedure and the medical community not by design...IGNORANT FOOLS

  • cadetsfan May 13, 2008

    "What does having in-vitro have to do with anything??"

    Speculation as to how quadruplets were conceived. Same with fertility drugs.