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Eve Carson autopsy results won't be released now

Posted May 6, 2008
Updated May 12, 2008

— The results of the autopsy performed on Eve Carson's body will temporarily remain under seal to protect the integrity of the ongoing investigation.

Superior Court Judge Allen Baddour ordered that the documents relating to the death of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill student body president be sealed at the request of the District Attorney Jim Woodall.

Police found Carson, 22, dead near the UNC campus while responding to reports of gunfire. Authorities have never said exactly how she died. A stolen-vehicle report, however, indicated she was shot in the head.

In a motion to seal the report, Woodall said there are details about Carson's death that should remain confidential and that releasing the report could cause speculation about the significance of those details.

Several search warrants relating to the case are also under seal for similar reasons.

Demario James Atwater, 21, and Laurence Alvin Lovette Jr., 17, are each charged with first-degree murder in Carson's death.

Atwater could face the death penalty, and a hearing on the matter scheduled for May 5 has been rescheduled for July 7. Lovette is too young to be eligible for the death penalty if convicted.

Superior Court Judge Donald Stephens postponed Atwater's hearing because the search warrants and autopsy report would have been discussed. He said it would be in the interest of justice to keep the information confidential for now.


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  • Dr. Dataclerk May 7, 2008

    They post the criminals mugshots so people will see and know who they are and not just a name that may not tell you anything. I see no harm in that. Remember the criminals are now locked up in jail.

  • we-r-just-human May 6, 2008

    Why does WRAL put those thug's mugshots in the same space as the beautiful person they killed...

  • FloydTurbo May 6, 2008

    At this point it does not matter. The details will come out at the trial to satisfy the ghouls among us.

  • mrkagain May 6, 2008

    "Preferential treatment here to the Carson family?"

    Get a life, dude... I'll bet you watch Jerry Springer, don't you? Disgusting... She was murdered. I can do without the details. I do not understand morbid curiosity. I have no need to know.

  • bomanicous May 6, 2008

    Hopefully they can keep it sealed until the trial so the media can't have their circus.

  • azure28 May 6, 2008

    A crime of murder has been committed. It is the public right to know what happened to the victim. We know what happened to the Duke grad student Mahato. I wonder what the "added details" are concerning this that the district attorney wants to seal. Preferential treatment here to the Carson family?

  • imwithpeedee May 6, 2008

    My wish is for this girl to Rest In Peace.

  • Rabid_Wolf_3 May 6, 2008

    Why do people want to know? the out come is just the same. Give her parents, family and friends a little respect.


    GOOD... people need to stop being so Nosey.. we know who did it and it should be private to her family. Stop slurpin on gosip news about people. Lets show so respect...

    If you want Slurpin News ... go to your local 7-Eleven Store and sing Oh thank heaven for 7-11

  • Huey May 6, 2008

    Does make one wonder just why. My guess is that worse was done
    to her than we have been lead to believe. I also guess, in time,
    they will let us know.