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Billboard to track Raleigh's weight

Posted May 3, 2008
Updated May 4, 2008

— Mayor Charles Meeker unveiled the official billboard for the Raleigh Weighs In campaign on Saturday.

Fairway Outdoor Advertising's donated the billboard, which has a counter display that will show the total number of pounds lost by participants in the program. The billboard will be located on Capital Boulevard for the next two months.

The Raleigh Weighs In Campaign is a 60-day weight loss and healthy living challenge created by Meeker.

The mayor said he wants to increase awareness of the many local facilities and opportunities that can help people achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

"There are many opportunities in Raleigh to be active," Meeker said. "In addition to a multitude of greenways and city parks, there are also plenty of outstanding fitness centers in the area. I am delighted to be an integral part of promoting a healthier Raleigh."

The campaign will focus on getting the residents of Raleigh to shed as many pounds as possible over the next 60 days.

Area sponsors have weigh-in sites throughout the city to assist participants keep track of their efforts, and many activities are scheduled throughout the next 60 days to increase the success of participants.

The city has also compiled a list of 12 tips for healthy eating and exercise.


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  • Alert5 May 6, 2008

    OK, besides trying to be the "Garbage Disposal" police; being "reactive and not pro-active" to the water drought issue; adding a very expensive convention center when all the reports say it's not cost effective; not putting a moratorium on the "out of control" growth without the infrastructure to support it, what other reasons don you think the Major is so great. You did not state any specifics....

  • joe41080 May 5, 2008

    Geez, ya'll posting negative comments need to learn to appreciate the great things Meeker has done for our city.

    Raleigh was pretty lame until about 3 years ago, and the biggest reason it is a great place now is Mayor Meeker.

  • streetfightinman May 5, 2008

    tax payers in general don't have to worry about there weight because, food is so expensive we can't afford to buy much of it but, meeker wastes our money on junk like this. I,m to busy working to gain any weight, another great idea meeeker.

  • ncwebguy May 5, 2008

    Why hold Wake County commissioners or state level decision makers responsible for things like roads and schools when you can blame the mayor? He has as little to no control as anyone posting here, so can I blame you all for not doing anything either? Good.

    It is good to see which people are offended to the point of posting on here about issues pertaining to weight. See, they're putting it on a billboard above your head, since you can't see the scale below you.

  • EyesintheSkies May 5, 2008

    How do you spell "idiot"?

  • Timbo May 5, 2008

    I guess he doesn't know how he's perceived by people. This stunt just confirms that.

  • Alert5 May 5, 2008

    Well lets see Mr. Mayor, you really have caught the public's pulse on important issues - Garbage disposal police; restricting water use to 25 gals per person, per day; out of control growth without the infrastructure to support or pay for it.
    I can't wait for what's next - what a disappointment for Raleigh.

  • Fun May 5, 2008

    Hey Mr. Mayor....what about the bond money you got for synchonizing the stop lights??? To much time at lights to suck down the burgers and fries. How about an update King??

  • FuninNC May 5, 2008

    Actually a ban on all fast food wouldn't be a bad idea. Maybe people would actually eat better and eat as families.

  • FloydTurbo May 5, 2008

    Can a city-wide ban on Big Macs be far behind?