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Jet Ski Rider Injured in Neuse River Accident

Posted April 25, 2008
Updated April 28, 2008

— A man injured in a Jet Ski accident on the Neuse River in Wayne County said there are no warnings about a dangerous waterfall along that part of the river.

Kyle Corbett said he and five friends were cruising a canal off the Neuse earlier this week when they took a new path. Suddenly, they hit a drop and water pouring over large, jagged boulders.

"It slammed me up against the rocks," Corbett said. "It broke my back in three places."

Five of the six riders crashed, although they were experienced Jet Ski riders who frequent the Neuse, Corbett said. He was the most seriously injured and was expected to need about six weeks to recover.

"There were no buoys, no markers, no anything," Corbett said. "There was just a waterfall with boulders and rocks."

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is responsible for building and maintaining a small dam that creates the waterfall.

Corbett said that dam creates an optical illusion that the stretch of calm water continues.

"Somebody needs to do something about it there," he said. "It's a very, very dangerous situation."

A spokesperson said more than a year ago, the Corps proposed a repair project that includes adding warning signs upstream from where the Jet Ski riders crashed. The Corps is waiting on federal funding for the project.

"Whoever maintains or is supposed to needs to get on the ball," Corbett said. "We could have been killed."

A crew of Corps engineers will examine the scene of the accident, a spokesperson said, but could not tell when warning signs might be added.


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  • whatusay Apr 28, 2008

    The Neuse is polluted enough and jet skis add more pollutants. If you are not aware of what could be in front of you you don't need to be there.

  • TechRescue Apr 28, 2008

    There are many low-head dams on both the Neuse and the Cape Fear. Somebody said it earlier - know the waters you boat on.

    I hit a rock in Falls lake last year and damaged my prop - can I sue the corp for not removing it before they impounded the reservoir?

    A captain is always responsible for the safe operation if his or her vessel and the safety of passengers. Suck it up.

  • WRALwontdeletemyaccount Apr 28, 2008

    "It broke my back in three places"

    Just jumped right out in front, and slammed into him, I suppose.
    It's ALWAYS someone else's fault!

  • Slip Kid Apr 25, 2008

    A lot of shooting from the hip on the blogs here... Think about it. The jet skiers are completely responsible for were they go on the water. If we put warning signs up for every little 'bump in the road', we'd never see daylight from all the signs. Sounds like opportunistic lawyers and "it's not MY fault" modern day idiots.

  • jamiller89 Apr 25, 2008

    Live here in nc. Heard earlier this week that they where on the river, saw the dam, and decided to try and jump it. Sounds to me like a lawyer now has his fingers on the case and trying to make a quick profit. Never thought this would make the news. Sure the lawyer had something to do with it.

  • colliedave Apr 25, 2008

    Too busy having fun to use caution

  • moonpie Apr 25, 2008

    always use extra caution on unfamiliar waters....sounds like they didn't...

  • irishale Apr 25, 2008

    sorry, should have said "flood control first, drinking water second"... drop the river level control, it's further down the list. (from US Army C of E website)

  • irishale Apr 25, 2008

    Yep, the guys that let 'your' drinking water out of Falls Lake into the Neuse River where downstream it becomes SOMEBODY ELSE's drinking water. Keep in mind Falls Lake was built for flood/river level control first, drinking water second.

    of course, if they stop letting 'your' water out of the lake, then the river levels would have been down, then these guys would have seen the dam, and not been injured.. but then it'd be too low for drinking, and you'd have a lot of thirsty people instead.

    Yours? Their? EVERYBODY'S !!!

  • capitalland Apr 25, 2008

    The corps, they are the people who maintain Fall lake and schedule releases of water from the dam. They are the guys who let all our drinking water go downstream last summer. Yea, those guys. By the way, they're letting our reserves for this summer go right now. Here's the link