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Police: Shooter, Victim Might Have Communicated Online

Posted April 1, 2008
Updated April 2, 2008

— A Louisburg woman shot to death at her job Tuesday morning might have known her alleged killer from the Internet, authorities said.

Investigators have seized the computers of Amy Calamaco Alvarez, 22, and Jarold Obrien Lee, 26, in an effort to determine a possible motive for the shooting.

Louisburg Police Chief Rick Lassiter said the shooting was the result of a domestic situation but that he did not think the two were involved in a romantic relationship.

Lee, of Woodson, Ark., entered Phelps Temporary Staffing Service on South Bickett Boulevard around 8:20 a.m. and began firing, Lassiter said, striking Calamaco Alvarez and Heather Miller, 30, of Clayton.

Calamaco Alvarez fell in the parking lot, and authorities pronounced her dead at the scene. Authorities found Lee dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, Lassiter said.

Miller suffered a gunshot wound to the hip but managed to run toward nearby U.S. Highway 401, where a pedestrian and an employee at a nearby Ace Hardware store rushed to help her.

"This girl comes running up the hill, hollering at this pedestrian walking," Ace Hardware employee Maurice Hook said. "She says, 'I've been shot, I've been shot.'"

Miller was taken to UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill, where she was listed in fair condition Wednesday morning.

Within an hour after the shooting, Calamaco Alvarez's close relatives and friends arrived at the scene seeking answers. None said they knew Lee.

"She was just a great person," her aunt, Amy Calamaco, said. "I mean, as far as I know, she had no enemies."

Louisburg, a town of 3,700 people, has not had to cope with this type of violence in decades, said Lassiter, who has been the town's police chief since 1992.

In 2006, the most recent year for which the FBI has statistics, the town had eight violent crimes, none of which was a homicide.

Lee was on probation for a 2006 residential burglary conviction.


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  • huck 08 Apr 2, 2008

    How sad. Has anyone noticed anyone missing on GoLo today? You just never know who you are comminicating with over the web, and for that matter sometimes in person too. Common sense has to be a factor at some point.

  • diwanicki Apr 1, 2008

    My thoughts and prayers are with the families.

  • tdwilliams77 Apr 1, 2008

    First I just want to say. My prayers are with the family of both the woman who died, and the woman in the hospital. Second I want to say guns are not the problem, its the bad people in this world. If someone wants to kill you, they will find a way to do it. My fiance lost his aunt last year, due to a woman running her over on purpose with her car. Its like we are not safe anymore even is small towns, schools, neighborhoods. The world just has some bad people in it....You never know what to expect!!

  • whatusay Apr 1, 2008

    Hope that the details that come out in the next few days are better than the ones I am reading here. To be the first to spew news without a clue what you are communicating is ludicrus.
    WRAL...give us the facts or hold them until you know what you are trying to say.

  • shaggingmomma Apr 1, 2008

    What little I know I know because I worked with Amy at this very staffing service where she was killed.
    This was not a domestic situation, the girl's family did not know the man. And you can believe, if Amy had a relationship with this man, her family would have known him.
    I doubt Amy had a gun with her.
    Another poster who had worked previously in a temporary agency hit the nail on the head when referring to the people who come to get jobs. It could have been an angry applicant, but not because of anything Amy did to him.
    We will never know truly what happened because Amy is dead and so is her killer.
    Her aunt said it, and it is true, "Amy didn't have an enemy."
    I knew her and she was a wonderful girl, full of love and life. Te quiero Amy, me voy a extranarte. I love you Amy, I will miss you.

  • oldschooltarheel Apr 1, 2008

    I agree with mandatory firearm training - it's called "the draft". Clearly more realize an armed educated society is more polite than a quivering frightened mob. Look at the stats for homicides in Washington, Dc, if you want to see just how little gun control does to control homicides.
    I am glad the Feds paid for my 9mm training - my tax dollars at work for me at last!

  • IzzMad2016 Apr 1, 2008

    Does anyone other than me think this story was disjointed and confusing? I am confused (more so than normal).

  • justwondering2 Apr 1, 2008

    anneonymousone : I was wondering the very same thing. Also did this guy live in the area or did he come all the way from Ark. to shoot her? If the story gave this info I missed it.

  • anneonymousone Apr 1, 2008

    "Louisburg Police Chief Rick Lassiter said the shooting was the result of a domestic situation but that he did not think the two were involved in a romantic relationship."

    OK, then what DOES "domestic" mean, if it does not mean related to the household? Her family does not know his name, so they probably were not housemates.

    We have ignored abuse and maligned the word "domestic" in the phrase "domestic violence," as though the house is being abusive. We use the euphemistic term to include violence by one romantic and/or sexual partner against the other, regardless of whether the people share a front door.

    Now, because they may have communicated online, it's a "domestic" situation?

  • anonemoose Apr 1, 2008

    ReelHillbilly, BRAVO!!!!!!!!

    That weapon, just like my weapon, didn't kill a single person. It cannot think or act on it's own. Some force had to be aplied to the weapon to cause it to expend a projectile in the direction of a human being. Would everybody feel better if he had killed her with a car? Would you then want to be banning motor vehicles? How about if it had been a Cocker Spaniel trained to attack? How about a broom? (Hillary is flying a jet now, so her's is available). How about a butter knife, ball peen hammer, wrist rocket sling shot and a piece of #67 stone, or bare hands? I have seen all of the above and more used to murder another human being.

    What everybody is missing is the internet part of this tragedy. I'd love to see the chat transcripts between the two. Believe me, I bet there were some clues that he was a problem, and she had to give him enough information to find her.

    Besides, my wife met the perv that she is married to on the internet.:-))