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Homeowners Association Wants Additional Rain Barrels to Roll Away

Posted March 30, 2008
Updated October 18, 2011

— Rain barrels were put to good use across the Triangle during Sunday's rainfall. But some residents of a Wake County neighborhood say their water conservation efforts are being hampered by their homeowners association’s image concerns.

To do his part to conserve water, Wakefield Plantation resident Michael Dadian installed eight rain barrels on his property in February.

“We have four children and when they come home from school, they ask us questions like, 'Dad, what else can we do?'” he said.

Dadian heard Friday that most of his rain barrels would have to go. The Wakefield Plantation Homeowners Association decided having too many rain barrels didn't fit the neighborhood's image.

“To maintain the visual impression, especially from the street, for our community,” Greg Barley, with the Wakefield Plantation Homeowners Association, said of the reason behind the rain barrel limit.

Wakefield Plantation is only allowing homeowners to have two rain barrels per home. They also have to be a particular color and kept in certain spots on the property.

“To choose to enforce this rule, it just seems contrary to what the governor's asking us to do,” Dadian said.

In December, Gov. Mike Easley said it was everyone's "patriotic duty" to conserve water in the face of the worst drought in North Carolina history.

Dadian said he questions why the homeowners association made such a decision in the midst of the drought.

“We're trying to do our part here by conserving water and this is just one small step towards that,” Dadian said.

“We want to encourage people to go ahead and use them (rain barrels) where they see fit. It's just like most additions, we like to have them usually out of view,” Barley said.

The homeowners association said there is an appeal process and it is possible some houses will be allowed more than two barrels.

Dadian said he plans on making that appeal.

Thanks to recent rains and strict water-conservation measures, available drinking water in Falls Lake, which is Raleigh's primary reservoir, should last through Jan. 12, 2009, officials said.

Since Raleigh imposed Stage 2 restrictions on municipal water system customers on Feb. 15, daily water use has fallen about 5 percent, to 38.2 million gallons.


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  • Tripwire Apr 1, 2008

    No amount of property value is worth giving up one tiny micron of Freedom and individuality. Besides, if a neighbor doesn't cut his lawn enough, no problem, it just makes mine look better in comparison. If I have a problem with a neighbor I take it up with the neighbor. I would never think to involve the HOA because it's none of their business and I'm fully capable of dealing with my own problems without help from them or anyone else for that matter.

  • Its me again Mar 31, 2008

    Exactly why I will never live in a CONTROLED neighborHOOD!!!!!!!

  • rumbleehockey04 Mar 31, 2008

    so is this HOA going to buy water for its residents to irrigate their grass with to prevent fines for brown grass?

  • rumbleehockey04 Mar 31, 2008

    i thought when you bought a house and land that it was YOURS!!! why would people buy a house where a group (HOA) can tell them what to do with the biggest investment of their lives? If i want o put skatepark in my front yard i'm gonna do it and no HOA is going to say "you cant do that with the land that you bought!!!"

  • MOM AND LOVIN IT Mar 31, 2008

    Homeowner Assoc. need to GO. I personally would like Monica LaLiberte to do some investigating that would uncover a huge amount of wrongdoing. All that is needed is an investigation. I have watching my homeowners Assoc. ripping people off and creating havoc in a community. I have to live in my house now (divorce pending),but I will never live where there is bullying by a group of control freaks.By the way, I received letters about a semi visible garbage can and a few weeds in the cracks of my driveway!!! Want to know who the Association is...I'll tell you. Let's put Monica in charge!

  • denverbob234 Mar 31, 2008

    another reason to not have a home owners assoc. I guess some folks are fearful that their neighbors are not of the same mind-set and need a governing group. Doesn't sound very "free" to me. I guess when you move into a less than desirable neighborhood like Wakefield, someone has to be willing to bring the neighborhood up to some type of standard, thus the need for a home owner's assoc.

  • bettysmith1104 Mar 31, 2008


  • VT1994Hokie Mar 31, 2008

    Raleighmom08. Thank you for your statement. Maybe Happymom will read it!!!!!!!

  • VT1994Hokie Mar 31, 2008

    Happymom. "Rainbarrels are a waste."Do you keep the water on while you brush your teeth? And, do you ask your children to conserve? Tell us what you do to conserve water in your humble home. Did you grow up in an area when families were taught that every resouce was valuable? I have read a lot of stuff on here. But, your comment pushed all of my buttions.

  • colliedave Mar 31, 2008

    An good example of why HOA's should be banned. Always trying to mind other peoples business

    And what if someone opens an auto repair business next to you? What about is someone leaves a junk car in his yard (the city allows you to have one). What your next door neighbor leaves trash all over his lawn?