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Rocky Mount’s Crime Crackdown Is Working

Posted March 17, 2008

— Rocky Mount's plan to crack down on crime is keeping officers busy.

When a surge in violent crimes hit the city, including 14 murders in 2007, Police Chief John Manley pledged extra measures to curb it.

In mid-February, the department reorganized and beefed up its Street Engagement Team. Within three weeks, the team arrested more than 120 people – on more than 300 individual charges – and confiscated 21 guns.

“When you focus on drugs and guns and you work with the feds and the state and the district attorney, it has got to make an impact,” said Capt. Robert Baggett, with the Rocky Mount Police Department.

In a January meeting with the City Council, Manley expressed concern about the number of repeat violent offenders and lack of full prosecution.

As a result, the district attorney's office and police officers recently worked together on special training.

“We kind of did like a basic, from the beginning of the case, to the end of the case, to make sure these things are prosecutable and that we're doing what we're supposed to do,” Baggett said.

Members of the Street Engagement Team were also briefed on the details of each unsolved murder investigation, Baggett said. The department hopes this will help officers uncover new leads in the cases.

Baggett would not discuss specifics about the new operations, but said additional supervisors and more intense training are just a part of the program.


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  • holmesap Mar 17, 2008

    I believe Chief Manley and the Police Department are doing a better job in cleaning up the streets on drugs and guns. But we still need to work on solving these unsolved murders. Because they are still on the street. And the judicial system needs to start doing a better job. Because these officers risk their lives every day for the Judge and the DA to put them back on the street with a plea bargain. I don't believe in plea bargains. If you do a crime then pay the price. We don't need their help catching the other criminals. We caught them and sooner or later we will catch their partners. And we definetly need to have the magistrates start doing a better job. They have gotten to relaxed in doing it. Great job Chief Manley and the rest of the Police Department

  • DurhamDude Mar 17, 2008

    Break off the root of juvenial criminals... put the parents in jail too.

  • iamforjustice Mar 17, 2008

    john...I am serious. Its like you get drug dealers off of the street but never the suppliers. We chop down stems instead of breaking off the root.

  • WHEEL Mar 17, 2008

    SUPRISE! SUPRISE! Putting police out on patrol nets arrests and cuts crime rate. Now if the Magistrates and Judges would do their jobs there might be long lasting results.

  • john283594 Mar 17, 2008

    "The real criminals are sitting back reading about this."

    So, you are saying we are the real criminals?

  • iamforjustice Mar 17, 2008

    As long as politicians see money in crime, the crime rate will increase. How long will this last? Arresting all these people to just put them back on the street and you think you are really appeasing the residents of Rocky Mount? 120 people on 300 charges? I bet these are just petty thieves. The real criminals are sitting back reading about this.

  • dohicky Mar 17, 2008

    Bossman is right, the court system needs to take notice. No good arresting these people if they are put back on the streets. Maybe some of the judges and courts need to be held responsible for their decisions. Look at the young lady who was murdered in chapel hill recently. These guys should not have been on the street. Don't want to hear about overcrowding of prisons either! Let them have the least that our military service guys have when they off serving.

  • doodad Mar 17, 2008

    Anyone caught with an unregistered handgun without the permit to back it up should be fined $10,000+ or spend years in jail. What good are lawful permits and background checks if the law does not severly punish those who posess illegal guns?

  • App. State Mountaineer Mar 17, 2008

    Very good point DurhamDude, I have constantly said the same to others when they try to question actions of those at a young age, and immediately blame media, video games, etc. But never the true source of it all....

  • DurhamDude Mar 17, 2008

    If people would raise their children properly we wouldn't need so many police, prisons, etc. People should need a license to breed.