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6 Cited for Breaking Stiffer Water Rules

Posted February 15, 2008

— City inspectors cited six individuals and businesses for violating the Stage 2 water restrictions that went into effect Friday.

The violators included a man caught washing his car and a car wash that was operating without a city-certified system to recycle its water.

The Stage 2 restrictions – the toughest rules currently on the books in Raleigh – ban outdoor watering and pressure washing and require car washes to use recycled water. Also, restaurants can no longer serve water to customers who don't ask for it, and hotels are asking guests to reuse linens to cut down on laundry.

First-time violators face a $1,000 fine, and repeat violations could lead to a shut-off of water service.

Sixty car washes in Raleigh and the six area towns served by the city water system have been certified and are allowed to operate under the Stage 2 rules, said Ed Buchan, water conservation specialist with the city's Public Utilities Department.

Suds Car-Washing Detail is among the car washes that can remain open because it recycles its water.

"It's good for us, but again, I don't like to benefit off someone else's misfortune. It is what it is," Suds' owner Frederick Gardner said.

Steve Byers said he fears closing the car wash outside his Lake Wheeler Road convenience store will cut into his customer traffic.

"It's going to have a little more impact than just the car washes being down," Byers said.

William Page, who owns a pressure-washing company, is tapping private wells and using treated wastewater to stay in business.

"I can't hook up to a garden hose at someone's house, but I can bring my own water," Page said. "It's cut down my workload by 30 percent, but I can still wash."

Stage 2 restrictions are expected to conserve 2 million to 5 million gallons a day. Falls Lake, the city's primary reservoir, has enough drinking water to last through the end of May, officials said, and cutting daily demand could extend that.

Buchan said local homeowners would see little difference between previous regulations and the Stage 2 rules.

"The main thing is going to be you cannot use the hand-held hose outside anymore," he said.

Also under the new rules, all building permits in Raleigh will be stamped "construction only," allowing construction to proceed but blocking the sale or rental of any unit. An exception will be made if a developer can find tanker trucks to capture the water used to flush water lines before occupancy and haul it back to Falls Lake or the city water-treatment plant.


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  • Kilroy Feb 18, 2008

    "I assume that Car Rental companies and New Car Dealerships will have to drive their dirty cars to other areas to clean them. "

    Why would you think this? There are still plenty of car washes open in Wake Co.

  • corby Feb 15, 2008

    Diversity is the answer. All Raleigh residents will be bused to Cary to take their showers and toilet needs. After all, diversity is the answer to save all poor children from deficient surroundings. Us poor, water needy Raleigh folks need to be helped too.

  • whatelseisnew Feb 15, 2008

    I find it interesting that everyone wants the other guy to pay. And while the various city leaders have your attention focused on that little slight of hand, they are picking your pockets. Mayor Meeker has raised that to an art form. So the new Mayor of Cary must like what he is seeing over in Raleigh. Money Money Money Money MONEY

  • Kilroy Feb 15, 2008

    "the house across the street presured their house today,i called it in at 3:45,he worked until 5:oo, no one came out to stop him."

    Was he using water from a tank or water hose connected to the house???
    You should have taken a picture of him and emailed it to the City.....:). Seriously, the enforcement of these water restrictions is almost impossible. They almost have to stumble upon violators. How many "water police" are there in the City of Raleigh??

  • whatelseisnew Feb 15, 2008


    Yeah sure they have. So if everything you say is true then why does Cary continue to let the developers have their way. I thought this mayor was an anti-growth guy. Apparently, so long as the price is right, he is not so anti-growth after all. Ya always have to follow the money. Yeah the developers will whine, but if the deal makes them enough profit they will cough up the money.

  • Rocknhorse Feb 15, 2008

    DurhamDude, we do pressure washing and we've been in discussions with City of Raleigh officials about trucking in our own water. We are exempt from restrictions as long as we do not use City water. If we are willing to haul water from an outside source, then we are still able to work.

  • smcallah Feb 15, 2008

    "I don't have a problem with as long as you go and talk to (educate) the offender first. I'd give them that before I'd report them."

    There is absolutely no reason to go talk to the person first. Not only will you cause yourself a neighborhood headache when you do end up reporting the person, but with all the news and it being in the water bill, the person has no reason not to know the rules. If they don't care by now, you going over to "educate" them certainly isn't going to help, and only cause you trouble.

  • kidz1100 Feb 15, 2008

    the house across the street presured their house today,i called it in at 3:45,he worked until 5:oo, no one came out to stop him.

  • smcallah Feb 15, 2008

    "you will have to use a dirty towel, drink out of paper plates. What have the health department said about these situations; have anyone heard of the word, plague and how they and other disease get started (cleanness)?"

    What exactly are you talking about? First off, reusing YOUR OWN towel is not going to hurt you. Unless YOU had the plague to begin with, you're not going to catch it from your own towel. No one said you had to use other people's dirty towels. And "drinking from paper plates?" First off, you can't drink from a plate, but if you meant cup, what is the problem there? How would you get sick from a brand new paper cup?

  • nerdlywehunt Feb 15, 2008

    to whatelseisnew:
    Cary is gouging developers!!!!! Cry me a river buddy, the developers have literally sucked this area dry both in water, schools and road capacity. Time for them to help pay to straighten this mess out. I noticed that most of the Realators cars at the local real estate office HAVE been washed lately.