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Community Wants to Shut Down Crime Wave

Posted January 31, 2008

— More than 100 residents at a community meeting Tuesday night issued a call to action against a crime wave in an upscale north Raleigh neighborhood.

An upsurge in break-ins and thefts in the Brier Creek neighborhood caught the public's attention after shots were fired early Sunday morning. A resident who chased after a suspicious vehicle said gunshots were fired, Kathi Hunter, chairwoman of the Brier Creek community watch, said.

Thieves broke into 31 vehicles in Brier Creek during the past three weeks, police said. In most cases, the vehicle doors were unlocked.

"Things like that happen, and you feel violated," said resident Todd Clardy, who reported a $500 phone, sunglasses and some CDs stolen from his car parked in front of his house.

Residents who attended the community meeting said the debate got heated. Several crime-fighting ideas proposals included hiring security guards, becoming a gated community and installing security cameras.

A representative of the Raleigh Police Department at the meeting said police were committed to formulating a plan for the neighborhood to fight crime. The representative said most of the incidents were crimes of opportunity that simple actions, such as locking doors, could prevent.

Hunter said the neighborhood needs to cut down on the crime quickly.

"Right now, we look like an open gift store: 'Come on in, and take whatever you want," Hunter said. "And I'm sure that will eventually spread around to other criminals who say, 'Well, gee, that was easy. I'll just go and find something harder to get.'"

Residents said they want their privacy and their sense of security restored.

"I think it's important to make sure that we feel like we have a safe place to live," Clardy said.


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  • lizard Feb 1, 2008

    If we passed a law so we could charge the victim with leaving their cars unlocked - sort of like we do for people that leave their guns laying around for kids to get hold of - then maybe they would secure their mess and not depend on taxpayer supported services to document their losses for insurance claims.

  • Thinkb4uspeak Feb 1, 2008

    i mean hero

  • Thinkb4uspeak Feb 1, 2008

    "Do people carry guns around here like it's part of their clothing." You better believe it. If you have a clean record get CCW (concealed weapon permit). I probably would have had to move by now if I didn't have one. - 68_Polara

    Probably not.

    How many deadly situations has your gun saved you from in this area? How many times have you had to defend your life to the point where you concealed weapons permit came it handy. If I had to guess, I'd say the answer probably resembles a doughnut and rhymes with zero.

  • mramorak Feb 1, 2008

    Locks keep even honest folks honest.

  • meh_whatever Feb 1, 2008

    I don't live in a crime-infested city. I live in Cary. I still lock my doors, though. If not, I figure it is possible that I am inviting someone to peruse through my belongings.

    Also, I do not leave my laptop, cell phone or any other expensive items just lying there in my car, inviting people who may want to rob me.

    If the car looks boring on the inside, it's less likely to attract attention, I reckon.

  • TarheelTurtle Feb 1, 2008

    readme: the bait was on there, and the thieves bit it, hook, line and sinker. To leave a $500 phone laying around is senseless and yes, you deserve to have it stolen. To even buy a $500 phone is senseless. I live in Chapel Hill and wouldn't call that a crime-infested city, but Raleigh now has a bigger population than Minneapolis. If the Brier Creek residents are smart enough to make the moola in the first place, one can only hope that they would have the smarts to LOCK the DOOR...and webguy: Treyburn is a VERY established community with their own security, like The Preserve. There is real money there, not like the keep-up-with-the-Joneses "wealth" in Brier Creek. Half those homes will be on the market soon, because the owners can't afford their mortgage.

  • mramorak Feb 1, 2008

    Im sorry to say but,you have folks out there that will shoot you for a ten dollar bill,i would say you need to be proactive.dont advertise,and lock your doors.The world you live in is not what it seems.

  • zeitghost Feb 1, 2008

    We live an an area of well over 1m people. Crime to some degree comes with the territory. Door have locks for a reason.

  • Reb3Flag Feb 1, 2008


  • Rocknhorse Feb 1, 2008

    readme, no, I am certainly NOT saying that crime is justifiable if the victim failed to lock their doors. What I AM saying is that, based on the article, the majority of these crimes could have been prevented had they locked their doors. I also think that there is crime all over the area, and some people are victims of violent crime and/or more serious crime. Where is the moral outrage for those people?

    As a community, I think the residents of Briar Creek should band together for a community watch, or perhaps they should consider gating their community. But don't expect the police to be baby sitter for petty crime that results from lack of common sense. And don't expect me to jump on the pity briggade b/c they have a cd stollen from their unlocked car when there are more serious crimes out there that DO need attention. Not excusing the crime, but saying they have the ability to prevent them.