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Complex Effort Rescues Dog From Pipe

Posted January 18, 2008

— Police officers, firefighters, a backhoe and a high-tech camera combined Friday morning to rescue a dog from a stormwater drainage pipe.

The dog became trapped in the pipe in the Lake Hogan Farms Subdivision off Old N.C. Highway 86 at about 9 a.m., authorities said. The Carrboro Police Department’s animal control responded but quickly ran out of options to get the dog out since the dog's owner already had called to the "45-pound mutt" and tried using food to coax the animal out.

Carrboro Fire-Rescue was called for assistance, and they determined the dog was stuck about 70 feet into the 12-inch drainage pipe. Authorities decided to dig the dog out and called in a backhoe from J. V. Brockwell Trucking Co. The Chapel Hill Fire Department also was called to the scene because of its expertise in urban search and rescue and because the department has a land search infrared camera.

Authorities estimated the dog was about 10 feet underground, and the backhoe dug down far enough to bang the pipe. A firefighter watching the dog with the infrared camera saw the animal turn around in the pipe and realized it was scared, not stuck.

After several minutes of additional calling from the opposite end of the pipe, the dog appeared and was able to be lifted to safety, authorities said. Neither the dog nor its owner seemed to suffer any ill effects from the ordeal, authorities said.


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  • tarheelpatriot Jan 18, 2008

    Why is everyone so mad at the man for calling his dog a mutt??
    I have a mutt I rescued from the shelter that I love dearly.
    Mutt just means mixed breed . He cared enough to call for help.
    Maybe I am missing something but I didn't see anything in the story to suggest he didn't care deeply about his dog.

  • wbearp Jan 18, 2008

    Hope they ticket the ower for allowing the dog to run at large and make him pay all the expenses.

  • tarheelpatriot Jan 18, 2008

    "Also...if you click on "weather", you will see the largest winter storm so far this season is suppose to come TOMORROW!
    tarheelalum..the story clearly states they didn't realized the dog wasn't stuck until after the digging. The taxpayers do pay based on legislation that assumes the citizens of this state are compassionate and actually care about living things other than themselves." tarheelalum

    Waiting 4 -5 hours would not have hurt the dog even if he was stuck. It was 9 am Friday so I think the snowstorm would not be a threat. I'm not talking about leaving the dog there days. Regarding the not caring about animals comment...I have worked with animal protection groups my whole life . Helped start one in the 70's. Wonder why I have done that since I don't care about animals???

  • Goin2slo Jan 18, 2008

    You can't put a price tag on a living breathing thing. Granted, some waiting could have saved a lot of money, but if I were the owner I would of crawled in the tube to my four legged baby. I hope the "45-pound mutt" wasn't returned to the owner - what a way to reference your pet that is in a stressful situation that could of been avoided had the owner put a leash on the dog. Poor dog.

  • Timbo Jan 18, 2008

    curiousgeorgia, Dog does not equal Human.

  • redwarrior Jan 18, 2008

    Well, being Carrboro and all.. if it had been a person, they'd have waited to see if it came out but a dog, they call out USAR!!


    Im only half kidding.

  • TarheelTurtle Jan 18, 2008

    Maybe the owner should get stuck...he sounds like a real prize.

  • blackandgold4ever Jan 18, 2008

    If the owner hadn't been letting the dog run free, it wouldn't have gotten stuck in the first place. Doesn't seem like a very responsible pet owner to me!

  • curiousgeorgia Jan 18, 2008

    timbo, what if you had been stuck in the drain...

  • clover1019 Jan 18, 2008

    hooray! this story really makes me smile. I would gladly pay for this animal to be rescued than a months worth of meals for some prisoner on death row! I cant even imagine how worried and scared i would be if that was MY dog. Great job to all the rescuers!!