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Birth Mom Who Kidnapped Twins Wants Visitation Rights

Posted January 2, 2008

— A judge heard arguments Wednesday but didn't rule on whether to dismiss the visitation case of a birth mother convicted of kidnapping twins from their adoptive family in Apex.

Allison Quets was sentenced last month to five years probation after she pleaded guilty to international parental kidnapping.

On Dec. 22, 2006, Quets took twin, who were 17 months old at the time, from their adoptive parents, Kevin and Denise Needham of Apex, and traveled to Canada. FBI agents arrested Quets about a week later in Ottawa, Ontario. The children were unhurt and returned to the Needhams.

Quets received credit for the more than eight months she spent behind bars, but her effort to see the children is not over.

She has maintained that she signed adoption papers under duress and was ill after suffering medical problems during her pregnancy. Her attorney filed paperwork saying she's entitled to see the twins under an original adoption agreement in Florida. Under that agreement, Quets was supposed to see the children six times a year and have additional telephone contact with them.

A Florida appellate court upheld a lower court's ruling terminating Quets' parental rights in the case.

"We'll have to see what happens," Quets said Wednesday morning as she entered the courtroom. "I love my children."

The judge in her criminal case ruled that any visitation rights she wins in her civil case would require supervised visits.

The Needhams have asked that Quets' attempt at visitation be dismissed, and their attorney said any proceedings in the case need to be closed because she would have to cite sealed adoption records to argue the case.

If the case moves forward, the judge said the custody hearing would be open to the public.


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  • aussiesrule Jan 4, 2008

    for nikkirc

    if you play the wral.com video posted on Dec 18 after she plead guilty, her attorney Ms. Mullins says the litgations in Florida are over and the Needhmas are now the parents.

  • peaceout Jan 4, 2008

    actually it was finalized twice. The 1st time it was appealed. It is finished in the Florida courts...that's why it is now here...for all of our tax dollars to be wasted on a closed case.

  • nikkirc Jan 3, 2008

    snfontaine, I know as much as is available in the media. When was the adoption finalized? May I ask how you know the adoption is finalized? Can you link the court case or the media outlet that wrote about the finalization?

  • msncdso Jan 3, 2008

    grant, don't expect anyone involved in arranging this mess to be ashamed, they are probably too busy spending the money they ended up with and we all know there had to be plenty involved. Since it seems the "boyfriend" was the one so anxious to have the babies adopted, let him repay his wonderful relatives and give the babies back to their mother.

  • peaceout Jan 3, 2008

    nikkric ~ the adoption was most definitely finalize.
    You clearly know very little about this case to act like you know so much.

  • nikkirc Jan 3, 2008

    This legal mess is of the adoptive parents' making...refusing to show up at court doesn't allow anything to be heard properly. Perhaps you're right, Mom on Call, they need their 15 minutes of fame.

    And by the way, the adoption was never finalized.

  • RUsleeping Jan 3, 2008

    Ok, knock it off...this is just fueling the fire...drop it and get a life people!

  • Mom on Call Jan 3, 2008

    Well...the truth of the matter is that opinions are like....well, ya know...everyone has one. The law has ruled, and the adoption is final. The rest is just blowing in the wind and wasting court time and resources, but I guess some people need their 15 minutes of fame. No matter what felon they have to commit to get it.

  • nikkirc Jan 3, 2008

    I'm still hoping someone can confirm the Needhams themselves were at the hearing. I am certain they sent a lawyer, Mom on Call. But why aren't their pictures of them in the papers if they were there? The paper implies they were present, but they haven't decided to attend any of the previous hearings, just sent lawyers, so I think that is what happened this time. How can the judges even entertain cases without all parties there? The Needhams really should attend these hearings so due process can proceed. (Again, not my decision but theirs, but I really wish they would take the time to attend. They have an adopted teen in the house that could babysit the toddlers.)

  • Mom on Call Jan 3, 2008

    Allison has always made sure she is "camera ready". How did the Needhams get past all those reporters? Good question, maybe it was when Allison was keeping them busy? Oh yes, she had no comment this time. All that would have been said is that is is always someone elses fault anyway.