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Fayetteville Nightclub Goes Up in Flames

Posted January 2, 2008

— Flames broke out at a Fayetteville nightclub early Wednesday morning.

The fire happened at the House of R&B at 3218 Bragg Boulevard. The fire was discovered at around 3:40 a.m. by a Fayetteville police officer patrolling the area.

The roof of the building collapsed on itself, according to authorities. No one was injured. Authorities have not yet determined the cause of the fire.

The flames took away decades of memories. Noirese Stallings said the nightclub was a hot spot on Friday and Saturday nights.

"What am I going to do on Friday nights," she said after surveying the damage. "It's sad though for a lot of people's fun and joy."

The building used to be the site of a Putt-Putt business. The cactus and lighthouse from the Putt-Putt days still remain.

"Back then, I used to bring my children here to putt-putt," said witness Johnny Blount. "It almost feels like a family member has passed."

The blaze occurred across the street from another fire that broke out on Saturday. That fire destroyed two businesses and damaged two others. The cause of that fire is not yet known.


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  • daisy Jan 3, 2008

    It does seem odd that the fires happened across the street from each other a few days apart. I hope we dont have a firebug amongst us.

  • wyheel Jan 3, 2008

    That was the FIRST Putt Putt. At one time, you could play at the oldest (bragg blvd), and the newest (Owen Dr) Putt Putt golf courses in the world in the same city.
    Cut my teeth on the brave new world of video games there, too, back in the 80's. Galaga, Missile Command (2 hour wait for the machine), Night Racing, the Pac mans... sighhhhh

  • hollylama Jan 2, 2008

    Insurance money...

  • PaulRevere Jan 2, 2008

    New name: Club Phoenix

  • baldy64 Jan 2, 2008

    The building was kind of an eyesore anyway--If I remember correctly, it was painted a bright purple.

  • catch22 Jan 2, 2008

    the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire


    now the owner can build a new PUTT PUTT for the military

  • hollywoodbruce Jan 2, 2008


  • baldy64 Jan 2, 2008

    It very well could be homeless people lighting fires behind these buildings to stay warm, and end up catching the building on fire.

    With the fires from the weekend, a homeless person said "I planned on sleeping behind there tonight".

  • TheAdmiral Jan 2, 2008

    Rolling Along -

    It's called a lawsuit - Times two. You file one civil and one criminal for negligence. Then you see which one they want to deal with.

    If you had a good lawyer - it would be over with. Three years is nearly half of the statute of limitations on it.