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Wilmington Man Sentenced for Raleigh Rapes, Kidnappings

Posted December 31, 2007

— A man charged in connection with a string of crimes that began in Wilmington before his arrest in Raleigh was sentenced Monday to 40 to 54 years in prison.

Raleigh police arrested Omar Cortez Sharpe, 27, of Wilmington, on June 28 in connection with the crimes.

Investigators said he kidnapped a woman from Wilmington on June 16, brought her to Raleigh and raped her in a wooded area near Bonneville Court.

A week later, Sharpe allegedly kidnapped a woman from her apartment on Hylton Drive and raped her near Green Road Park.

Prior to his arrest, two women reported similar incidents within a week in which a man, identified as Sharpe, kidnapped them in shopping centers and forced them to withdraw money twice from ATMs.

Sharpe was charged with one count of first-degree kidnapping, two counts of first-degree rape, three counts of second-degree kidnapping, four counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon and two counts of robbery in on June 16.

Sharpe has a long criminal background that dates back nine years, having been convicted of assaulting a female, assault with a deadly weapon and larceny.


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  • dlb800 Jan 1, 2008

    Poster boy for capital punishment.

  • lynddsy Jan 1, 2008

    i'm really glad they gave this man the time. i hope he never gets out because he will not be able to change and will only go on to hurt more. hopefully he may find out how these woman felt. please forgive me i, i know it's wrong but, this man is not going to understand anything unless something like this happens to him.

  • floyd_lawson Jan 1, 2008

    These women will still be scarred if not suffering even after he's released. He should never get out!!!

  • Tired Of Excuses Dec 31, 2007

    NC is soft on criminals. I love this state but I swear, what are the courts thinking? Had it been the judge's wife or daughter I'm sure the sentence would have been more harsh.

  • twc Dec 31, 2007

    The scary part of this is he'll still be young enough when he gets out to add to his list of victims.

  • computer trainer Dec 31, 2007

    So, what will he serve. A couple of years? That poor woman who has lost her children, has panic attacks, you could say she has lost her life. And remember this summer when the woman that was abducted at the Walmart on New Hope Road by this thug? People were saying that she made it up. Well folks, do NOT seem that is true. Oh, and we are suppose to feel bad for HIM, because he was doing COKE?? So, where did he get the $$ for that? Oh, I forgot, from these poor women that he abused. This kind of scum will just continue when he is out again, which he probably will be, cause he did not kill anyone.

  • NE Raleigh Dec 31, 2007

    Why do we keep people like this alive at the tax payer's expenense? Why is this nonsense tolerated?

  • Sandollar Dec 31, 2007

    If Sharpie had such a long criminal record, why wasn't he serving time? Will he really be serving time this go round or will he get early release to uncrowd the system?

  • esco2313 Dec 31, 2007

    what at joke he should be on jail for life where is the justice on this you think the this is fair for the victims here

  • Dayum Sessy Dec 31, 2007

    He got off easy.

    Life is what he deserves.

    Those women have to live with what poor choices he made for the rest of theirs!