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Cary Ready to Dive Into Another Aquatic Project

Posted October 24, 2007

— The Town of Cary wants to build a community center that would include three pools. The news comes as the grand opening looms for another aquatic center in Cary.

Taking a plunge in the Triangle is not always easy. Those who swim for sport claim it is tough to find enough pools.

"I think a lot of teams are in the same boat as we are in. The lack of pool space makes scheduling difficult," said Brian Gill, of the Raleigh Swimming Association.

Sunday's official opening of the Triangle Aquatics Center, located next to Cary Towne Center, will provide a place to swim. Plus, the town is planning another project that would add another three pools to the area.

The Cary Community Aquatics Center could open in the summer of 2010. It will have two indoor pools and one outside, but planners are trying to decide where to put the facility.

Swimmers said they are glad more options are opening up in the Triangle.

"This will begin to address the severe lack of aquatic facilities in the area," said Mike Curran of the Triangle Aquatics Center.

Officials said the new center will not only have pools. It will also have gyms, an indoor track and a climbing wall.


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  • ncguy Oct 25, 2007

    An aquatics center- For What ??
    Hey Harold if we have so much money how about giving me some of my tax dollars back?
    I think we (Cary) should buy up land with the money and sell it back to wake county when they need another school- that will help the children and make money at the same time.
    Make it a traditional school so we won't here the whinning coming from the parents.

    Anothe bone head idea- kinda like the baseball park that hardly gets used- heck there are more soccer games there than baseball.

  • LuvLivingInCary Oct 24, 2007

    Last time I checked Martha Stewart didn't pick Clayton or Wendell or Johnston County or even North Raleigh to build a neighboorhood there first. It was Cary and Morrisville. Maybe we should invite Paula Dean to visit our quant little town.

    I hereby announce Saturday to be Cary's Flush Raleigh Away Day. Let's all go to Crabtree Valley Mall and flush that toilet...

  • jaksethi Oct 24, 2007

    As a 'cary-ite', I had to comment. For those who don't know, Cary has had long-term water restrictions strictly enforcing when we may water our lawns. Hence, we do NOT have a water shortage, in fact we have more than 250 days worth of water left. My children are not brats, as it's being insinuated here. And you're not allowed to swim in Bond Park. We go to the beach just like everyone else, but we enjoy swimming as a competitive sport and believe me when I say we pay through the nose. This was a bond issue which was voted on by the taxpayers, so if you are a taxpayer who is effected and you did not vote, not my fault. I'm very excited about TAC opening and will definitely be there on opening day.

  • ncguy38 Oct 24, 2007

    'Prozac Dispenser' made some comments on page 1 that really struck a chord with me...those of us who don't live in Cary have got to be more tolerant! Most Cary-ites are 'new money', which as we all know equals a complete lack of class. Their attitudes really can't be helped!

  • dohicky Oct 24, 2007

    I feel so sorry for those swim teams. Taxpayers shouldn't have to support this type of thing as type as things are getting for 'normal' people. One day the last straw that breaks the camel's back is going to be added onto the pile

  • grenlyn1 Oct 24, 2007

    The fact that we are in a drought now will affect what happens in the future. As the population increases, the aquatic centers are built, the rain levels keep decreasing, we are all going to be in the same boat. The truth of the matter is...the demand is exceeding the supply of water. And it isn't going to get better with a few good rain falls. The endurance of this water issue isn't going to fair through time. So yes, I suggest ANYONE who is considering building aquatic centers to at least do research to see what the long term affects of our present water situation will affect future demands for water. It makes total sense to me. And no, I am not coming down on Cary, my family lives there and pays dearly to do so. We are all in this boat together, not just Raleigh. Don't fool yourselves on this one.

  • jenn2 Oct 24, 2007

    Come on people. It doesn't matter which city this aquatic center is in, it's an appalling use of millions of gallons of water in a severe water shortage. It's just irresponsible. It doesn't matter where the money to build the center came from, the fact of the matter is that unless they've trucked in the water needed to fill it from Texas or somewhere else that has had an overabundance of rain this year, this will affect us all, no matter where we live.

    For those who seem to think "it's not opening until 2010, hopefully the drought will be over by then" - READ the article, please. There is one aquatic center opening Sunday, and they are PROPOSING another that would open in 2010. If you'd take the time to actually read what you're commenting on, perhaps you would realize why so many are upset.

  • smitty Oct 24, 2007

    Cary has NO WATER SHORTAGE. Cary still has 90% of their reserve remaining. Raleigh has 35%.

  • smitty Oct 24, 2007

    Cary has NO WATER SHORTAGE. Cary still has 90% of their reserve remaining. Raleigh has 35%.

  • common_sense_plz Oct 24, 2007

    If swim teams want pools, let them build them. Why should tax payer money provide a place for these swim teams. I am sure that your oridinary public would like to use the pools. But you watch, the competitive swimmers will schedule it up, and the majority of the tax payers will not be able to use the facilities that THEY built. A private company can build it and schedule it like he wants...just like they do at "The Factory" in Wake Forest Foreget about ice skating...Hockey games takes center stage, but then again the tax paying citizens of Wake Forest did not pay for it either. It was private money, so they are allowed to schedule like they want. I just think that it is wrong for tax money to built such, and then it is taken over by certain sports, and the general public is not allowed to use the facilities, when they are the ones who paid for it. Those who are on teams are just a small fraction of the tax payers in Cary.