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N.C. National Guard Brigade to Head Back to Iraq

Posted October 19, 2007

— The North Carolina National Guard's 30th Heavy Brigade Combat Team will deploy to Iraq in early 2009, marking the second tour of duty for the unit, officials announced Friday.

The 30th is the North Carolina National Guard's largest unit, comprising almost 4,000 soldiers. It previously served in the eastern Diyala and Salah Ad Din provinces in Iraq in 2003, when it was the first National Guard brigade combat team called to duty and the first to operate as a stand-alone brigade with its own area of operation.

Five guardsmen were killed, and about 120 were wounded during the first deployment, which ended in early 2005.

According to the Department of Defense, the unit will be responsible for conducting full-spectrum operations in an assigned battle space or area of operation when it returns to Iraq in 2009.

The long alert time before deployment is supposed to provide the unit with time to plan and train and to provide some degree of predictability for soldiers, families and employers, officials said.


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  • tmedlin Oct 21, 2007

    if you don't understand the strategic interest that we have in Iraq, by now, then you never will. So get over it - or be angry at the people you voted for in 06 for lying to you to get your vote. They AREN'T pulling us out of Iraq, no matter what the msm polls try to present to you...thanks to the men and women who are serving - there are many of us out here that stand behind you and your mission. We're just not as loud and well-funded as the defeatists!

  • ifcdirector Oct 21, 2007

    It's really important that our troops be used to rebuild the infrastructure of countries around the world and that they be based and stationed in as many countries as possible. It's also important that we have treaties and alliances with as many countries as possible to go to war on their behalf too. Our Founding Fathers founded this country with the idea of establishing an autocratic and over taxing all powerful federal government that would take our tax dollars and give them to other countries and to build up their infrastructure as well as providing for a military for our common defense but more importantly to protect every nation on earth and invade those preemptively at the will of one man based on falsehoods..............right?

  • whatelseisnew Oct 20, 2007

    I say god bless to these wonderful men and women. I pray you all return home safely.

  • pbjbeach Oct 20, 2007

    In my opinion this is just more meat being thrown into the meat grinder called IRAQ. I am truly sorry for the surcarfice that they are being called on to make in what i personnaly see as an unneccessary war that we should have never been envolved in to start with.As that our leader in this country got us into for no reason other than military contracts, oil , . I say afganstain yes Iraq no go find bin laden an get us out of there i consider myself an american parorit thank you

  • donndeboer Oct 20, 2007

    Defending ones country means we were attacked by that enemy or at least threatened violence. Iraq did neither. Our leaders used our sense of duty to attack a country that did not attack us. The threat they posed to us was misrepresented. I have the utmost respect for our troops, and hate that they keep going into danger. Before we keep sending our bravest citizens into battle we should ask why. Is it wise to blindly believe everything we are told by our government.

  • Capital Punishment Stops Crime Oct 20, 2007

    It's nice to see that units are getting plenty of notive before being deployed. When I was deployed in 2003, we were told on Sunday to report for deployment Tuesday.

  • Gus Oct 20, 2007

    Dcatz - I can't even comment on your post because you can't be any further from the truth. Where do you get this stuff?

  • lynddsy Oct 19, 2007

    we all need to pray for all the troops there and else where. without them it would be fought here in our yards.

  • pitbull0373 Oct 19, 2007

    God bless the soldiers of the 30th. Please pray for them and their families. I was on active status, and now I'm currently in the Army Reserves. I know tne oath I swore had nothing to do with staying at home. Neither did theirs. The people that use these articles as a platform for their political soapbox should be ashamed. Find another article for that. I don't agree with some of the politics either, but I will defend this country no matter where. So praise these troops and remember they are the reason you can sit on your computers and complain.

  • Humungous Oct 19, 2007

    Well said, ripcord! I served 32 years in active and reserve components of the Army, National Guard and Army Reserves being honorable discharged following my last tour in OIF 05-07. I'm proud to be a part of world history with men I call comrades in arms. Whether I agree with the conflict or not, I'm a proud Patriot like my father before me. I salute the 30th and pray for their safe return as well as their families and employers.