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Raleigh Mechanic Says Customer Threatened Him With Shotgun

Posted October 12, 2007

— A man is facing criminal charges after a Raleigh auto mechanic accused him of pulling out a shotgun during a dispute.

Jose Ascencio, owner of Amigo Auto on New Bern Avenue, said he fixed Nicholas Alston's car on Oct. 2. Alston later came back to the shop claiming something else was wrong with the vehicle.

When Ascencio refused to fix the vehicle for free, Alston allegedly got very angry. Ascencio said Alston told him, 'You don't want to fix my car right now?'"

When Ascencio refused, he said Alston pulled out a shotgun. Ascencio said he did not back down from Alston.

"Let's go. Kill me. Kill me, but he didn't want to do it," Ascencio said.

Alston, 27, did not shoot anyone and left the shop. Police arrested him on Thursday, and he was released after posting a $1,000 bond. Police charged Alston with a misdemeanor because he did not point the gun at Ascencio.

Alston told WRAL that he pulled out the shotgun because Ascencio was holding a screwdriver and he felt threatened.


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  • PikeQueen Oct 12, 2007

    Lock him up now,so we can save money in the future.
    Did you have to put up that pic. WRAL
    My goodness,now I can't eat my dinner.

  • Tax Man Oct 12, 2007

    Why would this thug have a shotgun going to see a mechanic? If he felt the mechanic could be threatening he should call the local police to assist him and keep the peace. He is all wrong and should be punished. He needs to know it was wrong the way he handled this dispute.

  • weasleyes Oct 12, 2007

    GG: I think that I am in love! You are 1000% correct!I am retired now, but I will meet next Tuesday with our "Northern Region" group. I told (people in two states,) not to call me "
    BOSS," because we all know what this is, when spelled backwards. Naturally, these great people (65% female/minority and the white males would agree that we had no "tokens,") sent "BOSS" in as many e-mails as they could. The crew for dinner Tuesday is one white male (me) two white females, one black male (who is married to a white woman, an ex-Marine and loves his country, a black female (what a hoot, she should be on TV) , who is also a conservative. They are embarassed by Jesse and Al, and will tell anyone! Yes, they make good incomes but they all deserve everything that they get! I personally praise God for knowing friends like these, who have enriched my life! I don't buy the B/W BS. I have black friends who are farther to the right than I am.

  • jhnewman Oct 12, 2007

    This story has no merit compared to the call for better crime protection from the President of ST. Augustine.

    Okay WRAL: Kill this comment, so we will know where you stand, or maybe yet, close the story for comments.

  • oldrebel Oct 12, 2007

    I'm still wondering where he "pulled out of shotgun" from? Surely those baggy pants can't hold a shotgun from view can they?

  • Phlootang Oct 12, 2007

    jon2four, you sounds a little like a monkey, don't you? Same mentality, I think.

  • Phlootang Oct 12, 2007

    Silverflash, you have no understanding of assaults do you? Carrying a shotgun into an auto shop during an argument would warrant a reasonable fear of imminent bodily harm. You do not need to point the shotgun to make someone feel threatened. I guess some people can't understand, can they, Silverflash? Your logic is not even sound. You always carry a shotgun with you when entering an autoshop because the mechanic 'might' have a screwdriver and you 'might' not be able to leave? Why flame posters on here, Silverflash, if you are going to be so silly?

  • bronzegoddess40 Oct 12, 2007

    notaproblem=You hit the nail on the head. This is a perfect example of double standards.

  • notaproblem Oct 12, 2007

    Here's the perfect example for so many people who are upset over the Jena 6 thing.... they are so upset that the "6" have been charged "unfairly" for beating up a person and think that the kid who had the shotgun (unsure whether he pointed it at anyone or not)should have been charged and/or punished more severely. WELL HERE YOU GO- Perfect example that punishment should fit the crime regardless of race.

  • rargos Oct 12, 2007

    "Does this guy with the shot gun sound a little like Bush invading Iraq to anyone ? Same mentality,I think."

    The really scary mentality is someone who is so obsessed with hating Bush that everything is an anology for the war in Iraq. I suppose if someone slipped on a banana peel, that would sound like Bush and Iraq to you too .....

    You're going to be very lonely and very bored when Bush leaves office, aren't you?