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Fuquay Residents Take Stand on Proposed Pet Limit

Posted October 2, 2007

— It was standing room only at a public meeting Monday night to discuss a pet ordinance proposal in Fuquay-Varina. There has been so much opposition, town leaders are taking a closer look at the wording of the proposal.

The ordinance would restrict homeowners living on less than a half-acre to a maximum of three pets -- four or more pets would be regulated as a kennel. People with larger land lots would be allowed to own more animals.

Melissa Alexander, who brought her three daughters to the meeting, said her four dogs and two cats are part of the family.

"She [her daughter] was crying, when she first heard about it [proposed pet ordinance], she was crying,” Alexander said.

“I don't feel it's fair,” resident Glenna Doyle said.

"I feel it will be terribly unfair,” resident David Alexander said.

Town Manager Andy Hedrick, who helped write the proposal, agreed changes in the proposal's wording are needed.

"In the end, what we need is further dialogue and further discussion about this whole ordinance,” Hedrick said.

The idea behind the ordinance is to keep people from having a lot of pets in small spaces.

“It isn't fun to live next to a lot of animals,” resident Bobbie Lynch said.

Many of the people at Monday's meeting seemed pleased town leaders were open to change. They are even asking for community volunteers to take part in a committee to look at the pet ordinance.


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  • readme Oct 3, 2007

    This is a fabulous law. There is a huge silent majority that is cheering for this. If you are objecting, then odds are you are one of those dog owners that drives your neighbors nuts with loud dogs and stinky messes. I rarely see someone walk 4 dogs without one of them off a leash, and at least one of them barking noisily. If you are a responsible dog owner, please forgive me, but you are the exception. Most dog owners make their "good dog" everyone else's problem.

  • stlmagnoliainnc Oct 2, 2007

    I live on the street that had the house with 8 adult pit bulls and a litter of pups every time a female went into heat. At any given time there were 14+ dogs on a lot that is .17 acres (the size of a postage stamp). Try sleeping at night when they are barking in unison. Try going to your mailbox and having them lunge at you, breaking their chains. Try opening your door and them being on your porch growling at you. Large poo piles in all the neighbor's yards, children not being able to play in their own yards, and homeowners who can't get out of their cars because a PACK of dogs is surrounding the car. We dealt with all these things. We called animal control approx 152 times in 6 months. They did nothing as long as there was a doghouse (3 sides and a roof) and food and water. When prospective buyers (on at least 10 different occasions) looked at our house that was for sale, they were too frightened to get out of their cars. So, unless you have lived like this, you wouldn't understand.

  • Juliett Oct 2, 2007

    "I think we should limit the number of politicians. They're unclean and stinky and make too much noise."

    lol, good one, and I agree!

  • grenlyn1 Oct 2, 2007

    New laws are fine and dandy, but what it boils down to is respect. If people in Fuquay want their pets then respect their neighbors enough to keep them under control. If you can't get the people to respect others then it is pointless to make new laws. Instead of setting a limit of the number of pets..why don't they make these pet owners responsible by passing laws to fine them for lack of control over their pets? That is the core to this problem. Fine them for not putting leashes on them, and fine them for the destruction of property. Get to the real problem, not the number of pets a person owns. Hit them in the pocketbook. Fuquay Varina is the worst place for running dogs nipping at people, aggressive pets, and lack of help when the authorities were called. I lived there for 20+ years and I can say without a doubt it was impossible to get someone out there to address these issues. If you want a pet in Fuquay then learn to respect your neighbors and keep them under control!!!

  • freedomrings Oct 2, 2007


    Does *not* mean they're Mexican.

    Good luck to the residents of Fuquay-Varina. I hope it does not pass. My husband and I were considering moving to Fuquay, but if this passes there's no way in hell we'll move now. We've got 3 little dogs and a cat.
    I think we should limit the number of politicians. They're unclean and stinky and make too much noise. I can't sleep at night listening to all their bull.

  • freedomrings Oct 2, 2007

    I don't agree with this proposed law either. There are more important things. As an individual who works in an industry where illegals sometimes slip through the cracks and as an individual who's also married to a Mexican, I take great offense when generalizations about one ethnic group or another are made. Because I work with so many immigrants, I can assure you Mexicans are not the only illegals. Try Peru, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama. Just because someone's short and has dark skin does mean they're Mexican.

    I'll agree to disagree with you.

  • YipesStripes Oct 2, 2007

    This story is about pets. Not immigrants.

  • Gandalf The White Oct 2, 2007

    "You called them roaches not me!!!"

    Call an exterminator and throw them out of the country! This whole situation deals with people who don't care for them properly and in the case of some of the pit bulls owners have them for status or thug reasons. As was mentioned do something with the current enforcement of laws and don't make up new ones that are just ridiculous.

  • illegals--GO HOME Oct 2, 2007

    Claudnc...you are right, some people do like pets better than people. After all, pets don't lie, cheat, steal and they love you no matter what. All they want and need is food, attention, and a little cleaning up afterwards....not much trouble in the scheme of things!! I don't think the govt should regulate how many animals a person has when there are already a lot of ordinances/laws that could cover most of those areas. The barking....noise ordinances. Too many animals outside....kennel laws. Bad smells from not cleaning up afterwards.....nuisance laws. Enforce what we have and leave honest pet owners alone. I will have as many as I want as I keep them spayed/neutered, feed them more than adequately and clean up behind them all the time. I have an equal number inside and outside and as long as I don't neglect them I will decide how many I have.

    Spend time on passing new laws that actually do some good!!!!!!

  • jgirl5830 Oct 2, 2007

    @freedomrings, I dont see people from other countries living like that I see Mexicans living in those conditions, When I first moved to NC i lived in an apartment and you wouldnt of believed how many people were crammed in a one bedroom, and the apartment manager turned a blind eye. You called them roaches not me!!! I didnt mean to get off topic, it just seems ridiculous to me to be worrying about someone that has 3 dogs in the house when somthing like this is going on. People that horde animals is a different story, thats an illness.