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Daughter Speaks Up for Barbecue Chain Exec

Posted September 26, 2007

— The daughter of Smithfield's Chicken 'n Bar-B-Q founder and Chief Executive Gregory Moore testified Wednesday that she never saw her father make sexual advances toward other men.

Jason Hallaman sued Moore three years ago for sexual harassment, alleging he was fired as Moore's personal assistant in 2002 after he rebuffed several advances from Moore.

Moore acknowledged, in pretrial documents, that he is bisexual, but denied any wrongdoing in the case.

Defense attorneys have said Hallaman was fired because of poor job performance and because he had signed Moore's name to a check for auto detailing services.

After Superior Court Judge Abe Jones on Wednesday denied a motion from defense attorneys to dismiss the case, the defense began presenting its witnesses.

The most dramatic testimony of the day came from Margaret Moore, who said she accompanied her father and Hallaman to the family's beach house in the summer of 2002.

"I didn't see my father very much during the week other than at dinner. The reason I went with him on weekends was that he really wanted me to spend time with him," she said.

Hallaman testified last week that Gregory Moore came into his room and wanted to climb into bed with him on the beach trip. But Margaret Moore said she didn't witness anything to support Hallaman's claims.

"If anyone left their room, you could hear (the floor) creak, especially if he left his room, considering my room was close to his," she testified.

In other testimony Wednesday, Samuel Overbee said he helped Hallaman move a refrigerator that had been stolen from Moore's house. Terry Pelt, a Cary accountant who handled Moore's books in 2002, testified that Gregory Moore's signature was forged on a check to a car-detailing service.

The defense also introduced part of a deposition that Hallaman gave in March 2006. In it, he stated, "(Moore) didn't fire me as a result of ability to or not to provide sexual favors."

Hallaman's attorneys said the statement in the deposition was taken out of context.

Earlier this week, four other former Smithfield's employees testified that they also had been fired from their jobs between 2002 and last year after rejecting sexual overtures from Gregory Moore.

Gregory Moore will testify in the trial, possibly as early as Thursday, his attorneys said.


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  • ECU_chick Sep 27, 2007

    I do believe that he made these sexual advances because he want's him a young man. He even looks gay. His daughter should stop the lieing and tell the truth. He does not want her to know that he has a sick mind and needs help!!
    September 27, 2007 9:09 a.m.

    Gay or not gay, who are you to pass judgement on this guy? How do you know the daughter is lying? Were you in the house at all times with Mr. Moore? Did you sleep with him?

  • carlaking Sep 27, 2007

    who cares

  • Red Rocker Sep 27, 2007

    This is funny. His daughter is saying that she never witnessed her father making sexual advances to these young men. I think it's funny that they are wasting my reading time with stories like this. So what if she didn't ever see it happen. That's like the story about the thief that stole those bras... there are no witnesses, but it doesn't mean that it didn't happen. His daughter may very well be telling the truth, but what if she slept heavey that night? Maybe Moore is a bi- Ninja and kept from being seen or heard. *rolls eyes* This story is nonsense.

  • Meandmytwo Sep 27, 2007

    I do believe that he made these sexual advances because he want's him a young man. He even looks gay. His daughter should stop the lieing and tell the truth. He does not want her to know that he has a sick mind and needs help!!

  • Deb1003 Sep 27, 2007

    Sounds like a disgruntled employee to me. Perhaps it was Hallaman making the advances and Moore turning him down. Since he stayed employed at Smithfield for years after the initial incident, I'm guessing he's filed these charges because he got caught forging his bosses' signature, then was fired.

  • linnway Sep 27, 2007

    Seemingly - There are 2 other suits. One is still pending and the other one has settled.

  • shine Sep 27, 2007

    If he was GUILTY if he has council worth their salt would have had him have an out of court settlement instead of all the WRAL and News Observer news........ about his personal life. He has made an admission that he is sexually alternative in depositions but we haven't got the "untold story" yet from the other side. It does bring interest that the Hallamen said in deposition he was NOT fired for sexual favors. \

    That is HIS admission and not Moores. Now ....... taking that into consideration what is the BASIS after all what we are reading on the news is SEXUAL HARRASSMENT.

    Where is the basis or motive or trial or anything if sexual harrassment was NOT the reason he was fired (Hallamans deposition addmition)..... Depositions are addmition to guilt or always allowed as evidence...

    He might be Bi - ( Moore ) actually admitted that - his perogotive but - It seems like Hollaman and a few others are trying to "dig a little deeper in the well".

  • Adelinthe Sep 27, 2007

    garnertoy - I agree with you. If someone brings false charges, they should pay all costs associated with the litigation, but that's only if their statements can be absolutely proven false, and not just unsubstantiated.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • garnertoy Sep 27, 2007

    I think today in court is going to hopefully answer a lot of questions. If hes guilty make him pay. If hes not guilty then the one who is bringing these charges should also pay. you are dealing with lives here

  • Seeminglyopposed Sep 27, 2007

    If all of these other employees were fired, why didn't they come forward before Hallaman? Did it not bother them each as individuals? The news article did not ever state if these men filed a suit for this sexual issue before this other man stepped forward, did they? I just wonder about the this entire ordeal. If these men did not come forward then, why take what they say at face value now...the case cow milk....should remain dry to them all.