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3 Charged After Teens Held Hostage

Posted September 18, 2007

— Three men have been charged with kidnapping and robbery after a group of teens was held hostage early Sunday, authorities said Tuesday.

Two armed men and an accomplice entered a house at 1185 N. Salemburg Highway at about 1 a.m. Sunday and ordered 10 teens inside to empty their pockets and lie on the floor, authorities said. The gunmen fired several shots inside the home, but no one was injured.

The teens were held at gunpoint for several hours, and one of the gunmen tried to force them to perform sexual acts upon each another, authorities said. The gunmen later fled.

One of the teens called authorities after the men left, and authorities were able to identify three suspects by late Sunday.

"The kids who were victims are very fortunate to be alive. I can't imagine the horror that was going through their minds. I'm just glad that we got these animals off the street, so that maybe the victims and their families can get some type of closure and feel a little safer," Sampson County Sheriff Jimmy Thornton said in a statement.

Terrance O'Brian Parker, 20, of 111 Myrtle Road in Roseboro, was charged with 10 counts each of robbery with a dangerous weapon, second-degree kidnapping and assault by pointing a gun and one count each of first-degree forcible sexual offense and injury to real property.

Wayne Bernard Fleming, 20, of 111 Myrtle Road in Roseboro, was charged with 10 counts each of robbery with a dangerous weapon, second-degree kidnapping and assault by pointing a gun.

Orman Rashan Carroll, 21, of 267 Hanson Road in Clinton, was charged with 10 counts each of robbery with a dangerous weapon  and second-degree kidnapping.

All three were being held Tuesday in the Sampson County Detention Center. Parker's bond has been set at $800,000, Fleming's bond was set at $950,000 and bond for Carroll was set at $500,000.


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  • only_my_opinion Sep 20, 2007

    I think everyone has kind of lost sight of the real story here, this is about our children being victimized. Althought none of them are my biological or step children they are the children of our community, children of our friends and classmates of our children. This could have happen anytime or anywhere, think have you ever left your teenager home alone or let them have a friend over while you were not home? When people are held hostage at a bank or store do we say where was the manager or security? This is a great group of kids that this happened to and it could just have easily have been yours or mine. As for them being at this house frankly I feel safer knowing that my kids are hanging out at a friends house then out on the roads with a drunk driver coming at them 70 mph. I would like to tell these kids how brave I think they are for listening to what these men told them to do even if it was not right, because of this they live to see another day. May God speed you healing.

  • family first Sep 19, 2007

    these kids were not all white. 2 of the 10 were black and got the same horrible treatment as the white kids did. this is not a race issue. it's just about 3 useless thugs in society who decided to harrass this group of good kids who were just hanging out as they did every weekend. the 3 black animals were tripping on cocaine and ecstacy and tortured and threatened these kids.

  • My_Opinion Sep 19, 2007

    Gafan001, just had to do it. Race is not the issue here. I guess you are bitter for some reason. These men terrorizes 10 young people and should be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law(PERIOD) I agree that they should be made to have sex with one another.

  • Gafan001 Sep 19, 2007

    These teens were obviously white, because the news isn't saying so. If it were 3 white guys that did this and the teens were black, it would be all over the nation and considered racial. Sorry you all don't agree with that, but it's the truth. I also hope that a Katrina sized hurricane lands in Jena, La. tomorrow.

  • Gafan001 Sep 19, 2007

    Why isn't this about "race"? If this was three white guys, it would be racial and a hate crime.

  • Coach K is GREAT Sep 19, 2007

    If I wear my hat backwards or my pants are a little baggy, it does not make me a criminal.Criminals come in all shapes colors and sizes.
    GOLO member since September 18, 2007
    September 18, 2007 6:50 p.m.

    Where do you think this style started...? people in prison

  • loveroflife27 Sep 19, 2007

    This was terrible. And no where in the story does it say that it was racially motivated. It doesnt matter what the races of the victims were it was a terrible thing for these guys to do. No matter how you look at it! I pray for the victims and their families.

  • the alliance Sep 19, 2007

    Yeah, 10 teens , no parents?! They must have been up to some hanky panky, that may have given the criminals some ideas to request such unusual treatment for so long a period of time.

  • seenenuf Sep 19, 2007

    Ecupiratelady02 is absolutely correct--this outrageous crime should be punished to the full extent of the law and the race of the participants is irrelevant. "Race" is a slippery slope that never seems to address the real issue--do the crime,you do the time be you Phil Specter, OJ, Paris Hilton, whomever.

  • ECU_chick Sep 19, 2007

    All of this back and forth accusational racism is really rediculous...

    My opinion.