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Latest Book on Duke Lacrosse Case Hits Store Shelves

Posted September 4, 2007

— A new book about the Duke lacrosse case has made its way on book shelves.

"Until Proven Innocent: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case, co-authored by K.C. Johnson, a history professor at the City University of New York's Brooklyn College, was released Tuesday.

Johnson, who also runs a blog about the case called Durham-in-Wonderland, plans to visit Duke University next week to discuss the lacrosse case.

Johnson's book is one of several about the case. Former Duke University men's lacrosse coach Mike Pressler, who lost his job after the case broke last year, co-authored "It's Not About The Truth," with sports journalist and author Don Yeager. His book made the New York Times bestseller list.

Another book, "A Rush to Injustice," was written by Nader Baydoun, a Tennessee trial lawyer and Duke alumnus. Both books were released in June.

The fallout from the Duke lacrosse case is still not over. This week, Durham city leaders are expected to determine whether a special committee will its independent probe of the Durham Police Department and its handling of the case.

And last week, a Superior Court judge held former prosecutor Mike Nifong in criminal contempt of court and sentenced hime to one day in jail for lying to the court during a hearing about the case last September.

Nifong must report to the Durham County Jail at 9 a.m. Friday to carry out his sentence.


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  • CauseTaker Sep 5, 2007

    "...Duke University fought so hard that this case never be tried." - dregister

    I realize this is your perspective. However, I could not disagree with that statement more. I do not see where Duke U did anything to fight this case from being tried. Please share some examples where Duke U tried to stop the prosecution.

    The way I see it: Duke U participated in maligning every member of the Men's Lacrosse Team. They did nothing to quell tensions on-campus or in the community. Duke U was quick to ostracize 4 students who placed their trust in the values and principles (supposedly) taught at Duke. By doing nothing to help the accused and maligned they affectively rubber-stamped every ill-thought-out action directed against the Lacross Team and 3 accused. Duke U could have emerged a leader, a voice of reason, but they chose "do nothing."

  • dregister Sep 5, 2007

    The Whichard proceeding last week abruptly ended following interviews with the two special prosecutors from the N.C. Attorney General's office about the lacrosse case. Whichard said, "it answered some questions but raised others."

    I think people have been too quick to fully trust the initial report from the AG's office. With no trial we'll never know what really happened. So many people have been hurt because Duke University fought so hard that this case never be tried.

  • oldrebel Sep 4, 2007

    I had my fill of this tory with the non stop coverage by almost all of the media.It was if there was nothing else newsworthy happening during that period of time. To actually go and plunk down money to read a condensed version of that "drama"??? Naw...think I'd rather buy a new crock pot cookery book, something more useful.

  • gopanthers Sep 4, 2007

    Animal Lover - You also might want to go back a little further in the post and read "shine's" post about "when will this ever end" then you might better understand why I posted what I did in response to he/her's first post.

  • gopanthers Sep 4, 2007

    Animal Lover - I didn't spend money to see that movie and I wouldn't ever. It was on Lifetime about 3 times. That's all - And I couldn't agree with you more about Peterson and Nifong. I'm on your side. Don't bash me because one Sunday afternoon I was bored and happened to watch that stupid movie about Peterson. I'm not even going to buy this book because the 3 Duke lacrosse Players won't benefit one dime from it. I was just merely stating a fact that they will make a stupid movie on this. The book is not the end of it.

  • alx Sep 4, 2007

    race was all over this, if these guys werent white they wouldnt have been treated this way

  • claudnc Sep 4, 2007

    sail- I dont feel bad for Nifong because how many other cases did he sign off on. I am sure there is some sad sap sitting in prison right now because of him. I feel no pity for him. I also feel no pity for the coach. They were being coached by him and this was something they did - get smashed at that house and she wasnt the first stripper to come and back it up for them. She was the only fool that lied on them. Maybe they paid the other ones good money. As a coach you are suppose to be doing more with your team members than showing up to practice and a game. So I have no pity for him either. Plus he has the wonderful book deal that is paying way more than his coaching job ever did.

  • oneday8035 Sep 4, 2007

    The issue with Crystal is not to get money from her but that she lied and forced three innocent young men to face a year of hell. You just can't do that...it's not legal. It wasn't the first time that she had done it either. She should serve the same jail time that anyone else would have gotten for filing a false police report. It should not matter that she is condsidered unstable because if she is that unstable she should not be allowed to raise three kids. I feel very sorry for those kids!

  • firstgenchevy Sep 4, 2007

    Guilty Until Proven Innocent. That is why this case was important. And still is important. We have to make sure we learn everything we can about this case to make sure it NEVER happens again. Those boys had their names dragged through the mud on a daily basis. They had people send them death threats. That sounds like a wonderful way to spend a year of my 20's in school. I'm not even going to say anything about jesse or that other guy I'm sick of hearing about.

  • destewart2 Sep 4, 2007

    he would have been in trouble either way that he handled the case if he would not have done anything then everyone would have say that he was being racist that she was black and they were white but that is bull because there was no DNA matching any of the players and what about her she lied and made a false police report she should get some jail time or something.