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Trooper Investigated For Alleged Animal Abuse

Posted September 1, 2007
Updated June 5, 2008

— The State Bureau of Investigation is looking into allegations that a trooper abused a police dog during a training exercise in early August.

Sgt. Charles L. Jones, 38, was placed on investigative leave and turned in his badge and uniform on Friday after internal affairs investigators received videotape of an incident of alleged animal abuse.

The videotape contains footage of Jones handling Ricoh, a Belgian Malinois, at a training exercise in early August. Another trooper recorded the incident with his cell phone camera and turned it over to internal affairs investigators.

Details about the exact nature of the alleged animal abuse are not being released.

After seeing the videotape, Brian Beatty, the state secretary of Crime Control and Public Safety, suspended Jones and called in the SBI.

The SBI is investigating to see if Jones broke any laws. Abusing a law enforcement animal is a felony offense.

Ricoh has been removed from Jones's care and is being housed in a kennel at the North Carolina State Highway Patrol Training Academy. Jones is banned from having any contact with Ricoh.

Ricoh had lived with Jones at his Wake County home for seven years and was the first dog that had been assigned to Jones.

Jones, a 12-year veteran of the Highway Patrol, is assigned to the Special Operations Division and also coordinates training for troopers and their K-9s.


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  • Jokers Wild II Sep 3, 2007

    iwondersometimes - You are exactly right.. It always has been that way! One thing I will say though, all of the Good Troopers that stay on the road are only on the road because they did not play in the politics side of being a "Governors Golden Child". The ones I know that are old salt's and still on the road will tell ya, "let me do my shift and go home" they want no parts of the political back stabbers that you encounter frequently when you get rank.

  • Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Sep 3, 2007

    "Another reason I don't believe in using K-9's. Use humans. Let them get shot, not some innocent dog! Who knows what, if anything, was done to this poor "service dog." He needs to be with a loving family, not some stupid LEA!"

    That is probably the most idiotic comment I've ever seen posted.

  • ArkAngels Sep 3, 2007

    "Animals have no souls and people do. There is a reason animals can't vote, hold jobs, etc- they are NOT the same as people!! wcnc"

    There are many service dogs that actually DO hold jobs. If you don't think they actually work, talk to someone that has a service dog. I bet they will tell you a different story.

    As for the animals having souls... Yes I believe the animals do have souls and I fully intend to see mine on the other side. As for all people having souls, that in some people is questionable.

  • iwondersometimes Sep 3, 2007

    I think these past stories about the NCSHP is just a glimpse at an organization out of control. The best troopers are still on the road during their job while some dummy who knows a senator, etc. is promoted to the top. NCSHP is corrupt with politics, always has been, always will be until something changes. The top positions are APPOINTMENTS by the Governor, not earned by hard good police work. That has to be so demoralizing to the everyday trooper just trying to do his job. If I was in the patrol I would hook onto some senator and ride him all the way to headquarters...get my butt off the road into a plush office job. What a waste of my tax dollars.

  • Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Sep 3, 2007

    "Troopers have the hardest law enforcement job of all."

    Hehehehehehe, I agree with the other posts. I've had Troopers tell me they don't see how regular cops do it. They've said there is no way they could deal with the mess that city or county cops deal with.

  • Professor Studley Sep 3, 2007

    Many posters seem to be overlooking a important point... the dog in this story was not a "pet" it was an "officer" as well... if these claims are substantial, this is akin to the Officer assualting another officer of the state. Furthmore the dog was not his to discipline as he chooses and the accusing officer was RIGHT for chosing the right thing to do and notifying their superiors, instead of getting involved in a situation that would have probably been very emotionally charge, possibly causing more of an incident.

  • Jokers Wild II Sep 3, 2007

    Oh, and NASA can train monkeys to fly a rocket.. pretty soon you will see monkeys loaded up with radar guns and ticket books taking their place! Cant be but so hard :-)

  • Jokers Wild II Sep 3, 2007

    "Troopers have the hardest law enforcement job of all"

    LOL @ that comment! There is a running joke amongst us in the real world of Law Enforcement.. Troopers go to school for 6 months because it takes them 2 months to learn how to write a ticket, another 2 months to learn how to do an accident report, and the last 2 months they work on nothing but learning how to put their hat on. 8 hour shifts, write tickets all day, and do a few accident reports sounds killer to me. Bet they are glad they dont have to do transports on top of that, or serve warrants, or serve civil papers, or answer calls of service (other than accidents)... LOL @ hardest job

  • I Hate Hippies Sep 3, 2007

    Troopers have the hardest law enforcement job of all. - ltbarkley

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Driving around, speeding all day, harrassing people they pick at random (supposedly) and never having to answer for their actions unless, like Trooper Harrison, someone ELSE with power above you calls you out for your corruption. Sounds hard. And they only need a HS diploma, and the majority of them barely got that without having to take off their shoes to use their toes for counting.

    that's the beauty of it, they'll pull you for going under the speed limit at 7:20 am for DUI (I thought the speed limit was still 45 apparently it was 55 mph)

    guess they don't have to pay for the $800 worth of damage to my vehicle since they're covering each other's backs

    Back on track people - let's hope mister Jones is strung up for his actions. Pack his bags, and let him get a taste of his own medicine.

    North Carolina Highway Patrol - Disney World doesn't have jack on our Mickey Mouse Operation

  • ltbarkley Sep 3, 2007

    Hippies, you have obviously never met a Trooper on good terms. Try not speeding or driving erratically - you would have less run ins with them. Maybe try talking to one on friendly terms some time. Troopers have the hardest law enforcement job of all. Backup is often too far away to assist if anything goes wrong. If there is anything wrong in Troop C, I would look at the political side of things, not to the Troopers themselves (not saying there is anything wrong, mind you).