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Man Charged With DWI After Hitting Wake Deputy

Posted August 23, 2007

— A Durham man faces multiple charges in connection with a drunken-driving accident that sent a Wake County sheriff's deputy's personal vehicle off the highway into a tree.

The accident happened Thursday shortly before 7 a.m. on Interstate 40 near Aviation Parkway when a truck driven by William Woodrow Griffin hit Deputy Paul Quinn from behind and then left the scene.

"He was like a pinball in a machine," said Jerry Dockery, an off-duty truck driver from Raleigh, who said he saw Griffin's truck. "He was bouncing off trees as he was plowing down through there."

Griffin, whose blood alcohol concentration was 0.13 more than two hours after the collision, is charged with driving while impaired, hit-and-run and driving with a revoked license. He was in the Wake County Jail Thursday afternoon under a $5,000 secured bond.

The North Carolina Highway Patrol said Dockery was one of two witnesses who followed Griffin and got him to pull over.

"My heart went out for the guy who was pushed off the road," Dockery said.

His intent was to get the truck's license plate number, but Dockery said Griffin pulled over when he saw him flashing his lights.

Dockery said he was very concerned that the driver made no attempt to stop until two miles after the crash.

"The driver of the pickup truck – he never even slowed down," Dockery said. "It was senseless to me, especially after hitting someone, knocking them off the road into the embankment and continuing as if it never happened."

According to arrest records, Griffin had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage, red glassy eyes and slurred speech.

Court records show Griffin, 36, of 107 Muscadine Lane, has been convicted 14 times of driving with a revoked license and 17 times of failing to appear in court.

Quinn was treated for minor injuries at WakeMed Cary and released.

Authorities said both Griffin and Quinn were on their way to work at the time of the accident.


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  • K9Tucker.LoveMYcop Aug 24, 2007

    Some people never learn - send him to jail throw away the key before he kills anyone.

    Praying for a quick recovery for the officer.

  • Run_Forrest_Run Aug 24, 2007

    Sure hope they can get these folks off the road.

    Hope the officer is okay.

    I give up trying to say anything else about the subject

  • Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Aug 24, 2007

    "31 convictions at a cost of ?? (say $500.00 per. at least) of our tax dollars= $15,500......who are the fools that keep letting this guy stay on the streets???? Judges....keep up the good work Democrats !!!!"

    Yeah right, you think this guy has paid that much for his fines?

  • mom2threecld Aug 23, 2007

    what I would like to know is how he failed to appear in court that many times and never went to jail? and HOW do you get convicted 14 times of the same offense? this is crazy. another fine example of how our judicial system doesn't work.what an inconsiderate jerk.

  • TheDecider Aug 23, 2007

    With those qualifications it will behoover us to give courage to Mr Griffin to take a close look at consider ation of a career as a state trooper. A short lesson on the ins and outs of sexual harrassement and he'll be ready to apply his love to the unlawful offenders who appear on a nightly basis in front of his chariot.

  • floyd_lawson Aug 23, 2007

    "Court records show Griffin, 36, of 107 Muscadine Lane, has been convicted 14 times of driving with a revoked license and 17 times of failing to appear in court."

    Violent and habitual offenders need to be dealt with severely.

  • somestuff Aug 23, 2007

    You can't expect an addict to think with reason. You and I see the flaws in his logic: We understand the risks he presents to everyone. He doesn't. "drunks" don'y intend any harm, they don't see the reality of what they do. He's sick and he needs help.

  • ecu_rules Aug 23, 2007

    Limited driving privledges are the dumbest thing you can do for a person who is suspended or revoked. There is a few drunks who actually obey them but for the most part they are abused. The reason most people are revoked in the first place is they get too many tickets to keep up with them all of they throw them in the glovebox and forget them. The tickets I have got I knew when the court date was and had them front and center where I could find them. Everybody has to remember the laws here used to mostly be written by farmers in the legislature and they were for the most part reasonable. Now however it is mostly lawyers in the Legislature who are only fattening their own pockets. Now the 100,000 or so revoked drivers in this State can now pay a couple of hundred dollars to their lawyer and their lawyer can thank their bar association buddy in the Legislature. Don't forget the judges are in the same bar assocation.

  • Red Aug 23, 2007

    I think I got a ticket from Quinn once. Hope all is well.

  • Tired Of Excuses Aug 23, 2007

    There is no excuse for this. Honestly, who does he think he is? I guess the rules don't apply to him, oh wait... what rules? When is NC going to get serious about DWI offenders? Kudos to Mr. Dockery, you're a good man who did a good thing by getting this guy off of the streets. Hopefully for good.