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2 Elementary Schools Move to Permanent Digs

Posted August 22, 2007
Updated August 23, 2007

— A crowd gathered Wednesday at the opening of two elementary schools, marking the end of the schools' two-year stay at a controversial site in Wake Forest.

Forest Pines Drive and North Forest Pines elementary schools moved into their permanent digs at a site on Forest Pines Drive. This is the first time the Wake County Public School System has built two schools on the same property.

"We're very happy to be here," Freda Cole, principal of Forest Pines Drive, said.

For the past two years, the schools' approximately 500 students were housed in a modular structure on the property of the DuBois Center in Wake Forest, about 5 miles away from the permanent schools.

Some parents opposed the temporary site when it was chosen, saying the neighborhood was unsafe and the commute too long.

Although county commissioners voted against funding a three-year lease for the site, the Board of Education shortened the lease to two years and paid for it from the school system's savings. State law requires that counties need to approve leases for school systems only if the lease is for three or more years.

Depsite the initial opposition, the elementary schools managed to operate safely at the temporary sites, Cole said.

"Some of those issues that the parents had dissolved, as we showed ourselves to be prepared and ready for all the challenges," Cole said.

The modular site at the DuBois Center now will be as a ninth-grade center for Wake Forest-Rolesville High School.

Students are already back at the year-round North Forest Pines. Students will return to Forest Pines Drive on Monday.


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  • Uncle Ruckus Aug 23, 2007

    Fundamental flaw in the thinking of WCPSS & School Board. Then need to be building "mega-schools" like they do in Kalifornia. If the principles say it is too much work, fire them for being too lazy and hire new ones. Just another example of why we need to get rid of this school board and all the senior management at WCPSS. It would help to split the system into at least three parts as well.

  • JennyT Aug 23, 2007

    Two elementary schools means twice the office staff, two principals, two vice-principals -- seems like a waste of money.

    Also, why were year-round schools finagling to keep their teachers employed while the rest of the county had a shortage? Couldn't they just transfer? Or do we need to waste more money?

  • voiceforequity Aug 23, 2007

    I have friends whose kids went to Forest Pines at the DuBois Center and they were very happy there. The area around the center is just fine.

  • HongKongPhooey Aug 23, 2007

    Well Wake Forest can give the modular units to Wake now. As they are going to need to house all the kids whose stupid parents opted out of year round.

  • AM is Back to Being Immaculate Aug 23, 2007

    People complain about everything, sheesh!

  • wakemom Aug 23, 2007

    Your comment makes no sense to me. After the school being there temp for two years without incident, maybe it is people like you that looks ignorant. There were boys and girls there at the school. NO one was raped, shot, killed, or given drugs. Please wake up! There are sex offenders all over this city. NO I DO NOT LIVE NEAR THE AREA AND IT DOESNT MATTER! And also, it doesnt make sense to put two schools at the same location. Why not just one big school?

  • PikeMom Aug 23, 2007

    I was asking myself the same questions.I am glad I am no longer dealing with the school systems of any county.Because if my child,especially a girl had to go to Dubois...I would be paying for Private School.It would be just shameful to tell people where you are going to school,along with sex offenders in the area.

  • smcallah Aug 23, 2007

    How is 2 different elementary schools right next to each other a good plan?

    Why isn't it just 1 elementary school?

    Is there something I'm missing here?