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Second Arrest Made in Avalon Nightclub Shooting

Posted August 14, 2007

— A second man has been arrested in a fatal shooting outside a Chapel Hill nightclub last year, police said Tuesday.

Christopher Allen Shipley, 25, of 1421 Milan St. in Durham, surrendered to police Monday and was charged with first-degree murder in the shooting of Kedrain Monta Swann of Chapel Hill. Shipley was being held without bond at the Orange County Jail.

Swann was shot 12 times with a high-powered rifle outside Club Avalon on July 29, 2006, after an altercation inside the club, police said. He died at a local hospital.

Town officials later forced the nightclub to close, citing a "grave safety risk" to nearby residents. Officials noted the club had been the site of previous assaults and gunfire.

Last week, Willie James Mayo, Jr., 28, of 910 Cartman St. in Durham, was charged with first-degree murder and accessory after the fact in the case.

Investigators said they think Shipley shot Swann and that Mayo drove the getaway car.


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  • R.O.BdaCZAR Aug 14, 2007

    Self hatred leads to self destruction. The Avalon was wack anyway. If you let a certain type of person into a club for $10 or less, this is the result you will always get...eventually.

  • casp3r Aug 14, 2007

    Well it was fun while it lasted lol.. Id like to see prisons and jails make them work most of the day feed them then off to bed. No tv,weight,bball, NOTHING, BUT WORK. I bet that would stop alot of crimes.

  • skinnycow Aug 14, 2007

    please excuse the grammar, didnt mean to say describe..may prescribe? you know what I meant..LOL

  • skinnycow Aug 14, 2007


    Surely you dont believe it is just black people killing people? What newspaper do you describe too? You should save your racist remarks for your meeting. What is your club of choice? Are you KKK or do you prefer not to wear a sheet and just be a skin head, Neo Nazi? If you can't post and be respectful towards the others in this forum then why are you posting? You wouldnt be brave enough to say that in the face of someone black so why are you trying to act brave now? Hiding in a room while typing insensitive remarks disrespecting people. What a loser.

  • skinnycow Aug 14, 2007

    And I forgot to add: And there goes the neighborhood.

  • skinnycow Aug 14, 2007

    Now it is time to close this forum for comments since our civility has turned to hostility. All good things must come to an end. Especially when "typical" shows up. Geez.

  • casp3r Aug 14, 2007

    Im also A white male conservative, I just dont happen to be racist. Im sorry I dont fit into your KKK clan,. My father in-law would not be to happy with me if I was like you.

  • casp3r Aug 14, 2007

    OH IM not a huge pirate fan I just live in Greenville. So no worries about Pirate nation.

  • casp3r Aug 14, 2007

    tonyellismyrtlebeach= Come on now lets not be nasty. Cant we all just get along lol?

  • tonyellismyrtlebeach Aug 14, 2007

    thank you ga fan at least someone else on here is a REALIST