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3 Area Towns Among Fastest-Growing Suburbs

Posted August 7, 2007

— The Triangle is home not only to one of the nation's largest cities and a couple of the best small towns, it also now boasts three of the fastest-growing suburbs in the U.S.

Forbes magazine recently ranked the 100 suburbs across the country that posted the highest growth rates between 2000 and 2006. The rankings were based on U.S. Census Bureau data that were compiled and analyzed by a St. Louis-based research firm.

Suburbs included cities, townships and villages that had more than 10,000 people in 2000.

Holly Springs came in at No. 18, with a 74 percent increase in population. Wake Forest followed closely at No. 20, with a 73.2 percent increase. Apex was No. 63, with a 43.6 percent growth rate.

Holly Springs and Apex also were cited by Money magazine in a recent survey as among the best small towns in which to live.

Also, Raleigh officials said last month that their population estimates make the city the 50th largest in the U.S.

Lincoln, Calif., outside of Sacramento, topped the fastest-growing suburbs list, with 236 percent growth since 2000. Suburbs in Arizona grabbed four of the top 10 spots on the list, while Texas has the most overall, with 20 ranked suburbs.

Two Charlotte-area suburbs also made the Forbes list. Huntersville was ranked 46th, and Cornelius was 51st.


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  • Joshua Aug 9, 2007

    Born and raised in NC, I love Yankees, tax revenues, planned growth and development, water restrictions, and conservative spending, and homemade buttermilk biscuits stuffed with onion and tomato. I think Dorothea Dix should be a mental health facility, and I think most of the city council should be replaced. I think Yankee bashing is stupid, and ignorance towards NC natives is equally asburd. *whew* That's my 2 cents.

  • NC is my home Aug 9, 2007

    Coming here is great for those "Yankees", but it's not making America great. We worked hard to build our communities & now people with no vested interest are making changes--both on Town Councils & as voters. (Ironically, Apex, Holly Springs & Fuquay-Varina have non-natives as current mayors!) The sad thing is, these "Yankee" nomads will just pick up & leave again when the area doesn't suit them or they think they can get more out of someplace else. It's all take & no give. I think everybody should live in an area & contribute atleast 18-20 years before they can serve on a town council or be an officer. I did, but I was born here!

  • Outback Aug 8, 2007

    I'm amazed at all the Yankee sentiment on this thread. The last time I looked, anyone is able to get on town boards and make a difference. If you don't like what is happening to our towns, then step up and do something. All the bashing of the Yankees who come to NC is ridiculous. As far as I know, this is still America and as Americans we are free to go where we please. That's what makes this country great, folks. Can you imagine if New Yorkers complained as loudly about foreigners coming to New York, as the southerners do about New Yorkers coming here? As a good friend has said to me in the past, you know what northerners feel about the south??? nothing!!! we don't give them a second thought.. We're all Americans... so stop the bashing already....

  • Rocknhorse Aug 8, 2007

    Throw Me the Whip - Oops! Sorry! Coming directly after my comment, I thought that was directed at me since I'd commented on the malls and stores, etc. My appology!

    I admit that I do not attend as many town meetings as I should, but I have attended them and spoken up as applicable. I just wish those in the position to make decisions would take into account how the growth will affect things and make every effort to manage the growth. I'm not saying prevent it, but manage it so that quality of life maintains and is not lost. How good will all this crowding be if none of us can have water to shower? Perhaps it won't matter b/c the schools will be so overcrowded that we'll be too dumb to notice. (yes, I'm being fascetious)

  • Is it Friday yet Aug 8, 2007

    ACtually Rocknhorse, I wasnt directing that at you, just in general :)
    Im from CA, and I remember these same attitudes towards Southerners, MIdwesterners, Northerners, etc.. when they were moving in droves to SoCal in the 60s,70s and 80s. What made CA so appealing was its laid-back style, friendly-people and great weather ( Sound familar?)
    Thing is, the people who were to blame for them coming were the local developers and the local town councils. They were all Californians who werent looking out for the locals.
    If you shut down growth completely, everyone pays. THe trick is to do it responsibly, something the Wake Forest town council is not too good at. ( I know, I actually go to the meetings - how many people here to that?)
    As far as I know, people moving here do not go to the town coucil and ask for more malls.

  • lornadoone Aug 8, 2007

    Uh, "Yankees" are to blame (as is anyone else moving here), as they're moving here in droves and completely changing the way of life that natives are used to. I realize that Raleigh is a diverse community and isn't exactly a southern city, but I'm referring to the "smaller towns" in the area - including the 3 mentioned in this article - that used to have some semblance of southern charm.

  • Rocknhorse Aug 8, 2007

    "Just wait till we run out of water! - Wake1"

    I'm guessing it's not that far out. Unless Raleigh gets another water source, I'm guessing that very strict mandatory year-round water restrictions will be a necessary thing.

  • iamforjustice Aug 8, 2007

    I think that the town of Oxford is growing. I went there and they have the most beautiful tree lined houses.

  • Wake1 Aug 8, 2007

    Just wait till we run out of water!

  • Rocknhorse Aug 8, 2007

    Throw Me the Whip - Also, I never once used the term yankee, nor did I "blame" yankees for anything. I said the areas are attracting people from all over. And I have not stepped foot into the mall on US1 at the old Plantation Inn location. Nor do I shop at Crabtree or Cary Towne Center. And I do still go to the grocery store that I've shopped at for the past 10 years-even though there are closer stores, I know the layout and like the people at my old store!