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Charlotte Police Find Missing Cary Boy, Subdue Mother

Posted August 1, 2007
Updated August 2, 2007

— An Amber Alert for a missing 18-month-old boy from Cary was canceled Wednesday night after police found him and his mother in Charlotte.

The boy, Enrique "Ricky" James Lazo Jr., was reported missing Monday afternoon in Cabarrus County, where his father had taken him for a weeklong supervised visit with his mother, Rene Rachelle Lazo, 28.

Charlotte police took her into custody at about 9:30 p.m. Wednesday after spotting her Geo Prizm near Interstate 85, northeast of Charlotte.

Authorities said when they initially tried to stop her, Lazo struck a police cruiser with her car and kept on driving. Police were able to corner her nearby. Police said Lazo had a knife and that they had to use a Taser to subdue her.

She was transported to Carolinas Medical Center-University, authorities said. Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office investigators said they had received word that Ricky was uninjured.

Ricky's father, Enrique James Lazo, said he was "very happy, excited and relieved at the news." He drove to Charlotte late Wednesday to pick up his son.

The North Carolina Department of Crime Control and Public Safety issued an Amber Alert for the 18-month-old Wednesday, two days after the child was reported missing.

Earlier Wednesday in an interview with WRAL, Enrique Lazo expressed frustration with the two-day delay.

"Am I happy with their decision?" he said. "No, of course, I'm not. Do I respect their decision? Yes, I very much do. That's how the judicial system works."

State officials said that Ricky's case did not initially meet the criteria for a statewide Amber Alert because he was taken by a parent.

When it became clear that Ricky might be in danger, the Department of Crime Control quickly sent out the alert on highways and the airwaves, spokeswoman Julia Jarema said.

"If every missing person's case would be an Amber Alert, then people would be desensitized to it, and people wouldn't be on the lookout," Jarema said.

For an Amber Alert to be issued, the missing person must also be in immediate danger, under 17 years old and not a runaway. A law-enforcement agency must report the abduction, according to the North Carolina Center for Missing Persons.


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  • Run_Forrest_Run Aug 3, 2007

    @ PapaJim - (Your comment) "wish the police would get rid of their tasers and just use their guns when someone goes after them with a knife."

    Before I knew how the police altercation ended, i seriously thought this woman was going to be a "suicide by cop".

    She obviously has many MANY issues!

    ...and yes to those who've said this - the laws are pretty much set up (unfairly - should be case by case) for the females to get the children. A father has to prove a mother 'unfit' to get the kids.

    I think this one proven herself unfit (and went way beyond).

    Glad the little boy is okay and back home.

  • ladyblue Aug 2, 2007

    Thank each of you for your comments and I'll take that salute Obsurite. Thank you. I always feel that anything you learn can never be taken away from you, and I like to hear other's opinions. You are correct sir- I thank you as well. Let me tell you. These little ladies in my senior building call me a heathen because I won't go to their fundamental church sessions. They don't understand I'm not going to listen to someone no more knowledgeable than myself teach religion. This is one of those people that says God got her the new car. I may have gave that impression but it's not meant. I believe in respect when a death is posted. I'm afraid it's going to be a lot of Christians shocked one day. Lightfoot- If I mixed you up please forgive. There is that possibility. Next time those people put you down because of your saying to religion, I'll understand that Apolla is your favorite of the older gods. I loved Zena and (I forgot my other show) the man god than I did. I enjoyed the posts.

  • Lightfoot3 Aug 2, 2007


    I think you have me confused with someone else. I’ve never chastised anyone for saying God bless, etc. I do comment however, when people start claiming God did this and God did that. Hey, we share something in common. I too moved out west for a little while, then moved back to the south. I wanted to get back near family and the southern culture.

  • yacs Aug 2, 2007

    Qui, did you ever get an answer to your questions about other sites? I bet they don't have threadbenders like this one! ;-)

    Ladyblue, I think you've surprised a few readers today. I feel like I owe you an apology, even though I've never challenged or attacked you. Like Lightfoot, I made incorrect assumptions about your beliefs, and for that I'm sorry. It sounds like you and I subscribe to the same definition of Christianity, or are very close in our theology, when for some reason I was under the notion that you are more fundamentalist. I've been chided by numerous fundies on here for not holding views closer to theirs, which tends to raise my defenses and push my tolerance to its limit. (Some would say a good Christian doesn't have feelings like that.)

    I know some readers can't stand these threadjacks and sometimes I'm among them, but this one has been interesting.

    "You know, I feel like we've all learned something today. I learned...oh, my God, they killed Kenny! You

  • Obscurite Aug 2, 2007

    "I feel like the make up of my brain (even though I'm stupid to others)has energy and it has to go somewhere."

    Ladyblue, you will NEVER hear me call you stupid. I believe you to be a sharp mental duelist and I would never make the mistake of letting my guard down around you...


  • Obscurite Aug 2, 2007

    c4sp3r--Absolutely. The branching of the species and differences can be attributed, genetic mutation and migration (environmental changes). But here is the thing which I disagree with evolution about, evolutionists point to genetic mutation tending toward advancement of the species. That is not borne out in nature. Nature tends toward chaos, not organization. Entropy cannot be denied. Life ends in death and cellular structure breaks down, they don't re-organize into "improved matter". Even the "Big Bang" theory flies in the face of entropical nature. Matter collecting together, cooling and forming the earth, and yet in the same breath they tell us the universe is expanding disorganizing.

    Again, these are MY thoughts on the matter...others are certainly entitled to their opinions.

  • listening Aug 2, 2007

    c4sp3r No I didn't think you did just was wondering if I was missing something. When you start discussing the different races you are opening up a biggggg can of worms there.

  • casp3r Aug 2, 2007

    Im very sorry I ment races. I did not mean any disrespect.

  • ladyblue Aug 2, 2007

    Obsurite- I apolize. i did understand but one thing is certain. At death we will all find out. I feel like the make up of my brain (even though I'm stupid to others)has energy and it has to go somewhere. I'm no way a smart person but energy has to have an outlet. My heart has stopped on me for 1 minute and 42 seconds before it restarted and I question how some have lights and others have dark. I felt like someone when you're under anesthesia, nothing--but I think believing is my crutch and I must need a crutch. I hope I've not offended anyone and you have a good day. I get to start cooking. Lightfoot--I like that name you have. It's interesting and you were named well for hunting.

  • listening Aug 2, 2007

    c4sp3r please explain what you mean by different types of humans.