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Pets Missing After Fourth of July Fireworks

Posted July 5, 2007

— Missing pet reports soared after Fourth of July fireworks likely spooked animals into running away, said Wake County SPCA officials.

The Wake County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals received reports of 14 lost pets between 8 p.m. Wednesday and noon Thursday. SPCA officials said that's 70 percent more than the normal number of reports they receive during the same hours on any given night.

Nicomma Locklear of Cary spent Thursday searching for his missing dog, Mikey, a 1-year-old, black-and-white pit bull, who weighs about 60 pounds.

Locklear said that he was walking his two dogs last night when fireworks began.

"Our tan dog, Go-Go, she was scared. Her reaction was to stay. Mikey's, on the other hand, was to run," said Locklear.

Locklear said the noisy fireworks spooked Mikey so much that he broke his collar while trying to get away.

"He's not typically afraid of things. I guess that (the fireworks) drove him over the edge," said Locklear.

Michele Schulz, who has been an animal control officer in Cary for 10 years, said fireworks often scare pets and cause them to run away.

"The booms, things like that, animals get scared. Any kind of vibrations on the ground, they can feel. They tend to run," said Schulz.

Schulz said she received five calls reporting missed pets Thursday.

"I've had quite a few dogs missing today. People calling in saying their animal got loose last night, and they can't find it," said Schulz.

Meanwhile, Locklear said that he is hoping that his animal buddy will come home. Locklear said he has put up flyers and left Mikey's favorite pillow and snacks on his doorstep.

"Mickey, he's playful, a big puppy," said Locklear. "And if someone else got him and they got to know him, they may not want to return him. If that's the case, maybe a call, just say he's OK."

Animal control officers also recommend bringing pets indoors during storms because lightning scares them, too.


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  • lawpirate is still around Jul 7, 2007

    My neighbor was setting off fireworks last July while my family was out for the day and our 2 dogs were in the fenced in backyard. When we got home, our Lab had tried to get out of the fence because he was terrified of the fireworks. Instead of getting out, he got his neck stuck in the fence and was dead when we returned home. We were devastated. We had no idea that this danger existed in our 'safe' backyard.

  • Tbell67 Jul 6, 2007

    My sister in Goldsboro lost her blue heeler. They kept her in the house during fireworks and then returned her to her pen. Very late that night, someone decided to start shooting and she jumped out of the pen (we can only assume)..Luckily, she was returned today after my sister posted an ad in the paper. I hope the others find their pets too.

  • horses and me Jul 6, 2007

    Photo Doc..

    Yes, that would be a correct statement.
    However, you can pray and worry about more than one thing at a time.
    Animals are higher on my list than some human that made the life that they made.

  • PDMARTIN Jul 6, 2007

    The one who talks the least often learns the most


    This is your "motto" on your profile. Take heed of your own words. Don't misunderstand compassion for animals with non-compassion for humans. You see animals are born with out prejudice and hate and malice and a thousand other character flaws that humans develope. There are some people worth praying for but most make their own problems. Animals come to us clean, so to speak.

  • Karmageddon Jul 6, 2007

    "Bash me if you like, but to tell you the honest truth... I have more compassion for animals 100 fold compared to people."

    I said there were more important things to pray for than animals. I take it that you you don't think so. You would pray for animals before the sick, abused, elderly, homeless etc. because they are just people and they made the choice to be like that.

  • pinklady-1 Jul 6, 2007

    you go horses and me...i couldn't have said it better!

  • horses and me Jul 6, 2007

    You say its just an animal. Maybe to you. The fact is, animals have more personality and morals than most people I know. (Including the idiots on this board) They have a heart and soul and feelings.

    I have two dogs and two horses, and they are like my family. I love them very much and would kill over them. Just as they would protect me. Animals are the greatest gift that was given to us.

    Animals are natural stress relievers, they protect and care for children, they make us laugh and bring much joy to many people. It is our job to take care of them.

    Bash me if you like, but to tell you the honest truth... I have more compassion for animals 100 fold compared to people. People make their own choices.

  • 3potato4 Jul 6, 2007

    Medication is key for some dogs. I have one dog that gets medicated now every New Years Eve, 4th of July, and when I know a big storm is on the way. She now sleeps right through it all.

  • PDMARTIN Jul 6, 2007


    Put it in perspective, if all some people have are animals then they would be just as important to them as your kids are to you and losing one of them WOULD be devastating. Think before you speak. Maybe you shouldn't be so DRAMATIC.

  • Karmageddon Jul 6, 2007

    Praying for dogs? There are lots more important things in the world that you should be praying for than some animal.